I woke up at 5 o’clock to begin my training. I was very nervous, but at the same time, too excited for my own good. I am Adam Owl. I am a unique who, like many others, has spent my entire life at Crescent Academy. I am one of not that many gifted people, and my gifts are super speed, flight, energy projection, and I can teleport people and things, but not myself alone. Today is 11th year exams, and I am up second vs. Miele Males, who is in my training sector. I was nervous because she could manipulate air, and she is a level x unique.

I was in the chamber, and she was just let in, and she immediately flew at me, ready to punch, and I froze up. The punch was about to hit me, and I extended my hand and teleported her away and into the floor where, even though her face was above ground, she could not move. I had won! I had passed! Those who did not pass shall be granted a second chance in the final round against the challenger! Holton Sparrow! The crowd cheered loudly, and I felt a gust of wind blow at my face. I did not turn, because I knew where it was coming from.

I slow-walked away from the stadium, as the guard stopped me and said, “Where are you going? You’re up next!” to which I said nothing. I extended my wings, as I turned to face my new opponent, Gregory Osprey.

I created a sonic boom and a circular hole in the wall that I pushed off of, and slammed Osprey into the wall as I was shocked by his electric gift. But I pushed through the sharp pain, and he pushed me onto the floor as I retracted my wings and started to run in circles, creating a tornado. I launched it off in his direction, but he turned into an Osprey and flew away. He flapped his wings and electricity sparked my way, and I teleported it into the floor.

The principal bellowed, “That’s enough!”

We stopped, and he sent us to our training rooms. I showered, and as the cold water ran down my back, I thought, why did the principal wear that mask with the weird eye? Then I remembered that we were not supposed to question anything he says or does, which I then realized makes him kind of an idiot, because he will definitely make us want to do just that! Then I had a fleeting thought. Maybe there is something he did not want us to see… I wanted to find it out. I stepped out of the shower, put on my suit, and marked it for stealth, which means I cannot make noise and my suit’s normal blue and black coloring is consumed by black.

I stepped out of the room as Gregory said, “Where you goin’? I heard you and I’m coming too. I can read minds you know. Lucky I’m curious.”

We snuck into the principal’s office silently and took his access card. We swiped it to disable the sound lock on his door and left it closed, but we could still hear. He was reciting some kind of mantra, and we saw a flash of light, and I touched him and teleported into our room, and with that, went to sleep. The next morning, we went to intelligence training, and after, went onto the arena. I was against Maximillian Zyper, who had the power to shapeshift into anything. He was a teacher’s pet, and I was waiting to punish him for all those kids he sent to detention, including me of course. I advanced slowly, and so did he. I took two cautious steps to the side, and then he transformed into a dragon. I extracted my wings and powered up my fists with energy, fired them off, and narrowly dodged his fire blast by falling to the floor and flying around in a circle to make a solid ring. Then I launched myself into him, and he was knocked out of his dragon form. I immediately started shooting at him and knocked him out. I won this session. After these four hour long sessions (with breaks every hour in between) I went to my room for a free rest of the day to relax.

While in bed, the principal yelled over the loudspeaker, “Owl, Adam, Blaise, Kaylee, Osprey, Gregory, Holting, Aaron! To my office.”

“Oohs” and “aahs” surrounded me as I got up, put on my training suit, and prepared to fight the figurative dragon. The people who were called started to pool around the cold, dark area surrounding the office.

The principal’s stony voice echoed in the hall, “Owl, come in!”

I grimly stepped forward, looking at my feet. The door creaked open, and I stepped inside, taking care to do it as slowly as possible, so I took up as much time as possible. He spoke and whispered an enchantment “imperium semper.” I could no longer move or see.

When I came to, I saw Aaron, Kaylee, and Greg all fighting the principal. I got up, picked up the principal’s axe, and threw it at him. He exploded in a rush of purple fire.

It was over, and I took a seat in my new chair. I crossed out his name on the label and wrote mine in. When I looked back, his name was gone.


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