Gummy Wars

Chapter 1


Once upon a time, in a very magical universe, a war was started in Gummy World.  It was between the Gummy Worm Empire and Gummy Bear Country. But, let me tell you why. The Gummy Worm Empire was trying to take over the Whole Gummy Universe, because all they wanted was power. On the other hand Gummy Bear Country was fighting for the freedom of the rest of the  Gummy Kind! The Gummy Worms were fighting with bows and arrows. They would be kept in an arrow bag made out of twizzlers. The arrows were made out of pocky and sharpened chocolate chips. The Gummy Bears’ weapons were also bows, arrows, and swords. The swords were made out of pocky with a sharpened chocolate chip on top. But both of them had edible silver armor and marshmallow shields.

In the middle of the fighting was a young soldier named Bear Han Solo, but everybody called him Solo; which was kind of ironic because he was single. His job was to protect the king and his daughter’s chariot. As he was fighting, he dodged an arrow. Then he saw one flying through the sky. He jumped up and tried to grab it, but his friend and fellow soldier, Henry, knocked him over because he was about to be killed by another one.

Suddenly, they heard a shrill scream and turned around. It was from the gummy bear princess, Rosetta. They turned around and looked. Her father was the one who took that arrow to the neck. He was dead! Dun dun duuuun!

Solo ran to save the princess from a gummy worm soldier, but boom! He was clonked in the head by a marshmallow axe.

Ten hours later, he woke up in the gummy bear infirmary.

“Uuuuuh,” he said and looked up. He saw Henry there.

Henry said, “Wow. You took a big clunk with that marshmallow axe.”

Then, Solo remembered everything that had happened.

“But the princess! Where’s the princess?” he yelled.

“Ssssh,” said Henry. “You’re going to wake the other patients. She got captured by the Gummy Worms! We have a week to surrender, otherwise it’s off with her head!”

The next day, Solo was already better. He and Henry had just gotten a cup of hot cocoa and started brainstorming ideas for battle.

“How about we use marshmallow axes too?” said Henry. Then, Solo had an idea. And Henry thought it was a good one, too. Five minutes later, they were at LeShaun Bearflez’s makeup and hair salon. He was the best hair and makeup artist in the country! When LeShaun saw Solo, he said, “Han Solo! Han Solo! Good to see you! Good to see you! What can I do for you today?”

“I need you to disguise me as a gummy worm,” Solo responded.

At first, LeShaun was very confused. And then he got it. He ran toward a closet, and grabbed a gummy worm suit and some mold to make a face mask. Two hours later, Solo looked exactly like a gummy worm soldier. And if you saw him, you would think so too. Now he was ready for battle, in disguise.

Chapter 2

The Plan

Solo and Henry went to Henry’s place for some tomato soup and to devise a plan. They wrote down the steps on a sticky note. It looked like this:

To-Do List

  1. Tell General Bearkins our plan
  2. Make a fake ID so the Gummy Worms think Solo’s on their side
  3. Get a position as a Guard for the Gummy worm castle
  4. Save princess Rosetta and get out of the castle without being seen
  5. Kidnap the Gummy Worm Queen Emily

“Wait, we’re going to kidnap the queen?” Solo said, after reading the list.

“Yes,” said Henry, “She is pregnant with the heir to the throne. If we can kidnap her for a week, we win the war!”

“Maybe,” said Solo, “But first, let’s do the top four, and then we’ll consider that”

Chapter 3


Solo and Henry hurried to the battlefield to complete the first step: tell General Bearkins their plan.

“General Bearkins! General Bearkins!” Henry hollered. General Bearkins turned around and grabbed his weapons.

“What are you doing here, worm soldier?” he said, when he saw Solo. Solo took of his masked and showed General Bearkins that he was really himself. General Bearkins was very confused.

“Why are you dressed as a gummy worm?” he asked.

“That’s exactly what we’re here to tell you!” said Henry. After explaining their plan to General Bearkins, they got his consent, with a bit of advice.

“Your plan is brilliant, I have to admit,” said General Bearkins, “But there is one minor issue. They have chips in the IDs, and I’m pretty sure you don’t know how to make them. But I know a guy. All I need is a picture of Solo in his suit with the mask on, and you’ll have your new ID in an hour or less!”

