Daisy’s Adventure

There used to be a unicorn named Daisy who lived in California, in a rainbow castle. Across from the castle was a beautiful rainbow. Daisy adored the rainbow more than she loved chocolate cake! Daisy studied social studies at school and learned all about the panorama. She worked very hard on the project of California’s panorama. 

Daisy had always been trying to go on top of the rainbow to see the panorama of California. But each time Daisy tried, there were obstacles stopping her. Today she saw the rainbow and whispered to herself, “Today I have to get past those obstacles and finally get to see California’s panorama.” Daisy, with all her bravery, started to go through the castle’s gates. Once she stepped out of the gates she met a river with no bridge. 

She tried thinking of what to do and thought of it… making a boat! It was a perfect idea because she loved architecture and there were plenty of logs next to her to build a boat. As time flew by, Daisy got more work done. And before she knew it, she was all done with building the boat. She dragged the boat into the river, and hopped on the boat.

“Phew,” she said. “If it weren’t for the logs, I couldn’t have made it.” 

After the river, there was another obstacle: a creepy dark forest. Daisy knew she had a big fear of forests. But, she remembered what her goal was: to finally go on top of the rainbow and see California’s panorama, so she took a deep breath and walked into the forest. As she walked, she met a tiger who was a very scary one. It had sharp scary nails, and dark green eyes, and the biggest roar Daisy had ever heard!


Daisy was frightened. Really frightened! But since Daisy was really intelligent, she knew just what to do: stand still and tiptoe carefully behind the tiger until he was out of her sight, and it worked!

“Phew,” she said, “If it wasn’t for all of my intelligence, I wouldn’t have gotten past that scary tiger.”

Finally, there was only one more obstacle: a big scary roller coaster!

“Oh-no!” Daisy exclaimed. “I totally forgot that the roller coaster was the last obstacle. I know I said I would finally go on top of the rainbow to see the panorama, but this is too scary for me.” 

Then she started to run away, but remembered that she was a very persistent girl and that she would have come all this way for nothing if she left. So, she went up to the roller coaster and hopped on. She took a deep breath, and waited for the roller coaster to turn on. And then it did. She started screaming but managed to arrive at her destination: the rainbow!

“Finally,” she exclaimed. “Now I can go on top of the rainbow and see California’s panorama!” 

So she went on top of the rainbow and saw the panorama, and always lived happily ever after when she remembered the time she went on top of the rainbow. And did it again.

The End.