One day, a kid named Ben went to school, and he had a great time until lunch came. At lunch there was only orange juice. Everyone had to drink 50 glasses of orange juice, because they didn’t have any food that day. Then everybody had to go to the bathroom. Ben went to the boy’s bathroom, but this time there was sign and it said: Please wait in line for one hour. Then he looked at the girl’s bathroom. The girl’s bathroom sign said: Please wait thirty minutes.

Ben started shouting out loud, “I hate today’s lunch!”

“Yeah, Ben’s right,” said everyone. Everyone started whispering to each other. He was waiting thirty minutes, and the girl’s bathroom line was gone. He was about to pee in his pants. He didn’t want to do it, but he did. He ran into the girl’s bathroom and started used it. He was glad no girls were in there. When he came out of the girl’s bathroom, everybody was crowded around the girl’s bathroom door.

A bunch of girls said, “Uh ooh!” and started hitting him. He got sent to the Principal’s office.

P.S. The Principal was very strict.

The Principal shouted, “WHY DID YOU GO TO THE GIRLS BATHROOM?”

I said, “Can you not spit on me please.”

The principal madly shouted again, “DON’T EVER TALK BACK TO THE PRINCIPAL, BEN HUCKLEBERRY!”

I said, “You have bad breath.”


Ben was standing in front of the principal’s desk and was staring at the principal. Ben said, “Bye.”

The principal shouted again, “WAIT, DON’T GO YET. You cannot play on the playground for 1 week, and I will email your teacher.”

He said for the last time, “Fine.”  He quickly walked away, but the principal was so shocked.

After school, Ben went home. He did all his homework and played a video game. He saw his parents at 3:00 p.m. Ben was so tired he went to sleep at 6:00 p.m. When he woke up, he looked at his clock. It was 6:00 a.m., but the lights in the living room were on. It was very strange for Ben. He went downstairs and saw his parents, and his parents were making a frown on their face. Ben said, “Why do you have a frown on your face?”

His parents answered, “We heard that you were in trouble.”

So he was grounded, and that ground was about not playing video games and not watching TV and eating no desserts for one week. Ben was frustrated and thought in his mind, Why did I go in the girls’ bathroom?

He thought hard of an idea to make a time-traveler before one week. He went to the junkyard and got some things that he wanted to make a time-traveler with. He got an engine out of a car, a tire off a car, a window off a boat, etc. He quickly went back home and went into his room. He decided to make the time traveler on his mirror. He started putting those pieces together. He quickly turned on the button and the lights went off the house. Ben’s parents were like, “Ben?! What did you just do?”

He quickly hid his mirror under the bed. When the parents came in they didn’t notice. Then, when the parents went out, he started to make the time traveler again. The mirror started wiggling and he put his hand on it. His hand went through it. When he went inside the mirror, it was 1966. He could tell because he asked a stranger what the date was, and the stranger told him that it was 1966. So he went back in the mirror and came back to his room. After, he looked at his homework and saw that he needed to do science homework on a computer and it was due on Monday. So, he held the homework packet and showed his mom and his mom was like, “Ugh, fine.”

So Ben was like, “Yes!” He went upstairs with the laptop and started to get the USB’s in his room and connected his computer to the time traveler. He quickly typed in the date: 2014, Friday, September 2nd, 1 o’clock. After, the time traveler started to light up. This time, he went in and he was on the line of the boys bathroom, and he said, “Yes!”

So he waited one hour on the line and finally went to the bathroom. Then, he went into the mirror and back to his room. He went downstairs with his mom. His mom wasn’t mad at him and said, “Hi Ben, did you do all your homework?”

And Ben said, “Sort of.”

She said, “What do you mean by sort of?”

Ben said, “I only did my science homework.”

“Then go upstairs and do the rest of your homework and come downstairs. I have a big surprise for you.”

He did all his homework which took about an hour. He went downstairs and his mom was holding a big present, and he didn’t realize that it was his birthday today. So Ben ripped open the present. He was so surprised: he got his own laptop. He was finally waiting for that present, and a wish came true. He was so excited that he decided to put it in his room and his mom came up with him. Ben went quicker, so he hid the mirror under his bed, and he deleted the program on the computer. He placed his own computer on the place where his parents’ computer was. So he made a promise with his mom to say “I will never do bad stuff on this computer or inappropriate stuff,” and his mom said, “You make this promise, and if you break it, you lose your laptop.”

Ben said, “Okay Mom,” and his mom went downstairs. He went down too, and he ate cookies with his family, and it ends with a happy ending here.

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