Jacob and Josh

Jacob is Ceyon – loves eating pizza and video games and not doing his chores.

Josh is Jacob’s friend – he is responsible, he does his chores and his homework, and sometimes he does Jacob’s and he doesn’t play video games all day.

Problem: It’s math class class and Jacob is having trouble but him and Josh were doing something at night. They brought their phones and laptops but the light’s didn’t work — they think something is there, like a big shadow. But there are four people, one girl and three boys. The other boy’s name was Stewy and the girl’s name was Megan but some people just called her Meg.

So Stewy and Meg bring their laptops and Jacob and Josh brought their phones but when they turned on the lights that didn’t work. They felt like something was there watching them, so they were watching movies and then they heard a noise. “Chchchchchc you’re breaking up chchchchch.” So they go look at it, but first they download this app so they can have light so they download a night vision app and a regular light. Same thing for the phones. They hear in the Janitor’s room, it was showing this restaurant called Freddy FazBears. There was a night watch so they all took the job, 12 a.m. to 6 a.m. First night the limited power is 100, the pay was $20.10 minimum waged man.

So on the first night they heard a noise, it sounded like “Ruu ch chch.” One of them was trying to find where it came from and they noticed there was three animatronics on the stage, but one was missing. They told them, “I am going to check the kitchen.” They looked at the kitchen camera but there was nothing.  


Chapter 2: The missing Stewy

“Stewy don’t go, use the camera, cuz we can’t see you in there and already two of the animatronics are gone — Chica and Bonnie!” said Jacob. “Let Josh go with you with the laptop light.”

“Fine, but if I hear that noise one more time…I’m about to flip,” Jacob said. So they went to the kitchen and they saw Bonnie sitting down near pizza and Jacob screamed, “Josh, Stewy, come back, we have to close the doors.”

They all left and closed the door, but Stewy wasn’t there.

And then it was 6 a.m. and the animatronics went limp. And Stewy was found by Josh, alive.


Chapter 3: The Animatronics

The animatronics were on stage and they were talking in some secret mood. Chica got in the room and said, “Do you have a phone charger, I need to order pizza!!!” Jacob his going back to work he look at Foxy, he was pecking at the cam. He called the manager to tell him the Foxy is staring at the cam. Staring is not the problem, he’s not in the cove close the left door “nigbone.” Open the door, it’s magnetic, your power is low powers out freedy his that you music stops “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ah crap man wheres josh stewie guys found you.We have to get out of he its night 3 5am 321 6am is 6am now.” The place close and  left to rot they  used the old parts to make new and shine animatronics.


Chapter 4

Night 6, the final night until we get our paychecks.

It shouldn’t be too hard. Josh came, Stewy came, and Meg came. We all brought our flashlights but it’s closed! There’s locks and the building stinks, but there was a not attached to it.

“Please come to the new location, please come to it in two week.” Signed, the manager. “And here is your paychecks.”

Two weeks has passed. They place looks new. Even the animatronics look different. They are shinier and Chica’s bib changed. Instead of “Let’s eat,” it says “Let’s Party.” We had a limited amount of flashlight batteries. There is a phone ringing, somebody is speaking. There is no doors to close and I have to wind up with the music box. This is so much harder. Instead of just closing doors and no music box I have to look out for that thing and this box and there is vents. The first night was fun, amazing, nothing happened. I think the second night might be harder.

On to the sixth night. He had to work a little later. From 12 to 7. He had to work at the day shift tomorrow too, that might be fun. He checked the camera and Bonnie was missing. He checked all the cameras and then he wound up the music box. He saw Bonnie with his guitar in the party room. And then the phone rang. It said there was a new animatronic like Foxy. His name was mangel in the new place. “Well see you tomorrow night,” said the manger at 6:00 a.m. It might be harder checking the left door. “Aaa Bonnie right door aaa chica,’” said Jacob closed. At 2 a.m. the biulding has 69% power left they are not there the animatronics are gone.

The 6 a.m. lights are on the left door. He sees Freddy and closes the door. 60% is left. Freddy left, he’s gone. He opened the door at 7 a.m. He got his paycheck which was 189 +200$ because he had to work til 7=389.

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