Happy Day

He stood on the balcony of his huge castle wondering when the rain would come. King Cookie waited and waited, but nothing came. Olivia, the otter, noticed this and decided to cheer him up. Olivia was King Cookie’s best friend. She knew that he loved rain, but also adored dogs. He was not able to have a dog for his whole life until his wife died. His wife, Queen Cookie, was allergic to dogs, but of course when she died he was too sad to remember that he could now have a dog. Olivia rushed off the balcony that was surrounded by vines, and out of the castle. She took her carriage and off she went into the village.

Olivia had never been into the village for she lived with royalty. She decided to ask someone for directions to the pet store. “Excuse me, do you know where the pet store is?” she asked a little boy wearing a necklace with a raindrop on it.

“Go away you nasty beast,” he said.

“He isn’t a very nice child,” Olivia thought as she ran away. Soon she encountered an old lady carrying a bunch of bird cages, one yellow, one green, and one red bird. “She must know where the pet store is, after all she is carrying pets,” Olivia thought to herself. “Do you know where the pet store is?” Olivia asked.

”Walk down the street, turn left and there it is,” the old lady said.

”Thank you so very much,” said the otter, and scurried off down the street. When she arrived at the pet store she examined all the dogs. To her left was a huge brown dog with a collar that had spikes on it, this did not fit the King. On her right was a tiny puppy Golden Retriever, the King could not handle puppies, they would pee everywhere. Everything she said was either, ‘too small,’ ‘too fat,’ or ‘too weird.’ Suddenly she came across a medium sized black dog named Gracie. She bought a leash, a collar, and the dog. Olivia got back in her carriage,and drove back to the huge brick castle. The otter went to the balcony where King Cookie stood. “I have a gift for you,” said Olivia.

“Is it the rain that shall never arrive?” announced King Cookie dramatically.

“I am very sorry to disappoint you but no, it is a dog,” said Olivia quite disappointed.

“A dog!” exclaimed King Cookie. As soon as King Cookie had a chance to turn around and pet the dog he fell in love with it.

“Her name is Gracie,” said the otter. Soon King Cookie ran to the throne room and played with Gracie.

At dinner King Cookie was happy but Olivia could still tell that he was sad about something. “What’s wrong?” asked Olivia.

“The rain has not come in 10 days,” said King Cookie. The rain came every day in Cookielandia, but not since waterkeeper John left, his grandson Charles has been doing his job until he returns. “Tomorrow morning I shall return to town and ask Charles what is happening,” announced the King.

“But you have never been to town, what if someone kidnaps you, what will you do then,” Olivia said, now worried.

“I expect that my servants will save me,” said King Cookie.

“The servants are on their holiday,” said the otter.

“Well then you will save me,” said King Cookie proudly.

“What if I don’t want to,” said Olivia.

“You will have to,” said King Cookie, with his nose up to Olivia’s face.

King Cookie was walking down the road, when suddenly he felt something on his back.

”What is on my back!” He demanded to know from Charles.

”I don’t know,” said Charles. “Waterkeeper John is back, I am not in charge of the rain anymore,” explained Charles.

“Are you saying this is rain,” said King Cookie, suddenly happy. “YAY!!!” He squealed happily. Now that the King was happy, he needed to make everyone else happy too. First he would help his best friend, Olivia. He ran back to the castle in joy. “I am sorry for shouting at you, Olivia,” said King Cookie. “I know what you are saying but I do not believe you,”Olivia said and ran back to her bedroom,where she was planning what to say to the King.

When she came back she said this, “My friend, A.K.A. the King would never apologize, so to prove that you are really King Cookie I want you to take this test,” and she handed him a test. The test was a multiple choice test. These were a few of the questions: what is my favorite dessert? a.) cake b.) ice cream c.) brownies or how many shoes do I own a.) 100 b.) 2000 c.) 1, and many more questions. When King Cookie had finished his test, he handed it to Olivia, and Olivia had finished correcting the test. Olivia realized that ‘King Cookie’ was really King Cookie.

”I am sorry for thinking that you were not the real King,” said Olivia apologetically.

”I forgive you,” said King Cookie. Now King Cookie AND Olivia were happy. They decided that they would go see the waterkeeper. They had a cup of tea and had a little chit-chat. ”You’re grandson is an awful waterkeeper,” said King Cookie.

”King Cookie, that is not how you talk to waterkeeper John!” whispered Olivia to the King. ”Oh it’s alright,” waterkeeper John said, “he is an awful waterkeeper, “he continued, and they all laughed their heads off, (not literally!) That day was September 4th,and so from now on September 4th is Happy Day!

THE END          

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