Ghost Town

Chapter One: Noises

Teddy got into his car and slammed the door super hard. It was only 8:30 AM, and so many things had already gone wrong. First of all, he got fired from his law firm. His boss was very unfair. At least, to Teddy, he was. But Teddy didn’t care. He just wanted to go home.

Finally, he got to the parking garage of his apartment. He went inside and into the elevator. Up, up, up. He went to floor twelve. He stepped out of the elevator and into the corridor. But there was a big sign hung up on the wall. As he read the sign, he heard a loud machine coming from his apartment. He jammed his keys into the lock and slowly opened the door.

He saw three construction workers with drills, taking down his pictures and breaking walls.

“What do you think you are doing on my property?” shouted Teddy over the loud noise of the drill.

“We’re cleaning out this unit,” screamed the construction worker, even though he wasn’t using the drill anymore.

“And why would you be doing that??” questioned Teddy.

“Didn’t you read the sign in the hallway?”

“Well, I was about to when I heard a loud noise coming from my unit!!!” shouted Teddy, frustrated. “Also, stop shouting? You’re about to burst my eardrums!”

“Fine. We’re cleaning out this unit because on this floor, we’re gonna have a restaurant,” said the construction worker.

“A restaurant?! Wouldn’t it be a bit more useful if you gave me a sign?!” said Teddy.

“We did,” the construction worker replied.

“I mean a real sign. Like maybe a letter. Ever heard of that?” said Teddy, literally screeching at this point.

“If you have more complaints, you can take them to your landlord. It’s not my fault that you didn’t know about this.”

“Fine,” said Teddy.

So, he walked to the end of the corridor and rapped on the door.

“Come in,” said the landlord.

“Hi,” said Teddy. “I am here because your construction workers are cleaning out my apartment.”

“Of course they are!” said the landlord. “I told them to.”

“Well, I didn’t know. And looking back at the contract, it says that you can’t make any changes without notifying me personally.”


Chapter Two: Landlord

“Fine, fine. How about you have a cup of tea. We can talk about this. Here, I already have some tea ready,” she said as she poured the tea into a cup.

“Here.” she said, placing the cup in front of Teddy.

“No! I don’t want tea!!” Teddy screamed. “I want my property back!”

He flicked the cup off the desk and watched it smash into smithereens.

“That was my great grandmother’s!! Get out!!!” said the landlord. “And don’t come back. Take your things from your apartment and leave the building. Otherwise, I’m going to have to call the authorities…”

Teddy jolted out of the room and back to his unit. He packed everything in a box and carried it out confidently.

“Fine. If she wants me to leave, I will leave. I don’t care,” said Teddy.

He sounded very confident, but he really wasn’t. He was nervous. Where was he going to go? Would he even go anywhere?


Chapter Three: Cars

He got into his car and started driving. He didn’t know where he was going, but to him, anywhere was better than the city. Now he had been driving for hours, and he felt like he was going nowhere, but that’s when his car jolted to a stop.

“Ugggh,” he said, slamming on the ignition peddle.

He looked over at the dashboard.

“Oh man!!! I’m out of gas,” said Teddy. “It seems like everything’s going badly today.”

He took his box of stuff out of his trunk and started walking on the side of the road.


Chapter Four: Houses

Soon he had passed an abandoned house. He took a long glance at the house. I guess I have no choice. I guess something is better than nothing… He walked to the house.

Creaaak, said the door as Teddy opened it. He walked into the house. Every step he took, the old, dusty  wood creaked, as if it was trying to tell him something. He looked around and hung his coat on the hook. It was late July, and it was raining. That was weird. This strange place had no name. For he was the only person here.

Finally, Teddy made a decision. He would live here from now on. It was perfect. Or so he thought…


Chapter Five: Places

No other person dared to live here. It was so cold that your fingers would burn. The houses were so old and dusty, and most of all, the rumors were the thing that made most folks not live there.  For many, many centuries, people had been spreading rumors about the mysterious “ghost town.” Teddy had heard many things about this place. It was always cold, and there was no happiness in the air. But Teddy just thought this was rubbish.

Teddy walked into the kitchen and placed his box on a rickety little table. The table immediately broke into the small wooden pieces it was made up of. Finally, Teddy started to unpack. He took out his welcome mat and unraveled it. He laid it out on the porch. Then he unpacked everything else. Not like there was much else. An old book, a mug, some clothing, and an old alarm clock. After he gathered everything and put it where it belonged, he started making his way upstairs.


