Happy Birthday Suzy Walter!

Suzy Walter was a little girl who wore glasses. She was eight and a half, and her birthday was going to be in two days. She was going to invite a few people to Six Flags. She was super excited for her party.

She invited Sarah and Molly, twins who fought all day long. Suzy sort of liked them because they had lots of cute clothes and awesome toys. But they were annoying. They thought Suzy was their best friend. Her mom told her to invite them because she liked their mom.

And Suzy was inviting a really, really annoying boy named Theodore. Any time someone said something to him, he mimicked them.

The only reason she was inviting him was because her dad told her to invite him. Theodore’s dad was friends with Suzy’s dad.

And she was inviting one more person: Jackie, her real friend. Jackie was always nice to her. She was never mean to her! They always sat together at lunch and talked and laughed. They laughed all day long, for no reason sometimes. Even when somebody else laughed, they started laughing too. Her favorite color was purple, and Jackie’s favorite color was pink.


One day later…

Suzy woke up her parents and said, “My birthday’s one day away!”

Her dad was sleeping, and Suzy saw her dad’s tongue bleeding. He was biting it because he thought it was food in his dream!

Suzy said, “Wake up!”

Then, he grumbled grumpily, “I’m up, I’m up,” but he was still sleeping. Then, Suzy tried waking up her mom.

Suzy’s mom said in her dream, “Grandma, I thought you were dead.”

“Wake up, Mom!”

“Okay. Go ahead and make yourself breakfast now.”

Then, Suzy said, “I’m just going to go to Jackie’s house next door. I’ll be back in the afternoon.”


Suzy reached Jackie’s door.

Knock knock.

Jackie opened the door.  “Hi, Suzy,” said Jackie.

Then Suzy walked into Jackie’s house.

“Did you come to visit me, or did you come to chat?” asked Jackie.

“Actually, I came here for you to help me plan for my birthday party, which is tomorrow, and by plan… I mean a sneaky idea,” said Suzy.

“Tell me what the plan is,” said Jackie.

“The plan is to tell my mom and dad that I called the twins and Theodore, but they were sick, so they can’t come to Six Flags. Isn’t that a perfect plan?”

“I don’t think that’s a good plan. You might get in trouble.”

“I won’t get in trouble. They won’t know a thing about it.”

Then, Suzy and Jackie went to the cake shop. It was one block away from Jackie’s house.

When they walked in, they saw a whole bunch of cakes. They had all different types of frosting and different flavors. It took a long time to pick a cake because all of them looked good. They saw a vanilla cake with chocolate frosting inside of it and rainbow frosting on the outside. They thought it looked the best, so they picked that one.

The person who worked at the cake shop said, “That will be 67 dollars.”

Suzy and Jackie didn’t have enough money. So they asked if 27 dollars was enough.

“No, 27 dollars isn’t enough.”

They looked at her nametag, and it said “Ms. Grumps.” Suzy and Jackie already knew why her name was Ms. Grumps.

Suzy said, “But it’s my birthday.”

Ms. Grumps said, “I’ll let you pay me 27 dollars, but tomorrow you’ll have to pay the rest.”

“Okay, I promise that I will pay tomorrow,” said Suzy.


The next day, Suzy woke up excited.

“Yay! I can’t wait to go to Six Flags and stuff cake in my mouth. Also, I can’t wait for my evil plan. Wah ha ha ha ha,” Suzy laughed loudly.

“Keep it down, Suzy. It’s four in the morning,” Suzy’s mom yelled.

“Yeah, Suzy, whatever your mom said,” Suzy’s dad yelled.

“Stop it, John,” said Suzy’s mom.

“Okay, Michelle, you need to chill out!” said Suzy’s dad.

“What did you just say?” asked Suzy’s mom.

“I-I-I didn’t say anything at all,” said Suzy’s father, John.

“Good, I thought so,” said Suzy’s mom.

Suzy stuck her head in the door and said, “It’s actually 12 in the afternoon!”

After Suzy told her parents, she walked away. She held the phone in her hand and called Theodore and said, “I am so sorry. The birthday is cancelled.”

She hung the phone up and called up the twins. Then she told them the same thing. She hung up the phone again and said, “I can’t believe my plan worked.”

“What did you say, sweetie? I didn’t hear you,” said Suzy’s mom.

“Nothing,” Suzy replied. “When is it time to go, Mom? I’ve been waiting for hours.”

“We will go in 30 minutes, and you were actually only waiting for 45 minutes,” replied Suzy’s mom.


30 minutes later…

“Mom! Is it time to go yet?!” yelled Suzy.

“Yes! It’s time to go. we are just getting the cake out of the fridge!”

“Okay, I’ll meet you in the car!”

“Okay, see you in the car.”

Suzy walked across the street and knocked on Jackie’s door first.

Knock. Knock.

“Who is at the door?” Jackie asked.

“It’s me, Suzy! Meet me at the car in two minutes!”

“Okay, I will.”

“I had an exhausting day, but it isn’t over,” said Suzy to herself.

Suzy quickly ran to her mother’s car. She leaned on the car as she waited. Finally, Suzy saw her mom and dad holding all the things for the birthday. Jackie walked towards Suzy from her house.

