Otto and Max’s Adventure

Once upon a time, a dragon was on a field trip with his class. His name was Otto. He was so excited to be on the field trip that he got distracted by the biggest tree he ever saw. He couldn’t see the top, so he walked backwards to try and see the top. But then, he slipped on a trench, and then he tried climbing up and when he got up, he noticed he was on the other side. He tried to find the end of it. So, he started walking across the trench. But then, he just came upon a volcano. Then, at that moment, the volcano erupted, so then he hid behind a boulder. When the eruption was over, he fell asleep. He finally noticed that he was lost. He didn’t see his class, and he tried to find them by climbing on the volcano to see if he could see them. But, he just ended up falling inside.

“Uh-oh,” he murmured to himself.

He tried climbing up, but he kept sliding down. Then, he tried to dig under and back up to his class, which didn’t work. The floor was made of solid stone. But the walls were made of dirt, so he thought he could dig through that. He tried to fly, but then he remembered he couldn’t. He was too young. His wings were the size of a stick. So, obviously they couldn’t carry him. He tried to dig through. He managed to get out of the volcano, but he was still on the other side of the trench. When he looked over, he saw there was kind of a ramp over the trench. But then, at the end of the ramp, there was still a little gap, but he thought he could jump over it. So, that’s what he did. He got over. But he still remembered it was morning again, so his class must have been in the school. It was a whole day since he got lost. He tried to remember which way he came. He saw the stop sign that the bus stopped at, and he knew he was going the right way. Otto didn’t know how long the ride was because he was sleeping the whole time. He saw the stop sign when he woke up. He started walking in that direction. So, he walked down that way, but then he saw his friend walking the same way, too.

And then he said, “Max, what are you doing here?”

And then his friend said, “What are you doing here?”

“You’re supposed to be with the class.”

“I got lost!”

Then Otto said, “I did too!”

They worked together to try to find a way back. But Max said it was too long to walk.

“That’s all we can do, so just do it,” said Otto.

“We can try to build something,” said Max.

Max and Otto tried to build a hot air balloon, but it popped. They tried it again, and this time they used wood to make the basket instead of grass. It would be stronger if they used the palm leaves for the balloon instead of normal leaves. This time it worked, and they went up.

“Do you even know how to steer a hot air balloon,” Otto said.

Max pulled a rope, and they were going the right way, so he pulled it again and then pulled the left rope. But then, a seagull popped the air balloon with its beak. They fell crashing down at full speed, but they were lucky because they landed on a pile of grass. That was where they slept for the night. In the morning, Otto and Max woke up. Otto went to get food.

Five minutes later, Otto saw a bear and screamed, “Ahhhhhhhhhhh!”

Then, Max noticed a tree shaped like a bear. So he climbed up the tree and found berries. He looked back to the pile of grass, and they kept trying to make the hot air balloon, but it kept popping. So they tried something different. They were next to a stream. Max and Otto tried to build a boat because they thought it was easier. They built the boat and got it on their first try and sailed across the stream but not long after the stream ended. Otto saw a beaver dam, which clogged the river, so they couldn’t go any longer. They saw a beaver walking out from under the water with a stick in its mouth, and he put it on the dam. They decided to ask the beaver which was the way back to the school.

“Do you know the way back to the school?” asked Otto.

“Yes,” the beaver said with boredom.

Otto got all excited and shouted, “What’s the way?! What’s the way?!”

The beaver pointed to the left. They waved to the beaver and started walking that way. It got dark, so they slept under a tree. When Otto was sleeping, he had a dream that he got back home, but then his parents were really mad at him.

In the morning, he thought about it.

Max was awake, and Otto told Max, “So, I have this rule with my parents that I can’t be out of the house for three days straight, or I’ll get in big trouble and not be able to go to my friend’s house for a year. We have to get back today.”

Max was worried too because he wanted to be able to go to Otto’s house and Otto to be able to go to his. At that moment, Max noticed they were sleeping in a monkey tree. And then they asked the monkeys for help to get back to their neighborhood. The monkeys were very nice because they offered them help too, and they said they would trade a banana for a ride to the town. And that’s what they did. They got on the monkeys, and they started climbing. About ten minutes later, a monkey slipped and fell. Max was on the monkey that fell. The monkey was okay, but Max wasn’t. Max hurt his knee, and Otto came down to help him.

“Ouch,” said Max.

He could not get up, even with Otto’s help. The monkeys helped him and asked for another banana. Otto gave them a banana, and they came down to help Max. They went another mile and came to a wall. The monkeys couldn’t climb up, so Max and Otto thanked the monkeys and started climbing the wall. It started to get dark, but they managed to climb the wall. They noticed they were on top of their village dragon town, so they went down the wall and went home.




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