Hard Times with Luck, From Sarah’s Diary

October 12, 2015

Dear Diary,

My name is Sarah, and this is my first time writing in a diary. I’m twelve years old, and I live in Malibu, California. I like California a lot, but my parents told me that we’re going to move to Florida. They told me this yesterday. It was the same day I got this diary. When they gave it to me, they told me I might not like the changes, and it might make me feel better to write my feelings and whatever I want in this diary. That still did not make me feel better. Moving to Florida means that I can’t be with my friends anymore or surf the big waves they have here. It also means I’ll have to go to a new school. Anyway, the reason my parents and I are moving is because they invented a new video camera for people’s houses. The video camera is called V.C.A. (Video Camera App). You can check the camera from the app (the app is also called V.C.A.). Wait a minute! Just because they invented a video camera doesn’t mean we need to leave California! Maybe they’re hiding something! I’m going to ask them! I’ll be right back!


Okay, so, nothing good happened. They told me no one in California would invest in their product, but a big company in Florida did! Today has not been a good day at all!! Right now, all I want is to read a book and then go to sleep. See you tomorrow, Diary.

October 13, 2015

Dear Diary, today is a Monday morning. (A school morning! Ugh!) Today, I’m going to tell my friends the news. I have two super close friends at school. Their names are Emma and Jessica, and we’re all in sixth grade. Emma’s really funny and athletic, and Jessica is very fashionable and smart. Both of them are also super nice. Oh my gosh!!! It’s 7:47 and school starts at 8:00. Bye! I have to go!


I’m back from school, and my friends didn’t like the news either, but they told me we could make a group chat. That’s the same thing as regular texting, but with more than one person — Jessica told me about it. Unfortunately, I have a flip phone, which doesn’t have text, and my friends have the Apple iPhone 5. The only way I can talk to them is over the phone, but I can’t talk to them both at the same time. Emma and Jessica told me that I should beg my parents and if I do something nice for them, maybe I’ll get an iPhone 5. But today, I’m not any happier about the situation, so that will have to wait at least ‘til tomorrow or later today. Give me a minute; I hear a knock at the door.


It was my parents. At first, I was hoping they were going to tell me we aren’t going to move. Unfortunately, that was not it. They just told me dinner is ready, and I’m starving!! So I’m gonna go.

October 14, 2015

It’s a Tuesday morning. Last night, I read a lot of my book, so I’m going to write a small part of it down so I don’t forget:

Peyton ran from her house to her grandma’s house every night because she didn’t have her own room, and at her grandma’s house, she did.

I’m still not sure why she didn’t have her own room to sleep in or why she wouldn’t let her parents know. Well, her parents could have gotten into a fight with Peyton, but I’m still not sure.

Wait a minute!! That gives me an idea! Tonight, when my parents fall asleep, I can call the company on my dad’s phone and tell them my parents actually don’t want to create the V.C.A. anymore! I’ll just have to talk in a deep voice, like my dad, and find his contact book. This is risky, but I hope it works, and you know, maybe the companies in California will change their minds and invest in the V.C.A. WOW!! My parents haven’t called to tell me it’s dinner yet, and it’s 7:37, and we usually eat at 6:30. Finally, they are calling me, and I’m starving!! And wow, what great timing that was!!


Dinner is finally over!! That took forever!! I don’t know why my mom made so much food, but it was really good!! Twenty-seven more minutes until I sneak into my parents room. It’s 9:42 right now, and everyone must be in bed by 10:00.  I also think I should wait five extra minutes.


It’s 10:27. That’s because I was so nervous, so I waited a lot of extra minutes. So, first, I have to find his contact book, and then his phone, call the company, and talk in a deep voice!! I don’t know if this is a good idea now. It’s risky, and I could be in BIG trouble, but on the other hand, I could stay in California and be with my friends! Ummmmmm… I have made my final decision, and it is that I will take the risk! Wish me luck!


Wow! It took forever just to get my dad’s contact book and phone. Now, I have to look through the contact book and call the company… found it!! My dad made it easy for me to understand, which is a good thing! My dad named it “INVESTED COMPANY FOR V.C.A.” Okay, it’s time time to call!


I called! Wow, that was scary!!! I hope I sounded like my dad! Anyway, here’s how the call went:

Company: Hello, this Marc. How can I help you?