“Well, now we can cross of the first two items off the list!” said Henry. “Now, we just have to wait until we get the ID. But in the meantime, let’s go and get you some worm weapons.”

15 minutes later, Henry and Solo were at Gilmore Blacksmith’s Metal Shop.

“Hey, look over here!” Said Henry, “I found those Twizzler arrow bags they use!”

“Great,” said Solo as he reached into his pocket for some Jelly Beans. Here, Jelly Beans are used as currency. He pulled out five jelly beans.

“This will do it!” said Solo.

After they paid (there was a very long line), they went back to the battlefield and found General Bearkins with the ID.

“Here you go Solo,” he said, “You’re all set!”

“Great!” said Solo, “Now, I’m off to find the Worm General Wormkhan.”

Chapter 4


As Solo approached the worm side of the battlefield, a security worm came up to him.

“Hey you!” said the worm, “I need to see some ID”.

“Uh oh!” thought Solo as he slowly pulled out his “ID”. And as the security guard scanned he prayed that it would work. Beep. It had worked!

“Yes!” Thought Solo. “Wormtail?” Said the security guard. Solo looked at the “ID” card, apparently his name was “Gabriel Wormtail.” And if you saw Solo’s face you would be laughing your head off! “General Wormkhan will give you a position he’s near the castle, on the right”. Said the security guard.

Once Gabriel…..I mean…… Solo got to the castle, he saw the dungeon. Inside there was a tiny cell with an even smaller window, he could make out a very tiny figure. He started to walk closer, but then he thought “don’t want to act suspicious, so I’ll check it out later”.

Solo turned around, looking for General Wormkhan. Then he saw him, he was a tall worm with big muscles, an oval-ish face, and his red skin was a pattern of red with black strips. Solo had to admit in his mind he was a little scared of the General.

When Wormkhan saw Solo he yelled, “Hey you come over here for roll call”. Solo quickly ran over to Wormkhan, now he was doomed. Solo sat in a seat next to a worm named Wormer. He looked a bit more friendly than Wormkhan. While Wormkhan call attendance Solo prayed the Wormkhan wouldn’t break his back.

Then he heard Wormkhan say, ”We have a new recruit today and his name is Wormtail.” Solo couldn’t believe it! He was on the list!

“Now,” said the General, ”Wormtool, one of the the guards for the castle, has been injured and I’m giving you his position he said and turned to Solo.

What luck! thought Solo, Now I can cross that of the list.

 In the middle of the night Solo snuck out of the soldiers quarters, and towards the tiny cell he saw the day before. He knocked on the door, and inside was Princess Rosetta. She was practicing karate and making some very loud sounds, but she heard the knock.

“Who is it?” she asked.

“It’s a Gummy Bear soldier, I’m here to rescue you” Said Solo.

“Do you have a key?” She asked.

“No” He said.

“Then I’ll kick the door down,” She said, “Step back.”

Solo stepped back. Then five seconds later, there was a big bang! And the door fell. Solo stepped in and saw the princess. Then, a deafening alarm started going off. She said, “Wait, you’re not a gummy bear! You’re a gummy worm!”

Solo took off his mask. “I’m in disguise!” he said. He punched the window open and they jumped out. They started racing down to the white chocolate river and jumped on Twizzler logs. By dawn, they made it all the way to the gummy bear side of the battlefield, but there were worm soldiers chasing them. He took the princess to her palace, and told the guards to make sure she was safe. Then, he took off his worm suit and face mask, got into his battlefield clothes, and started fighting.

“Hey, where’s that guy, Wormtail?” said Wormkhan, “Gabriel Wormtail? Did he run away?” He looked around. “Wait, where’s the princess? Where’s the princess? Does Gabriel have something to do with that? Go see if the princess is back on her side!” Then, the worms started charging for battle, and so did the gummy bears. The battle lasted five hours. And during the fighting, Henry found Solo and the two of them raced to their base.

Henry said to Solo, “Did you rescue the princess?”

“Yes,” said Solo. “And now we have to go capture the pregnant queen of the worms!”

Chapter 5


“Now you listen to me!” Said Henry. “Let’s devise a plan at my place with some tomato sandwiches.”  

