My One and Only Haunted House Experience

“I can’t wait for the haunted house!” I screeched. It was 2014, and I was with my friend. We were about to go into the haunted house! But right before we went in, my friend somehow started to do a type of penguin dance.

“Wait! I need to go to the bathroom!” she hollered over the noise.

All the excitement washed away from me.

“Uhhhh!” I sighed.

Nine thousand billion trillion hours later…

“Finally! You came back!” I said with joy.

When we went in… we saw a person stab off a women’s neck and a butcher chainsawing off a man’s leg! But the part that locked in my memory the most (like my pool lock whenever I go swimming, I can’t even open it when I come back from the kid swimming section!) was when there was this zombie blocking our way to the next room. But since we were small, we could go under his arms. We just had to somehow distract him. I thought for a few minutes, and I finally came up with a plan. I whispered to my friend, and she agreed.

“You could go in front of me!” I told a stranger behind us.

“Oh! How nice of you!”

But they didn’t know our plan!

I WILL EAT YOUR SOUL!!!” I heard the zombie who was blocking us say.

While all that action was happening, my friend and I snuck under the zombie’s arms, and finally, we made it to the next room! After the haunted house, I was surprisingly proud of myself for making up that plan! You have to admit, it was pretty impressive considering I was only five!!!


“I will get you next Halloween! For I am… The Human Blocker!”

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