Glitter and the Magical Fig, Part 1

Chapter 1

Once upon a time there was a beautiful unicorn who lived in a magical world where all her dreams came true. The unicorn was called Glitter. She lived with her mother and father. They were named Sparkles and Fire. They never let their daughter out of their sight.

Where the unicorn family lived, the land was always covered with fresh grass and beautiful trees. One particular tree grew delicious and sweet figs. One day Glitter woke up with the bright sun shining in her eyes. At first Glitter wanted to sleep some more. But then she sat bolt up. She just remembered that today was a very special day.

“It’s my birthday,” she cried out loud. She rushed to her parents and saw a big surprise. Her mother and father had made her a triple layered cake made out of grass. This must be a very special birthday! thought Glitter. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have made such a delicious treat.

“Happy birthday honey,” said Sparkles. She cuddled her daughter and then became serious. “Your father and I have been discussing about this and we have decided to let you explore on your own.”

Glitter gave a squeal of joy. This was a very special birthday. She was speechless with joy, although she managed to say, “Thank you.”

Sparkles nodded and flicked her tail. Glitter knew what that meant. Her adventure was about to begin. As she began to race off, her mother called after her, “If you find the fig tree, do not touch any figs.”

Chapter 2

Glitter was happily chasing a monarch butterfly when she ran into a tree and a bunch of leaves showered all over her. Muttering stuff under her breath, Glitter got up. Suddenly, a trembling sensation tingled all over her. It felt good, like everything she ever imagined would come true. A voice in her head said, Look up, Glitter. She did and then gasped in awe. This was the beautiful fig tree where all your dreams come true! All of the muscles in her horn were yelling at her, Get those figs, just reach up and break off the stems. Grab two of them!

But just before she grabbed them, she remembered her mother’s words. They played over and over in her head. “If you find the fig tree, do not touch any figs.”

Glitter shook her head to clear away her vision. Quickly, she grabbed only one fig and hid it behind her back. Then she raced home. When Glitter arrived her mother, Sparkles, asked “Back so soon?”

Glitter just nodded and put on a fake smile. “I just didn’t feel comfortable without my parents,” Glitter lied.

“Tell us all about this exploration of yours,” said Fire with his booming voice.

Glitter retold her parents about her adventure and then went to bed early. But just before going to bed, Glitter ate the fig.

Chapter 3

Glitter shifted in her moss bed. She had trouble sleeping. Glitter decided to take a stroll in the forest. Just when she was about to reach the fig tree, an enormous tiger jumped out the tall grass and started to stalk Glitter. A heartbeat later, the tiger jumped at the frightened unicorn.

But Glitter couldn’t move. Her legs were frozen with fear! Just before the tiger took a chunk of Glitter’s body, a huge booming voice yelled at the striped predator. “Stop playing around.”

All the tiger did was nod in reply and then run back in the grass.

Then he ran away. Glitter turned to thank whoever had saved her, but he had run away. She did manage to catch a glimpse of the vanishing tail. It was orange with thick black stripes. That must be the tigers father, Glitter thought.

Glitter then woke up with a jerk. That was the worst dream ever, thought Glitter. She was so haunted by her dream that she ran to her to get some air without telling her parents.

Chapter 4

Glitter was still shaken up by her dream. She realized that the only place that would calm her down was the fig tree. She ran all the way there so she could come back without her parents noticing that she was gone.

As Glitter emerged from tall grass, she saw the amazing fig tree. She walked around the bottom of the tree, when the other side of the tall grass started to shiver. Suspicious, Glitter edged toward the swaying grass.

Then the grass stood still. Surprised, Glitter stood straight up. Suddenly a huge tiger jumped out of the grass, baring his teeth in a snarl. The startled unicorn fell backwards and twisted her ankle.

Then it hit her. The fig actually made her real dream in the night come true!

While she was reasoning with herself, the tiger had landed delicately beside Glitter.

Oh no, Glitter thought. There is no one in sight to save me. Not even the tiger from my dream. Is this really how I’m going to end my life?

Chapter 5

Glitter was lying on the ground with the tiger towering over her, mouth watering. He raised his paw, unsheathed its claw, and swiped gently at her without making a deep wound.

Why is he just playing with me. Glitter was confused.

The next time the tiger raised his paw, he made a stinging blow. Glitter tried to howled in pain. But no noise came out.

The tiger seemed amused. A big sneer grew on his greedy face. He made another blow, this time a little harder though. This time, Glitter made an ear-piercing scream. The tiger jumped back, his fur standing on end.

Then there was a loud rumbling sound and Fire, erupted from the tall grass. He head butted the tiger with his horn, and then turned back and looked sternly at his daughter. “GO BACK HOME NOW!” He was so angry.

“You look like you’re about to explode,” said Glitter cheerfully.

“No time for smile, Glitter. You disobeyed orders and there will be consequences.”

Glitter hung her head and walked beside him without another word.

Chapter 6

Back home, her mother was pacing in the grass. “Thank goodness you’re alright!” said Sparkles when she saw her daughter. “We’re lucky you weren’t hurt. I can’t believe your immaturity. This is very disappointing, Glitter. Promise me you will never go to that tree again, okay?”

Glitter nodded but secretly she wasn’t making a promise that she would keep. Then she went to her moss bed, and closed her eyes. Just before going to sleep, she whispered to herself, Tomorrow I am going to that tree and getting another fig. Then she drifted off to sleep.


Glitter was walking along the stream. She was headed for the fig tree although her mother had banned her from going there. Her pearly white body was glimmering in the moonlight. Her horn was glittering more brightly than usual. Her hooves were moving ever so lightly, and making no noise. As Glitter moved closer to the fig tree, her confidence started to ebb slowly away.

“What if my parents find out what I‘m doing?” Glitter said to herself out loud. “They will ground me for sure.” Glitters two minds chittered together for a while until Glitter made her decision.

“No one will find out what I’m doing,” Glitter reminded herself. “But if they do, that will just be an unexpected coincidence.”

Quickly, Glitter snapped off one more fig and brought it back home. “That was the best thing that has happened to me. It felt so good,” Glitter said to herself.

Then Glitter curled back in bed, with the fig hidden just underneath her legs, and went to sleep with a smile.

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