Back at Henry’s place Solo and Henry decided that Solo would sneak through the Licorice Forest back to the worm base and into the soldiers quarters.

“Wait, what if they ask where I’ve been, what do I say?!?” said Solo nervously.

“Good point,” Said Henry. “How about, ‘I had to go back home because my mother was in the hospital?’”

“That could work,” said Solo.

“Then you’re off! Go! We need to win the war!!!!” Said Henry.

Solo quickly hurried out, not because of what Henry said, he was always intense like that. Solo didn’t feel well. He felt weird inside and kept remembering the princess. “How beautiful she is,” he thought. “And she knows karate.”

Now this is one of my favorite parts, because as the narrator, I don’t get to do much but now I get to sing a song. Yay! And it goes like this: Solo is love sick, Solo is love sick and he knows and he know it. He’s in love with the princess, in love with the Sorry, I’m getting a little off topic. Anyway, back to the story.

Now, Solo was in the Licorice Forest and yes, the trees are made out of Licorice.

“The Licorice is shiny, like her beautiful eyes… Oh no! It’s happening!” Solo kept thinking the same things, and now he knew for sure. He was in love with the princess, Rosetta.


Back at the Gummy Bear castle, Rosetta was in her room still going over everything that had happened to her, then she remembered Solo.

“I’ve got to thank him, for rescuing me,” she thought, “I wouldn’t have been able to break that window without edible silver armor.”

Chapter 6


“Wow, the castle is so grand, like Rosetta. Oh my god, would my mind stop doing that?!” Solo thought, when he finally made it to the castle. Solo came in through the back of the servant’s quarter. There, he found Wormkhan.

“Wormtail, where have you been?” said Wormkhan, in a booming voice.

“I…I…I was at the hospital because my…. my mother was in the hospital and I had to be there,” said Solo nervously.

“Oh,” said Wormkhan in a soft voice. “Uh… well, now is your time for duty. I am uh… I’m going to uh… use the restroom for a minute.”

After Wormkhan walked away, Solo was a bit confused why Wormkhan was being so sensitive. Solo went back to his place and looked at the cell and then he asked another soldier named Wormtool

“Where did the princess go?” Solo asked, though he really knew the answer.

“She escaped with a meddlesome gummy bear. Ugh, too bad the security cameras didn’t catch it.”

“The security cameras!” Solo thought, “I have to destroy the footage!” He ran to the technology room and found the footage. Nobody was there, so he rewinded it back, erased all of it, and ran back to the servant’s quarter. Someone had left a sock there, and he tripped on it.

“Oof!” he said, and his mask fell off and spun across the floor. He looked up to find Wormkhan.

“Aaaaaaaah!” screamed Solo, but in his mind he was thinking of running away. So he ran and tripped on another person’s sock.

“Why are people so messy?” he thought, as he accidentally knocked down a photograph of Wormkhan’s mother. Solo stopped and hid behind a corner. He saw Wormkhan’s mouth drop open, and he did something very unexpected. Wormkhan started crying. Everybody was confused why he was crying and he came up.

“Mother! Sally!” Wormkhan wailed. Everybody was confused and stunned, but it only took Solo a few seconds to realize the opportunity he had. Since there were no guards in the upper castle, he ran up and found the queen in her bedroom. It was true: she was pregnant. He snuck up behind and threw a piece of cotton candy over her mouth and tied it. Then, he picked her up and started running down the stairs. Still, nobody realized what he was doing! He started running through the Licorice Forest.

Wormkhan had recovered from his breakdown, and remembered Solo.

“There’s a gummy bear in the castle! Everybody search the castle!” he screamed

Meanwhile, Solo was running through the licorice forest. He was about to make it to the bear side.

“Huh.. huh….. Huh…” he huffed. He didn’t want to be rude or anything, but the queen was heavy. Then, he realized the queen was sweating.

“Uh oh,” he thought. “She’s going into labor!”

“Infirmary infirmary! I captured the queen, but she’s going into labor!” Solo yelled when he got back to the Gummy Bear side. Everybody was confused at first, and then five minutes later they had come with a rolling bed, put her on it, and rolled her into the operating room.