“Suzy, please open the door for us, this stuff is really heavy,” said Suzy’s mom. Then she asked, “Aren’t the twins and Theodore coming?”

“Uhhhh. I- I called Theodore and he said he had, uhhhh, a stomach ache,” stuttered Suzy.

“You know, Suzy? You didn’t have to invite Theodore and the twins since it’s your birthday.

Then Jackie said, “Suzy and I just wanted some time alone.”

Suzy’s mom said, “What?”

Jackie quickly answered, “Oh, wait, nevermind.”

Suzy elbowed Jackie and whispered, “Jaaackie!”

“Girls, are you up to something?” asked Suzy’s mom.

“No, not at all,” replied Jackie and Suzy simultaneously.


2 hours later…
“We are here, everyone!!!” yelled Suzy’s father.

As Suzy’s parents unpacked the cake and treats, Suzy and Jackie quickly ran to the rollercoaster.

“Wow! This is the first time I’m going on a rollercoaster, I am feeling nervous and excited,” said Suzy.

“This is going to be my second time on a rollercoaster,” said Jackie.

“Oh, that’s good for you. Anyway, it’s our turn to go on the rollercoaster!” said Suzy.

“Don’t be jealous, Suzy,” said Jackie.

“I am totally not jealous, Jackie,” replied Suzy.

Meanwhile, when Suzy and Jackie were on the rollercoaster, there was a phone call for Suzy’s mother…Theodore’s parents and the twins’ parents called Suzy’s mom.

Ring! Ring!

“Hello, who is it?” said Suzy’s mom.

“It’s the twins’ mom, Carol. Theodore’s mom, Elizabeth, is here in my house.”

“Weren’t you supposed to come to Suzy’s birthday?” asked Suzy’s mom.

“Suzy told our children that her birthday was cancelled.”

“What are you talking about?”

“You should ask your daughter if you really want to know.”


“I wonder what all that was about. Maybe I should ask Suzy?” said Suzy’s mom.

As Suzy’s mom saw Suzy coming from the rollercoaster, she hollered out, “Suzy, get over here now!”

“Oh no, Suzy, this is not going to be good,” said Jackie.

Suzy walked over to her mom while she was looking down at her feet. She bit her fingernails.

Her mom said in a mad voice, “Did you tell Theodore and the twins’ mom that the party was cancelled?”

“No,” said Suzy.

Then Suzy’s mom asked Jackie, and Jackie didn’t respond until Suzy’s mom asked the question again.

“Yes,” said Jackie in a quiet voice.

Suzy’s face turned red and steam started coming out of her face, nose, and ears. Her eyes started to turn really watery.

Then, Suzy’s mom gave the phone to Suzy and yelled in a mad voice, “Apologize to Theodore and the twins now!”

“Okay,” said Suzy.

Then Jackie tried to walk away, but Suzy’s mom said, “Come over here, Jackie. You’re part of it too!”

“No, I’m not!” said Jackie.

“Then how did you know Suzy was coming up with her plan and told me yes?” Suzy’s mom said. “You have to apologize too.”

Jackie stomped her feet and put her hands on her hips and said, “No, I can’t. I didn’t do anything.”

Then Suzy’s mom said, “Yes, you did.”

Jackie still refused to apologize, so then Suzy’s mom said, “If you don’t, I’ll call your parents to pick you up now.”

Then Jackie said, “Fine,” because her parents were mean to her, and she was scared of them.

Suzy said into the phone, “I’m sorry, Theodore. And Sarah. And Molly. For telling you that my party was cancelled.”

Sarah and Molly said, “It’s okay,” but Theodore said, “It is not okay,” at the same time.

Suzy just ignored him.

After Suzy was finished with the phone, she gave it to Jackie, and Jackie said, “I’m sorry,” and gave the phone back.

Then, Suzy’s mom gave it back to Jackie and said, “You have to explain why you’re sorry.”

“Fine. I’m sorry for helping Suzy with her dumb plan!” said Jackie.

Then, Suzy’s mom took the phone back and said, “After we’re done eating the cake, we’re going straight back home!”

Jackie and Suzy didn’t respond. In Suzy’s head, she was thinking that she felt a little bad for telling Theodore and the twins that the party was cancelled. Suzy was mad at Jackie because she got her in trouble. In Jackie’s head, she felt a little bad, just for helping Suzy, and mad at Suzy because Suzy wasn’t talking to her. Jackie knew Suzy was mad because she rolled her eyes at Jackie.

While Suzy’s mom was carrying the vanilla cake to eat, she slipped on a banana peel, and it just fell out of her hands. But then, her husband came out of nowhere, and before she fell on her head, he held her. But the cake still fell on the ground.

Then, Suzy’s mom said, “I guess it’s time to go home since there’s no cake to eat.”

Suzy and Jackie were sad because there was no cake. Then Suzy and Jackie looked at each other and smiled.

“I’m so sorry,” Suzy and Jackie said simultaneously.

“Okay, let’s go home and have your birthday there,” said Suzy’s mom.

“Are the twins and Theodore coming?” asked Suzy.

“No, it’s only us, your dad, and Jackie,” replied Suzy’s mom.

“Good,” said Suzy and Jackie at the same time.


The End!


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