The Day the Crayons Went to the Moon

Estabon the Magnificent and his troop were building a spaceship, but they did not find the materials they needed: ice and fur. They went to Antarctica to look for ice, and they were freezing cold when they were carrying the ice. The ice was to build the spaceship, but they needed fur, too. They found a mammoth and used her fur to cover the walls.

Once they were done, there was a helicopter flying over the crayons, and the engine fell, so Estabon the Magnificent put the engine in their spaceship.

Finally, Estabon the Magnificent turned on the engine. It made a loud noise like “Boo!”

Estabon the Magnificent told his dad, who was part of his troop, to steer the wheel, so he did. His dad’s name was Estabon the Awesome. Soon, they started to fly.

Then, they arrived at the moon!!! So they came out of the spaceship. It was freezing. Estabon the Magnificent and Estabon the Awesome put their spacesuits on. They saw orange and blue robots. The robots had cameras, and there was a crayon scientist next to the robots. The scientist thought about joining Estabon the Magnificent’s troop.

The scientist told his robots to dig until they found a rainbow crystal. The robots were digging and digging until they found a red light, so they kept on digging. Then, they found the rainbow crystal! Inside the rainbow crystal was a frozen crayon, which was so frozen that he had white on him because of the ice.

Then, Estabon the Awesome loaded the frozen crayon inside of the rainbow crystal into the spaceship. The crystal was so rainbowy that it shined through the spaceship window. Red, blue, and yellow shone onto the top of the scientist’s head.

Then, the crayons started writing letters to Duncan, who lived on Earth. Duncan was the owner of the crayons — he was a human. The letters were about how they missed him.

I miss you, the crayons wrote.

Estabon the Magnificent wrote to Duncan:


I miss you. I hope I’ll come back soon. And can you build us another spaceship? Because there are more crayons on Earth that want to come with us to space and see. Do you mind making us a surprise? And are there any more crayon scientists on Earth?

P.S. We found a shiny crystal with a frozen crayon in it.


They sent the letters by putting it on one of the scientist’s space parachutes, and luckily, it landed in Duncan’s backyard.

Duncan sent a letter back by using the same parachute, but the parachute flew east and the crayons were in the west. The scientist saw the parachute and sent three of his robots to get the letter. Finally, three hours later, the robots brought back the letter.

Duncan wrote:


I am making a surprise, like you asked, and I am working on your new spaceship. The spaceship will be sent on the parachute if you can just send it back.


The parachute got to Duncan’s backyard, so then, he sent the awesome, fabulous, cool, great, amazing, unbelievable, outstanding, and spectacular spaceship.

The spaceship looked like the first spaceship that Estabon the Magnificent made, with ice for the walls and fur to cover the walls.


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