Chapter Six: Journals

He walked inside one of the rooms. It was small and cozy. He saw an old bed made out of wood, and an old blanket was on top. There was also one big, fat pillow on top. He walked out of the room and into another room. For this room was much bigger and had a bigger bed as well. He looked around. This room had a big, purple blanket covering the bed. Teddy saw a small hump under the blanket. He took off the blanket and found a journal. He opened it. He heard a screeching scream.


Teddy felt scared. Teddy closed it. He pushed the journals out the window and into the snow.

Thump. The journal fell. Teddy looked at his watch.

“It’s already 10:30!” he said. “I better get to bed now.”

He fell into the bed and fell asleep.


Chapter Seven: Alarms

Beep beep beep, said the alarm clock. Teddy slammed his hand on the snooze button.

“Neeed moooore sleeeeep…” he said sleepily.

Finally, he woke up. He made his way downstairs and to the basement. In the basement, the floor creaked even more than the other levels of the house. There were no windows in the basement. It made it feel dark and lonely. Teddy shivered. I think it’s better if I stay upstairs…

Another day went by… and another… and another… then came August… and then September… Teddy put on his worn out shoes, and put on his ripped gloves, and slowly went outside. He heard a loud, screechy sound. He walked around the corner and bumped into a lady in a dark leather winter coat, pushing a baby in an old baby carriage. The baby was bundled up in a blue blanket.


Chapter Eight: Mrs.

“Hi!” said the lady. “My name is Marley Keith. Call me Mrs. Keith, honeybun. You must be new around here!” said Mrs. Keith, pinching Teddy’s cheeks.

“Ouch!” said Teddy.

“Yay! Finally. A new neighbor!!!” said Mrs. Keith. “Now, you won’t last a day in this snow with that kind of clothing! Come on, let’s get you warm and toasty!”

“Umm… where are we going?” asked Teddy.

“To my house, of course! Where else?!” said Mrs. Keith.

They walked down to a small, red brick house and walked in. Teddy saw some weird metal machines on the floor.

“What’s that?” said Teddy.

“Oh, nothing,” said Mrs. Keith.

That’s creepy… thought Teddy. They walked into the living room. Mrs. Keith took out a warm batch of cookies from the oven. She placed them on the table, in front of Teddy.

“Now, you stay here while I get my sewing supplies,” said Mrs. Keith.

“Now, might I ask why?” Teddy asked.

“To sew you a new coat of course! Winter’s coming! You won’t stand a single day with that coat!” Mrs. Keith said.

Teddy walked home with his new coat in his hands. By the time he got home, it was already 10:30. He went to bed, like usual. Teddy woke up, sweating. He checked what time it was. It was midnight. Well, that’s if you count 12:01 being midnight… Teddy had a nightmare.


Chapter Nine: Dreams

A ghost had taken over his mind, and he had done horrible things. So horrible that he didn’t even want to think about it. Luckily it was only a dream. Teddy got up and went to the bathroom. He splashed water on his face and went back to sleep. It’s just a dream… It’s just a dream… It’s just a dream… It’s just a –


Teddy jolted his head up. He saw a silhouette, that looked a lot like Mrs. Keith, jump out the window. I’m just imagining things… Teddy said to himself. Mrs. Keith would never do such a thing. Teddy gasped. Maybe it’s not just a dream. I think it’s time to pay a visit to old Mrs. Keith. She might be able to help.


Chapter Ten: Late Nights

Teddy carefully walked in the pitch dark night, towards Mrs. Keith’s house. He knocked on the door. Maybe she’s sleeping. I think it’s best if I don’t wake her… Teddy started walking back to his house when Mrs. Keith opened the door.

“Yes,” said Mrs. Keith.

“Hi, Mrs. Keith. Could I come in?” said Teddy.

“Well… might as well since you’re already here…” said Mrs. Keith.

They both sat down in the living room.

“I’m sorry if I woke you up,”  Teddy said.

“No problem…” said Mrs. Keith. “I was just doing some late night gardening…”

It’s obvious that she’s trying to hide something… thought Teddy.

“I don’t exactly know how to explain this, but…” said Teddy.

But Mrs. Keith butted into his sentence.

“The ghosts! Why, yes, I know. Now that machinery you saw the other day, that is ghost gear. Handmade, why I know all sorts of things about ghosts. Where they hunt… where they lurk… and what they do…” said Mrs. Keith.

“Hunt? Lurk?” said Teddy.

