iPhones: According to Stripes


Why do Boss and Miss

Have their noses stuck

In this metal rectangle

All day?

Miss spent the whole day on it

The first day she got one.

Boss looked proud.

Miss is the daughter of Boss and a lady

Miss cries about

In her room sometimes.

I have never met her.

Now that Miss has a rectangle

She is either crying

Or “tech-sting”

Which I think is a good name for it.

The sting of technology.

Now that Miss has a rectangle

She invites her friends over

And they giggle over funny cat videos.

Hey, I meow,

Aren’t I a funny cat?

But all Miss’s friends do

Is sometimes ruffle my hair

And turn back to the cats

That are somehow so interesting.

Now that Miss has a rectangle

She never has time for me

And I never chase a ball of string

That she tugs away from me.

She never pulls me into her bed at night

And falls asleep

Her nose in my warm, soft fur.

She never even steps on my tail

Like she did when she was short

A long time ago.

Now that Miss has a rectangle

All she cares about

Are the cats on her rectangle

That are more funny than me.


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