Gummies in Times


Once upon a time, there was a world full of candy. It was currently a Saturday night, and all the candies were coming together for a party, as they always did on Saturday nights. There were many different types of candies, like gummy bears, jelly beans, gummy worms, and many other types of candies. At the party, there was cake, games, drinks, and many other things to do. Everyone always had so much fun! The gummy bears hosted this one, and everyone always loved when the gummy bears hosted the parties. The party was coming to an end, and everyone was leaving to go home. They were getting ready for the next night where they would be getting together with their own candy.

There was a little gummy bear called Gum-Gum. He loved movies about time travel, and he wanted to show the gummy bears the beauty of time traveling. He’d always been dreaming of time traveling, but he didn’t want to do it alone. He wanted to show them so that he could go with someone or some people, so that he would have an adventure with friends. He would be hosting the gummy bears’ party tomorrow night.

He started to make a list of what he would need for all his friends, and his relatives, and all the other gummy bears. He picked a movie they would watch, made sweets, hung up pretty posters, and set up some games, until he was satisfied with the work he had done. The gummy bears split from their family when they are three years old, because they can take on the world then, so he lived alone.

The next day, it was time for his party. Everybody was having so much fun, then he called everyone to come watch a movie. The movie was called “GUMMY IN TIME” and it was about a gummy bear who went back in time to see many beautiful sights, meet many different people, and have an adventure. At the end of the movie, it was time for dinner. At the dinner table, they were talking about going back in time themselves. In their home they weren’t able to travel anywhere, except for where they were. They didn’t have airplanes or time machines or anything like that, so they wanted to build a time machine so they could go to different places, to different years, to different months, to different days, to different weeks. They then started making plans for where they were going to go.

Monday morning, all the gummy bears were all still at Gum-Gum’s house, yawning because they stayed up so late talking. They started to think about building the machine, and some bears started to go out and get some parts.

“How about we go tell Alaboo, the ruler of Candy World, about our idea?” asked Gum-Gum. Everybody cheered in agreement. Gum-Gum and two of his friends, Gummy and Gumby, went off to tell Alaboo.

“Sir Alaboo,” said Gum-Gum, “We have a message from the Gummy Bear Community.”

“And what is that message you have for me?” asked Alaboo.


“We watched a movie last night at the Gummy Bear party about time travel, and we want to try it!” said Gumby enthusiastically.

“No way! You’re staying right here in Candy World!” yelled Alaboo.

“We shall time travel,” replied Gummy.

“No!” yelled Alaboo.

“Yes!” said Gum-Gum.

“No!” replied Alaboo.

“YES!” screamed Gumby.

“Definitely not! I declare war on the gummy bears!” said Alaboo. “Guards! Send them out!” The bears decided they had to tell the community, so they rushed home, full of fear.

They held a Gummy Bear Community meeting, and decided to put aside the time travel project in favor of preparing for the war. They went to get some weapons, because nobody in the stores knew there was a war yet. They decided to tell some candies about their time travel idea, and they joined their team. Some candies did not like the idea, and went to joined Alaboo’s team. They built shields, and took self-defense classes. They wrote a night guard schedule, and went to sleep with the night guard on duty.

In the middle of the night, all the gummy bears were woken up by a bell. The other team had started to attack. Everybody ran out of their houses, grabbing their shields and weapons. The night guard had already started to fight a gummy worm. It was shot by the night guard, and it fell to the ground. Everybody on the other team looked, because they did not expect to get taken down this early. In this moment, the gummy bears took down two more worms. Alaboo was watching from his castle, and was very disappointed in his team. Gum-Gum accidentally shot a bullet, and took down a jelly bean. They had taken down a good part of Alaboo’s army. Even though Gum-Gum had shot a jelly bean (on accident), he was having quite a hard time holding the gun.

“Gum-Gum!” Gum Gum heard his name being called.