Me: Hi, this is Jack [my dad’s name]. I wanted to cancel my product-making and your investment in it.

Company: Okay, but first I’m going to call your wife, since this is major, and tell her a code. You are going to have to tell me it so I can make sure this is really Jack.

Me: Okay.

I totally freaked out!!! I had no idea what to do, so I just ended the call and hid the phone and the contact book in my laundry bag, right next to my bed. I made sure to hide them both under clothes. Then, I turned off my light and went to sleep.

October 15, 2015

It’s morning, and I really hope my mom never heard the phone ring! I also hope my dad isn’t awake yet and looking for his phone, because if he is, I’m in big trouble, and my mom can call him and find where his phone is!! However, Marc still may have called my mom! I never should have done this, but right now I have to go eat breakfast and my parents always eat with me!! I just need to act like it’s a regular morning. Okay, I’m going. Wish me luck!!


That was, like, the longest breakfast of my life!! My parents never brought up anything different; all they said was that they are so excited about the V.C.A. and asked me if I was packed for school. I don’t think they noticed anything that happened. Oh well. It’s off to school for me! I just wonder when I should put my dad’s phone back. I can’t do anything now because he is in his bedroom, getting ready for the day. Wow, I have to go! School starts in twelve minutes. Bye!!


Okay, so, school was fine. I just got to my room… I hear a knock at the door. Give me a minute.


It took me so long because my parents somehow found out what I had done!!!  Apparently, Marc never called my mom. All that they know so far is that I took my dad’s phone, and it wasn’t because it rang. It was because, apparently, since my parents created a video camera, they have video cameras all over the house, including my room!! So then, my parents forced me into a time-out for thirty minutes and then had a talk with me for ten extra minutes. It’s already so bad, and they don’t even know that I called Marc or anybody!! Today has not been a good day… I hear another knock at the door and I know this time that it’s my parents, not my friends. Whatever they have to say will either take five minutes or five hours.


This keeps getting worse!! They asked me why I stole the phone! I’m still not sure why they didn’t ask that the first time they talked to me, but either way, it doesn’t help. Apparently, since my dad has an iPhone 5, he can see who I called, but before I knew that, I told him that I heard it might flood so I needed a phone to call the police in case I needed to know what to do. Now, I realize that was a really bad response. However, my dad asked me if I was telling the truth, and I said yes. And then, he said, “But I thought you had your own phone?”

Then, I said, “I couldn’t find it in the dark.” Then, he asked a good question — for him!!! Well, pretty much all of his questions for him have been good. Anyway, he asked me how I could’ve found his phone in the dark.

Then, I just said, “I don’t know.”

My dad had then said, “Well, it seems to me that you have told many lies.” Then I was thinking, how did he know? I wanted to fight back, not asking how, but I couldn’t. It just burst out of me!

I questioned, “How did you know?”

My parents said that there’s a button called “Recents” to see who you last called. Then, I knew I was so not going to get an iPhone 5 if I asked anytime this month. Anyway, that has nothing to do with this. I only had a few more seconds before I was punished. This is because my parents started to call the company that I called last night. Then, somebody picked up. I was hoping Marc wouldn’t pick up, and he didn’t! I was glad… until his friend told us he had to leave to do some other job he had there, and also said he would leave us with somebody else. And guess who that somebody else was? It was Marc!!! Marc introduced himself and asked for my parents’ names.

They said, “Jack and Paula.”

Marc said, “Oh, yes. Shall I call Paula and tell her the code?”

My parents asked, “What code?”

Marc told them, “The code to close your business and end our investment in it.”

My parents shouted, “What?” Then, they said, “No, no. That was a mistake. Someone else had the phone.”

Marc then just said, “Okay. Goodbye, and have a nice day.”

My parents stared at me and then, said, “Go up to your room.” So, my plan didn’t work out. Not one part of it. If my parents want to talk to me, I’ll either be asleep or almost asleep. I’m so tired from worrying and stressing out about that situation. Bye, Diary.  

October 16, 2015

It’s another school morning, and I can already tell today is not going to be good. Anyway, I have nothing else to write right now. I’m going to go to the kitchen. I hope my parents aren’t going to say anything too bad.


