Harmony’s Destiny

Chapter One: Harmony

Ugh, today is off to a bad start.

First, my BFF Wilma has been kidnapped by the evil (in my words) Jade, who is “BBF” (Booty, Butts, and Fabulousness. In her words not mine.) E.J. (Evil Jade!!!) has cursed Wilma to think that I’m the mean girl, and that she’s the one who should stand up to me to protect everyone.

So I am going to tell the headmistress. She looks like a woman with long, flowing hair that’s golden blonde, and a dress made of water and plants.

She’s really good at magic, and she’s also one of the few fairies who can breathe underwater. We have to try to see if we can breathe underwater, and I’m #1837402, but there’s only two more people in front of me. Wilma’s behind me and the thing is that we already know we can breathe underwater so I tell her.

“How do you know?” she sneers at me.  

I say, “Because before Jade cursed you, we were playing by the river. Then, you fell in. Without thinking, I jumped in after you and didn’t take a breath, and we could breathe and talk underwater!”

She’s surprised, so I tell her the truth about E.J. and she remembers me being her real friend. Poof. The spell is broken.


Chapter Two: Harmony & Jade

“It’s such a wonderful day! Ouch! Who did that… Jade!”

“What? You don’t have to scream to get me here, like, that’s so rude, and like, what do you want from me, because like, you always torture me. You took away my only BFF who liked me, and you are so mean, and everyone but you is like, nice to me. Like, you’re trying to take my prince away now!!!” she sneers.

“No, I’m not, Jade! First of all, I only have a crush on Jake, and maybe I do really like him, but that’s none of your business! Second of all, he didn’t like you anyway, and third of all, I never stole Jake from you!!!”

Then, Jade stiffens.

“You scared or what?”

I’m surprised that she doesn’t react. She seems to be staring at something behind me, so I turn around to see Jake!

He is blushing, and he says, “Hey Harmony, can we talk please?”


Chapter Three: Jake & Harmony

“Um, hi Jake. Sure, we can talk. What time? Or now?”

“Uhm, after school, I guess. Is that an okay time Harmony? Is it okay if we meet at the fairy fountain?”

“Yeah, sure Jake. I just have to tell my mom where I’m going. I’ll give her a tweet.”

“See ya later.”

OMR (Oh my ra) I am going to talk to Jake, but it looks like Jade is fuming. You should see her. It’s hilarious. Even my club members are snickering. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention I have a group that follows me around, and the great part about that is that they used to be a part of E.J.s group. They dropped it because E.J. was like, so cruel to them.


After school, I go to the fairy fountain, and you know what I see? I see Jake and E.J. kissing. Yes, I am serious. Let me spell it out for you: K-I-S-S-I-N-G.

I was about to run away with tears in my eyes when Jake caught a glimpse of me and said, “This isn’t what it looks like, Harmony! I can explain!”

“No, you don’t have to explain. I can see the whole truth right here. All you have been doing is using me! I never want to see you again or talk to you again!”


Chapter Four: Harmony’s Rage

I can’t believe it. Jake told me to talk to him, but what he really wanted me to see is that. He has been dreading me ever since I arrived at school. You know what, I’m going to ignore him in the halls whenever he tries to talk to me.


Grrrr!!! I hate everything and my whole life!!! (Except for Wilma and my group.) Jake, that no good ex-best boyfriend or ex-boyfriend, keeps on bothering me about how he’s really telling the truth, and how Jade was forcing him, and he didn’t want to k-i-s-s  E.J.

You know what I said in return?

I just wish I could be the girls in my favorite song, Black Magic by the Little Mix. I’m just gonna practice my magic for the rest of the afternoon. But first, I have to get my books.


Chapter Five: Jade’s Evil Plan

Mwa ha ha ha!! Finally, something unexpected happens! See here, you pile of dirty trash! I took Jake’s letter for Harmony about making out in the fairy bakery! Now I’ll go instead and spy on Jake!

(Little does Jade know she is being watched by someone named Wilma.)


Chapter Six: How Harmony’s Going to Deal with this Mess

I’m just sitting here and letting everyone spoil my life, but now I’m not going to, and I’m going to make a spell to make me a person who will not be who I was before, and I think I might have found it…


Chapter Seven: Wilma’s Plan

“Where’s Harmony, Jake?” I say nervously with a tone of anger in my voice.  

“I…I… I don’t kn-kn-know,” Jake says, his voice sounding shaky.

“What happened to you? Also, I want to know why my best friend just ran past me saying you’re a big, fat, lying, flying toad-rat!!!”

But Jake just sits there mumbling something I can’t hear, but it kind of sounds like, “I never ever want to love anyone but Harmony. Where’s her reply?”

As I leave, I think, Didn’t I see Jade holding a letter that had the initials H.D.? Wait a second, those are Harmony’s initials. Gasp! Jade took harmony’s letter from Jake!!! It’s time for payback, slime time!


Chapter Eight: Jade’s Rage

“Like, I need to change form and turn into stupid Harmony. So Jakey poo will think I am her, and then when he proposes to me (which he will in the future,) I will reveal myself. I bet he won’t even notice it was me the whole time!” I say cruelly to her magic mirror.

While I am learning how to change in my dorm, Willow, or whatever her name is, is spying on me, and I don’t even know, and what happens next is unbelievable. I open my closet to find the perfect dress to match my form, and then all of a sudden, almost permanent squishy slime comes pouring down on top of my beautiful hair.

The headmistress comes in and says, “ Why, uhm…Jade!! What are you doing in that slime? It will take forever to wash off. Your punishment is that you must clean yourself up, and since you’re already dirty, clean and plant new plants in the garden because this sort of slime is good for plants.”

When I finally see Wilma, she is slyly slipping out of my room, giggling. I will get revenge tomorrow!

“Jade, since you seem so excited, let’s have you do it until you’re done with your learning here,” said the headmistress.


Chapter Nine: Restoring Harmony Back To Normal (With the Headmistress)

“Harmony! Harmony! I got Jade, now you can have some time with Jake without getting interrupted!”

“Hey Wilma, who’s Jake?”

I am so shocked when I hear that!

“Harmony, don’t you remember Jake? He’s your crush!”

“Wilma, what are you talking about?”

Then, I see it. Her spell books are all open. The floor is a mess, and on the spell book table, is the forgetting spell. Almost irreversible! I have to get her to the headmistress right away!

“Headmistress! Harmony did the forgetting spell on herself!”

“Wilma I’m glad you told me as fast as you can. Please step out of my room, I will restore Harmony back to normal as fast as I can. Before this is permanent.”   


Chapter Ten: Harmony’s Back

“Wilma, I am so sorry!”

“Harmony, are you okay! What were you thinking!”

“I am so sorry. I just thought that if I forget some things, then life would feel better! But I just felt like a puzzle with the pieces of my picture missing.”

Then, all of a sudden, in comes a boy who has black hair with sky blue highlights and a pair of sweatpants and sweatshirt that says “Jake.”

“Harmony! You’re okay! Jade is gone from our life now, and we can all live in peace and Harmony!”

“I am so glad Jake, but why were you kissing Jade at the Fountain?”

“I was under a spell she cast on me, and I couldn’t stop following her orders, like “Love me forever.” But what she didn’t know is that if the person under the spell sees their true love, then the spell will be broken.”

“Now that’s the whole truth. We don’t have to worry any more!”  


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