“Gum-Gum, watch out! There’s a bullet coming at you! You’ve got to limbo it.” So Gum Gum limboed the bullet. The other team was trying harder to win. Gum-Gum needed to change this. He picked up his gun (even though it was very heavy) and shot it. He took down a Sour Patch Kid. So the other team was starting to get mad. They were starting to lose. They wanted to try harder. They shot and they took down one gummy bear. But that was only one of them. So Gum-Gum shot three bullets randomly in three different directions and each bullet got down another candy. One of them got down a gummy worm, one of them got down a jelly bean, and the last one took down a gummy bear that went to the other side (because he didn’t want to time travel). People started high-fiving Gum-Gum.

“Get back to work,” he said. “If we want to win, we must stop high-fiving each other and get back to work.” And then everybody started shooting randomly and each one took down five gummy worms except for Gum-Gum, who took down three jelly beans and two gummy worms.

“Watch out, Gum-Gum,” Gum-Gum heard Gumby saying. “There is a gummy worm coming toward you!” Then Gum-Gum jumped into the air and shot his gun towards the ground and killed the gummy worm.

There was another one coming towards him. He jumped up into the air again and killed that one. From the side there was a Sour Patch Kid running towards him. He shot that too. Finally, the other team surrendered. Then all the gummy bears went inside to celebrate winning the war. But then Gum-Gum said, “Why didn’t Alaboo want us to be able to leave candy world? Why doesn’t he like us traveling?”

Then Gumby said, “Yeah, why?”

Then a gummy bear called Gamby said, “None of us know!”

“Then we shall figure it out,” said Gummy. Gamby says, “But first we shall get back to our project.”

“No we shall not. We have to figure this out first,” said Gum-Gum.

“When the war was happening, this is what Alaboo felt like (to the Star Wars theme song) gum gum gum gum gum gum gum gum gum gum gum gum gum gum gum gum gum guuuuuuuuum,” sang Gum-Gum!

“Gum-Gum, let’s get back to work on figuring this out. It’s your question,” said Gamby.

Then a gummy bear called Gumby said, “Everyone knows that I used to work for Alaboo, right?”

“Yeah, but it is not time to brag about it,” said Gamby.

“No, that’s not what I am saying! He has a diary!” said Gumby.

“So what!” said Gamby.

“It might say why he didn’t want us to leave candy world!” said Gumby.

“Great idea, Gumby,” said Gum-Gum, “But who will go?”

“We’ll have to figure that out,” said Gumby.

Then a gummy bear called Glamby said “I’ll go.”

“Me too,” said Gum-Gum “but we need one more gummy bear to come with us.” Then a gummy worm slithhhereddd in without any gummy bears noticing…

He shouted “I WANT TO…”

“AAAHHH” screamed all the gummy bears. Then they got their weapons and hid.

Then the gummy worm finished his sentence, “I WANT TO TIME TRAVEL WITH YOU! I killed a Sour Patch Kid, a jelly bean, and a gummy worm. Oh, and by the way, my name is Okoh!”

“Okay Okoh, but before we start making our time machine, we have a question for you: why didn’t Alaboo want to let us leave Candy World?” asked Gum-Gum.

“Oh, that’s because he wants to have the power over you, and if you find a better place that you like more than Candy World then he won’t have the power over you, ‘cause he’ll be here and he’ll have the power here. If you’re somewhere else, he won’t have the power over you.”

“You have to give us a reason why we should trust you, ‘cause you’re a gummy worm,” said Gum-Gum.

“Well I wouldn’t have told you that information, and I wouldn’t have killed those three candies if I wasn’t trustworthy, and I have the candies that I killed to show you that I’m trustworthy so you can believe me that I killed them. So here you go,” said Okoh.

“Okay, we can believe you. And also, you have to put those dead candies into your bag again! It’s a little creepy,” said Gum-Gum. “Okay, now we must show you our time machine we built and start going back in time.”

“Yay!” said Okoh.

So everybody piled into the time machine and Gum-Gum pressed the buttons randomly and it ended up that they went back in time to 1780. (Oh and by the way, the year they were in was 1932). WHOOOSSSHHH went the time machine.

“WELCOME TO 1780,” said the time machine. Finally they landed. Then the time machine said, “You have reached your destination. The time in 1780 right now is three o’clock. So everyone turn your watch to three o’clock.” Everyone did.