It was a regular day at school, except I was even sadder… except for this one gift that Emma gave me. But first, let me tell you about what happened before this. I told Emma and Jessica about what happened. They told me I was determined to try to stay in California and I tried my best. They also said that they hoped I liked the gift that they were giving me. It was a small bag with a red ribbon that tied the handles together, and tissue paper inside. After you lifted all the tissue paper, there was a small box. When you opened that small box, there was an iPhone 5 inside!!! That was the best thing that happened to me all week! Emma told me it was her old one and she didn’t need it anymore because her parents got her the new iPhone 6. I really didn’t care what type of number my iPhone was. Just the fact that I had an Apple iPhone was awesome!! I thanked Emma and Jessica. I mean, even though it’s not really from Jessica, I knew Emma made Jessica a part of the whole thing, so I just went with it. They also told me they already charged it, and Emma’s parents got me my own phone number, so the phone is totally under my control!! Emma told me that Jessica would help me create passwords and show me how to do the basics and make it as easy as possible for me to use to use it. I do already know a few things, since both of my parents have Apple iPhones, but I definitely could use some pointers. So Jessica is meeting me at my house and should be here any minute now… oh! The doorbell literally just rang, but I’m going to let my parents open so they don’t think I planned this whole thing out without telling them. Which I didn’t, because I didn’t know I would get my own iPhone!! Oh, Jessica’s right outside my room with my mom. I’ve got to go.


I had no idea learning everything about the iPhone took two hours! Well, really, it only took one and a half hours, but telling my parents about it took thirty minutes. I was so relieved that my parents accepted the gift. For a minute, I thought they would tell me that I cannot accept it. But the minute after that, they were totally fine with it, as long as I didn’t use too much cellular data per month. After Jessica showed me how to use everything on my phone, my parents helped me set up passwords, and then, my Apple iPhone 5 was complete!

October 17, 2015

I can’t believe it! I only have about one more week before we move to Florida, and I’m switching schools in the middle of the school year. Another disappointing thing is that I won’t be able to write in my diary that much, or at all this week because we have a big test on Wednesday, and that is the day before we leave for Florida. Anyway, I know my parents are still really mad at me about the whole me-taking-my-dad’s-phone situation, so I’m going to have to do a lot of nice things for them since they approved Emma giving me her old Apple iPhone. So, I decided even though it’s going to be super hard moving to Florida, I’ll be nice for them and not complain about moving to Florida. Wow! It’s getting late. I’ve got to go to school now.  

October 25, 2015

Oh my gosh!! I cannot believe I’m writing in my diary on the plane! I’m super nervous! I can’t believe I’m going to live in a new house and go to a new school. And yet, all of that is going to happen in a new state!! The plane ride just started. We are in the air and have four and a half hours left, so I have a long time on the plane. I’m sitting in between my mom and my dad, since we are in the same row. When we were in the airport, I was texting Emma and Jessica. At school, I said goodbye to all of my friends and teachers. Then, it was off to the airport. The night before, I packed the last of my things. We are shipping the rest of the stuff. We shipped most of our furniture. The rest of the furniture, we gave to people who don’t have so much money. Anyway, to pass the time, I’m going to watch a few movies.


I’m in my new room, which is empty! This room is huge, and I like it! My parents’ bed and my bed should be here by now… and now, the doorbell just rang. I bet my parents are getting the door. Give me a minute. Someone’s knocking on my door.


My bed just came, and apparently, my parents already got bedding. My bed is really soft.  Right now, I’m going to check out everything in my new room and what it has in it.  


I like my room. It definitely needs some decoration. But all my furniture is coming tomorrow, so I’m going to go to sleep because I’m so tired.  

October 26, 2015

I just remembered that my teacher would e-mail me my grade from the test. I’m going to check it right now.


I got a 97! I’m going to tell my parents right now!


My parents were proud, and also told me that my furniture and all my stuff came, so they helped me move my furniture up, so now it looks like an actual room. I’m going to spend the rest of my day putting in the extra stuff in my room.

October 28, 2015

I’m super nervous about this new school, so my mom is going to take me early. I have to leave now. Anyway, I hope today is going to be good! By the way, my room is complete and looks nice.


Wow! My school is only five minutes away by car! School was good. I made one new good friend named Alexia, who is coming over in five minutes. Anyway, my teacher is a girl and is super nice. Florida isn’t so bad after all. I think all this new stuff is not such a bad thing.

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