Once upon a time there was a ghost who wanted to terrorize people. His name was Jacko, and he was able to go into things and make them grow and shrink. So first, he tried going into a house, and then he made it shrink to a super tiny size. There was a guy inside, and his name was Bob, and he was so scared that he ran and called 911. And then the police showed up, and the chief shot a gun at him, but it went right through him and hit a factory of gasoline which started a huge fire. Then, the firemen showed up, and the ghost ran away because water would kill him.

Next, he went to a wedding. When they were trying to kiss, the ghost stepped in, and they both kissed the ghost instead. Then, a man threw cake at the ghost, and it went right through the cake and hit somebody in the butt!!! The ghost flew to the Elmer’s Glue factory and took some glue. There was someone named Dodoooducky.

Dodoooducky was walking, and then the ghost squirted glue at Dodoooducky’s butt. Then, Dodoooducky sat on the Empire State Building!! He was stuck to the Empire State forever!!!


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