The Weird Week

1 – One Fine Day

It was a sunny day. It was time for Ashley to walk her little puppy. She put on her hot pink bow and yellow pants with her best friend. They got some new blue pants. They were rich, so yeah, the dog was pink!                                

2 – Too Rich

Ashley had too much money. She had a whole store with dog toys and pet toys. Now, she had too many toys. So she gave the store and all the toys to the town.

3 – Lunch Time

It was lunch time. Ashley bought all of the food stores because she was going to have a party with the whole world. She stuffed each country in a little bathroom the size of a dog house. It was the not-best party ever!!!

4 – In in in in in in looove

She was 24. She saw a 24-year-old boy who was so so so handsome. She fainted. She woke up in her room. The boy was there, too. He drew “iwhaiuthrthodhdhdwhieR8yuuryueq8989387ry39owu34eywi8ur6” on the walls. But she was still in love.

5 – Wedding Time

Ashley had a wedding, but no flower girl, so they had to throw the flowers. But they got flowers in her hair! It was the worst wedding ever!!!

6 – Kid Time,Ya!!

Yaaa!!! Ashley and Ken’s kids were born in one day and born at age three. They were twins. Wawaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then, Ashley went to deep sleep. Then, the babies came out.

7 – School Time

It was time for Ashley’s kids to go to school. She put the clock to 1:00 in the morning. But school started at 1:00 pm. She did that because she forgot to get the backpack stuff. They put on their school uniforms, ate, and had to wait one hour. When the school bus got there, they went to school for 30 minutes. San was a boy, Sandy was a girl, and they were going to school together. When they were going to school, Ashley took a 20 minute nap. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. So Ken picked the kids up.

8 – Reading Is Fun

When San was watching TV, Sandy was reading. They read and watched for three weeks. Now they were reading 2,000 more books for homework. They each had a pink and blue birthstone that could give them powers when they read.

9 – Robbing House

When Ashley was asleep, two robbers put them in jail for a replacement. They woke up somewhere very different, and the kids were still at home. Then, they got out their birthstones, and everything went back to normal.

The End!

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