“Why yes… I think you should know something, Teddy… Your house is haun….” Mrs. Keith stopped in her own words and started changing the subject. “Go back home. It’s quite late anyway. You must just be imagining things. GO!!!”

Teddy walked home. This just kept getting weirder by the second. She was helping me, then she wasn’t. There’s something’s strange about her. I’m not going back there again…


Chapter Eleven: Neighbors

The next day, Teddy felt like taking a walk outside. But this time, he went the opposite way from where Mrs. Keith lived. After a couple of minutes of walking, he saw someone watching a television through a window. Teddy knocked on the door.

“Yes…” the man said weakly. “Come in…”

Teddy turned the knob and went in.

“Hi,” said Teddy.

“Why, hello!” said the old man. “Are you new in town?”

“Well…” said Teddy. “I’ve been here for about two months. So, I’d say that I’m fairly new.”

“Oh,” said the man. “Well it’s nice to meet you. My name is Robert Feldman, but you can call me Bob.”

“Well, it’s nice to meet you too. My name is Teddy Rodger.”


Chapter Twelve: Grandfather

“Make yourself at home… I’m not used to having neighbors. Oh! And meet Sparkie,” Bob said, pointing to the cocker spaniel that was prancing around the rug.

Teddy looked at up at the wall covered with pictures. He saw a polaroid picture that had old, cursive handwriting on the bottom.

“What does that say?” Teddy asked Bob.

“Oh that?  It says Jimmy Rodger,” Bob said.

“HEY! Jimmy Rodger was my grandfather’s name. Did you happen to know him?” said Teddy, surprised.

“Darn right I knew him! He was my best friend. Up until a couple of years ago when he… passed…. “ said Bob. “An’ I haven’t seen another human being until you show up at my place.”

“Wow,” said Teddy.

“Yup,” said Bob.

“Do you know Mrs. Keith?” asked Teddy.

“You mean Marley Keith?” Bob said.


“Oh yes. We went to high school together. Personally, I think she’s quite an odd lady. Always up an’ about. Pushing a baby carriage… I reckon it’s a fake baby. She’s always wanted a baby. But she never found a man. She never has time. She’s always lurking in the shadows. Don’t talk to her. She just might twist your mind,” Bob said sternly. “Here.”

Bob gave Teddy a glass of orange juice. After drinking the juice, Teddy left, remembering what Bob said. But Teddy still couldn’t believe that Bob knew his grandfather! But Bob was like a grandfather to him.

On the way back home, Teddy bumped into Mrs. Keith.

“Hi, honeybun! Long time no see??” she said.

“Yeah. I have to go,” said Teddy.

And without another word, Teddy scurried back home.


Chapter Thirteen: News

The next day, Teddy woke up to the sound of chirping birds. He heard the bell ring of the newspaper boy’s bike.

“Good morning…”

The newspaper boy stopped.

“What’s your name?” the boy asked.

“Teddy Rodgers. Call me Teddy.”

“Cool,” he said.

“What’s your name?” Teddy asked.

“My name is Bill Huff,” he said.

“I didn’t know that there was a newspaper boy here. Hardly any people live here. Only three. Unless you count Sparkie,” said Teddy.

“There isn’t one. I’m from the town that neighbors this town. It’s called Canyon Island. Even though it’s not an island, that’s what it was named. I come here just because they need to get their news too. Anyway… Bye!” Bill said, throwing Teddy the newspaper.

Teddy went back inside. He unraveled the newspaper, reading the latest. There was nothing much going on. Just politics, politics, and more politics.


Chapter Fourteen: Ghosts

Suddenly, Teddy woke up. He had heard a shriek. He sat up on his bed and looked around. He saw a hooded figure opening drawers and closets, trying to look for something.

“What are you doing?!” screamed Teddy.

“Oh nothing, honeybun. Just go back to bed,” said a voice that Teddy was sure was Mrs. Keith’s voice.

Teddy got out of bed and carefully picked up an old lamp that didn’t work. Teddy held it up over his head as if he was going to hit Mrs. Keith. Mrs. Keith looked back. Now Teddy could see her face.

“I will hit you if you don’t leave. And don’t come back!!!” Teddy raged, his face bright red.


Chapter Fifteen: Sickness

Teddy was restless and couldn’t sleep. He went outside and got the journal that he threw down a couple of months back. This time, when he opened it to the first page, it didn’t scream. Teddy read the title page. He read “Ghosts.” Page one said, “How to destroy a ghost.”

