Going up, going down, always moving up or down,

then you learned sideways, and then you

learned right and left,

Finally, by then, you learned how to walk.

It was awesome to walk!


Speaking loud, speaking low,

speaking fast, speaking slow,

speaking all those things all over the place.

speaking fast, speaking slow!

Then, at the end, I learned how to speak,

first, I learned to say hello, then I

learned how to say other people words like the ones throughout the story.

I am now with my book writing and making new words

I can now teach you how to write!


Writing hard, writing light

writing fast, writing slow,

writing hard, writing light

writing words in the book!

Now I learned how to write.

first, I learned how to write the alphabet.

then, I learned how to write the words throughout the book.

And then got the same book that I started to speak with and

I wrote new words!!!


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