Two hours later, he was allowed to come in. The baby was a boy. His eyes were blue, but the rest of his body was rainbow.

“I’m very happy for you, but you are still our prisoners,” Solo said, “We will lead you into your room now. We will take care of the baby, but you must go into your room now for some safety tests.” She nodded and was lead into the room.

“Solo, I have a message from the princess,” said a palace servant, “She wants you to come see her.”

Chapter 7


Twenty minutes later, Solo was at the Gummy Bear palace with the Gummy Bear servant. He was making his way to Princess Rosetta’s bedroom. The servant knocked on the door.

“Princess Rosetta, Solo is here to see you,” said the servant.

“Come in!” replied the princess. Solo was a bit nervous going into the princess’s bedroom. When he came in, she told Solo to sit. He tried to sit down on a chair, but he slipped and fell on the floor. The princess was in shock, and the servant was trying his hardest not to laugh.

“Pardon me for my clumsiness,” said Solo. Then, he made sure he actually sat down on the chair.

“Thank you for rescuing me,” said the princess, “Now you can have anything you want in Gummy Bear Country, under the price of 5,000 jelly beans”

“Five thousand jelly beans!” thought Solo, “Wow, that’s a lot!” The servant’s mouth had dropped open with shock.

“I don’t want money,” said Solo, “All I want is you! Ever since I met you, I have loved you.” Now it was the princess’s turn for her mouth to drop open.

“I… I…” she hesitated, “I’ve already fallen in love with someone. You may not have me, but you can have the 5,000 jelly beans.” She turned to the servant.

“Please escort this soldier out of the castle.” Solo was heartbroken and defeated as he walked home. When he got home, he put on his favorite movie, Gummybusters, and ate little tomato candies. Then, he noticed the time. He had to go back to the battlefield and fight. As he was walking, he saw a young maiden named Emma-Louise. She was beautiful, he had to admit, and she turned around and saw him.

“Hey I know you,” she said, “You’re the one who saved the princess and kidnapped the Gummy Worm  queen! You’ve done a lot for the country. On behalf of all of us, thank you!”

“I know this is a little bit weird, but would you like to go out tonight?” asked Solo.

“Sure,” said Emma-Louise, “I would like that!”

Chapter 8


Later, as Solo was fighting, he realized that he wasn’t really in love with the princess. He was just shocked that he actually saved someone. In all the old Gummy fairy tales, once you save someone you fall in love with them. He was just going off of that. He realized that he actually liked Emma-Louise. Then, he saw a huge troop of gummy worms charging onto the battlefield.

“Uh oh!” said Solo. Then, Henry had an idea.

“Hey! I know a guy who makes Pop Rock Bombs!” said Henry, “Why don’t we get some?” They rushed over Gillmore Blacksmith’s metal shop, and found him there. They split the cost, and started running through the Licorice Forest. They snuck into the Worm Castle, and went into their storage units. Solo knew his way around. Then, they placed the Pop Rock Bombs there, and Solo closed the door and ran. boom! They started running back to the Licorice Forest. There was a big bang, and half of the castle was blown up.

“YES!” they screamed in unison, high fived, and ran back to the Gummy Bear side. The Gummy Worms had called a pause, and were holding a group meeting in the remaining half of their castle. The Gummy Bears took the opportunity to hold a meeting too.

“Wow,” said General Bearkins, “I wonder who blew up the castle?”

“We did!” said Henry, with his arm over Solo’s shoulder. “We blew it up!” Then, General Wormkhan blew a whistle, and they went back to their positions. One of the Gummy Worms came in holding a white flag. They had surrendered!

“Now,” said General Wormkhan, “We will surrender if you give us back the queen.”

“Deal!” said Solo, and brought out the queen with her newborn baby in her arms. Wormkhan was so surprised.

“You went into labor?” he asked her.

“Yes!” replied the queen.

Everyone went back to their own side to celebrate. The worms celebrated the baby, and the bears celebrated victory.

“Hooray!” said Solo. Everyone in Gummy Bear Country was flooding the streets, waving the Gummy Bear flag with pride.

“Well,” said Solo, looking out at the streets, “We can call that a huge adventure!”

The End!!!

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