What a bunch of baloney… he thought. He flipped to the next page. He read, “How to distract a ghost.” He read the first two pages. This sounds like it could be real. Hmmmmmmm… He closed the book. It was 6:00 in the morning. I’ll show Bob this. He walked in the bright, beautiful, pink sky, to Bob’s place.

He knocked on the door. Nobody answered. He knocked again. Nobody answered. He kept knocking, even though nobody answered. Finally, he slowly opened the door and went inside, trying not to make any noise.

“Hello?” said Teddy.

“I’m upstairs Teddy!” said Bob.

Teddy slipped his shoes off and walked up the stairs. He went inside the room that Bob was in. He was in bed. He looked very sick and weak.

“She-she poisoned me…” said Bob, barely able to speak.


Chapter Sixteen: Talks

“Who??” said Teddy, crying light tears.

“M-m-m-marley,” Bob said, stuttering again.

“No!! No!!” screamed Teddy. “Please don’t… Please don’t leave me. No!!!!”

Bob closed his eyes lightly.

“A-all your information you need is in that book. On-only use it in the night. Oth-otherwise it will…” Bob stopped.

He started breathing heavily, and then for a second, he breathed. Then it stopped.

“No!!” screamed Teddy.
He picked up Bob and went to his backyard. He took a rusted, muddy shovel and started digging. He pushed Bob into the large hole. Then he covered it. He walked home, crying, with the book in his hand.


Suddenly, he heard a bark. It was Sparkie. She must have followed him back home the day that Bob… It was now 8:30 in the morning, and Bill threw the paper at the door. Teddy opened the door quickly.

“Have a good day, Bill!” said Teddy.

“You too!!” said Bill as the breeze blew in his hair.

Teddy read the latest news. His mouth fell open. It said that the new president made the choice to break down the houses in the Ghost town. It said that, by the end of this month, all the houses would be taken down. He needed to find a new shelter. He would do that tomorrow though. He had an important mission. He needed to destroy the ghosts. And he needed to do it fast.


Now the sun had started to set, and the sky was getting darker by the minute. Teddy opened the book to page three. Now he was ready.


Chapter Seventeen: Plans

Teddy decided he would go to the basement. He was sure that he would find ghosts there. In the journal, it said that ghosts lurk in large undergrounds and dark, unused spaces. That was a clear definition of the basement. The journal also said that the best way to kill a ghost is by light. And the most important thing is that, once you kill one ghost, it destroys all other ghosts that are active. Nobody has ever killed one, but Teddy was determined to be the first and only. Well, not so much about the only part. He didn’t care about that stuff and the glory. He just wanted to get it over with. He hid in a closet in the basement. Sure enough, he saw a white figure fly down. Suddenly, everything was cold. About 30 more ghosts flew in. And then there was a pause. All the wind, and movement of the ghosts stopped. Then Mrs. Keith walked in. She sat down on an old, wooden chair, but she acted like it was a throne. Teddy quietly opened the closet door and reached for the light switch. Right before Teddy was able to pull up the switch Mrs. Keith screamed, “Capture him!!!!!”

The ghosts carried Teddy and placed him in front of Mrs. Keith.

“Now, now… what shall we do with you?? How about we let you watch our play??” said Mrs. Keith, evilly.

She pulled over a pot and started stirring the potion inside it.

“Now this is a strand of Robert’s hair.” she said, dropping the piece of hair into the potion. “Now, if I stir this for 10 minutes straight, when I drink one glass of this potion, I can become a ghost, and return to my human life whenever I desire. It’s called trickle trop potion.”


Chapter Eighteen: Potions

Teddy had read about this potion in the journal. When Mrs. Keith drank the potion and became a ghost, Teddy jumped up and got a flashlight from the closet. He quickly switched it on and shined it on all of them. They all shrieked so loud that Teddy had to cover his ears. He shined it on them once more, but longer this time, and all of them deflated like balloons. Phew, that’s over. He walked back upstairs.



Teddy packed all of his things back in his box. He walked out the door, holding Sparkie’s leash. They walked to the apartment building, where Teddy used to live. He used his old keys to get in. When he knocked on the landlords office, this time he went in and found a new landlord.

“Hi.” Teddy said. “I was wondering if I could have a new apartment here? I used to live here, but I moved, and now I came back because I realize this is home for me.”


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  1. I was really scared about what would happen to Teddy when he killed the ghosts. Thank God he survived! The night I finished the book, I had a nightmare that Teddy had become a ghost who wanted to drink my blood!
    Great thriller; couldn’t put it down till I read the last page. When is the next book coming out?

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