Gummy Bunnies are Tough

First of all, you think that gummy bunnies are soft and harmless, but what you don’t know is that they have a secret weapon. It’s gummy, and it’s yummy, and you can’t resist it.

Everybody give it up for gummy bunnies’ favorite gummy men! Gummy bunnies!! That is how tough gummy bunnies really are. Gummy bunnies! Gummy bunnies!

Now that’s more like it. You think they’re just harmless, but they can be tough when they want to be tough. We weaklings just can’t see it in action. That’s why gummy bunnies are transparent. They don’t go around giving out presents and eating mint pie and orange juice. Instead, they go and fight the monsters that attack our dreams and turn into nightmares. Gummy bunnies do the best they can to fight off the nightmares, but sometimes, they miss the nightmares because one of us weaklings are walking by, and they can’t be discovered fighting. The reason we can’t see the nightmares go past us is because they’re invisible to the human eye.


Lesson 101

Which time did gummy bunnies come from?

They’re timeless and more are coming for the nightmares. More nightmares are coming for you too. If you have a dream catcher, throw it away. The dream catchers are useless. They never do anything good, except decorate your house. Bring gummy bunnies to the house, and they will defend your house, but don’t lock up your bunnies, or else they can’t defend your apartment or house, and the nightmares will come get you and take you to the dream world. The evil part, not the good part.  

There’s nothing funny about gummy bunnies… except that they leave gummies on the floor when they need to do their thing, you know what I mean? When they need to go?

Okay moving on to Lesson 102.


Lesson 102


The red gummy bunny means it doesn’t have an owner and is angry that he can’t find one.

The blue one means it’s excited because it thinks it’s almost won its owner. If you have any questions about when I said it’s almost won its owner, don’t ask it because I will teach you about it in Lesson 103.

Anyways, the reason the white ones are white is because uhm… the white one is just reformed out of your butt; it’s white because you sucked up all the color from it.

If there is a bunny that is suffering, it floats, and you eat it. Then, it gets better and is born again, and is also ready to start defending your house. Again.


Lesson 103

Winning your owner

There are tons of gummy bunnies out there wanting an owner, so they have a contest about who can fight the most nightmares in one hour. If you cheat, the same judges always goes with them. The bunnies never die unless they start to rot. Then, they have to join a battle in the underworld.


Lesson 104

The Battle

In the bunny underworld, there is a war between the daydreams and the nightmares which might never end again.

The gummies are on the daydream side, but when every nightmare dies in the underworld, they get transported back to the living. Then, the same thing happens in the living.

There is a way to defeat them but that’s lesson 106.


Lesson 105


A good girl turns evil when she is possessed by the nightmares. Monn (Moon) is now Nightmare!

Oh, sorry. Let me be more specific. Her first name is Night and last name is Mare.

NM is creating more and more nightmares by the minute! She has been doing this for 10,000 years, and she started when she was only four and then got out of control when she had her nightmare test.

First, it was just a simulation. Then, the nightmare somehow thought that Monn was a good target and opened a portal in the simulation, Monn was so shocked, that she had lost her confidence and strength. So the nightmare went inside her and fought her soul, and since she had no confidence, the nightmare took over easily.

Monn is getting weaker and weaker, and the nightmare is getting stronger. It’s getting harder and harder for Monn to fight the queen and king of nightmares. Her soul is giving us messages, but they are very weak and fuzzy

Hopefully, more and more gummy bunnies are being pooped out and getting ready to fight, even if they don’t have a owner. The resulting color of a ready-to-fight gummy is a blend of red and brown and green. Even if you eat it, it will come back out as the war color.

The dark red stands for the bunny blood that pours out of the melting gummies, but then revives. The brown stands for the underworld and the war. The green stands for the gummies getting squashed, then turning green, and then reforming in the living world as a ghosts. The ghost has to fight a nightmare ghost to become living again. Nightmares are the foulest creatures on the face of the earth, but nobody believes us bunny researchers.

Back to the nightmares. They are called the lords of the dark, the kings of the darkness. Anything you can think of with evil sounding words in it.

In the gummy bunnies nursery, at first, all bunnies are different colors, but when they go through the door of life, they get transported to the human world. They get ready to be put in a bag or a jar. A nature fairy, who has a very close relationship with the lost fairy, takes care of and trains the baby gummies to prepare for the wars or to fight for the wars.

Her. The lost fairy. She can defeat the nightmares, her! She’s weak, alone, and lost, somewhere on the face of the earth. With one flick of the wrist, the nightmares will go away. We don’t know where she is, but she’s hurt.

We almost have enough research to find her and heal her, but we have a contact system. Since we have clear messages, then that means she’s nearby. Her notes are long, so she’s healing by herself, but she needs medicine. We will find her someday, I hope.


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