“I love this time machine,” said Okoh, “Now how do you open the door?”  

Gum Gum wasn’t close enough to the door to open it, but he said, “There’s a password on the door to open it. Press red, then green, then yellow, then red again, then green three times.” So Okoh did that and the door opened.


“Does 1780 look amazing?” said Gum-Gum.

“That’s not what I’m WHOA-ing about,” said Okoh.

“Then what are you WHOA-ing about?” said Gum-Gum.

“How you open the door!” said Okoh.

“Can’t you just get out already?!” said Gum-Gum.

“It’s a little squishy in here,” said Gumby.”

“C’mon, give him some time to WHOA,” said Gamby.

“Okay Gamby,” said Gumby.

“Does my dress look good for this time period?” said Gamby.

“No” said Okoh.

“Really?” said Gamby.

“Really,” said Okoh.

All the women had their legs and arms covered. The men were wearing very fancy suits, like crazy fancy. Everyone groaned, ‘cause the women gummy bears were wearing very short tank top dresses and the men gummy bears were wearing black tank tops and white pants.

Then Gamby said, “Y’know I said we should give him some time to WHOA — let’s just get out of here already!”

“I need a new dress. We all need new clothes,” said Gum-Gum.  So everybody just pushed by him and ran to stores to buy new clothes. The gummy bear men bought very fancy suits. The gummy bear women bought very fancy dresses that covered their legs and their arms. Everybody met together in the end and planned what they were gonna do in the year 1780, but nobody really knew a lot about 1780 (such as myself).

“How about we go meet George Washington!” said the twins Uku and Bom Bom. They were Sour Patch Kids who came to the gummy bear side. So everybody ran off towards his house, which was very near.

“I heard he had over fifty dogs in his life!” said Uku.

“You don’t have to brag about what you know,” said Bom Bom.

“This is boring,” said Gum-Gum. “I thought time travel was gonna be fun! Let’s just get to George Washington already to make it fun.”

“Yeah!” said Gamby, and so did Gumby. “I heard he never went to college. Maybe we can teach him a little bit about what you learn in college!” said Gamby.

“Stop trying to brag about what you know, Gamby. Let’s just go meet George Washington already!” said Bom Bom.


Two days later.

“I thought you said it was gonna be a quick walk to George Washington’s house, Gamby,” said Gum Gum.

“Come on, we’re almost there, I cannot even see it!” said Gamby.

“Well then, can you see it already? You’re the only one who gets to walk without carrying the time machine.”

“Well I can’t even see it already, we’re so close I can’t even see it! And I told you that a million times. Actually I only told you three times. But who cares! I told you millions and threes of times.”

“This is not very fun time travel. Now, I see his house already! Yay!” said Gamby. Then, she started running.

“I’m getting so annoyed! Where’s Okoh?”

“Right here,” said Okoh, sticking his head up from under the time machine.

“Oh no! He’s under the time machine! Everybody pick it up!” And then Okoh came up from under the time machine, and then everybody piled in with him. He closed the door with the password that he loved doing and then they went back to 1932 in Candy World.

“I wonder how much fun Gamby’s having in 1780 with George Washington,” said Gum-Gum.



Gamby was with George Washington, leading him out to meet her friends, when she saw that everybody had left and the time machine was nowhere.

“Oh no! They went back to 1932! Can you help me build a time machine to go back to Candy World in 1932 with my friends?” said Gamby.

“Only if I can come with you,” said George Washington.

“Okay, you can, but I just need help! I want to get back to my friends.” Gamby and George Washington went to Candy World while Gum-Gum went to Alaboo’s castle and told him that he was right all along, and that time travel wasn’t fun, because it was boring and he liked his cozy bed more than other time periods.

Alaboo revealed that he had stuck a video camera into Gamby and he said he wanted to time travel because Gamby looked like she had so much fun. When they were gone, Alaboo had made his own time machine and he had stepped into the time machine and went off time traveling.  

George Washington and Gamby came back. Everybody hugged Gamby and said hi to George Washington.

“He’s very nice,” said Gum-Gum to Gamby.

Then everybody had a party together because it was Saturday night. Without Alaboo.


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