Is a Kiss Just a Kiss?

Content Warning: The content of the following piece includes an active shooter situation in school

Chapter One

Awww!” I groan. I peek into my locker at school.

“What’s the issue?” Erika says. Erika says it with an attitude, so I wonder why Erika is acting so rude.

“Oh jeez, why do you have to say it like that? I just forgot my history book at home,” I say.

“Did I ask you for your personal information? I did not need to know that,” says Erika.

I slam my locker shut and start walking to my next class.

Bang!!! Chase and I bang heads, but we are okay. Chase is the cutest boy at Washington High.

Owww!” I say at the same time as Chase.

“Sorry,” Chase apologizes.

“It’s okay,” I say.

“Well, well… ” Chase says nervously.

Chapter Two

“Yeah?” I say. “You can tell me anything.”

“I was just wondering if you would like to see a movie with me?” Chase says nervously as he looks down at his blue jeans.

I don’t know what to say because I am shocked. I have liked Chase since sixth grade when we met at Washington Middle.

“Ummm… “Sure?” I say that like I am going to ask a question.

“What movie do you want to see?” Chase says that excitedly. “Oh, what about Bird Box?

“Sure,” I answer. I am confused why Chase asked me to go out with him. I secretly like him, but I didn’t know that Chase actually wanted to go out with me. “So what time and day,” I ask, “and I’ll need your phone number.”

“Tomorrow night, 6:00,” Chase says.

Chase takes out his phone and hands it to me. I put my phone number in his phone and hand his phone back.

“Okay, I’ll see you tomorrow,” I say.

Chapter Three

I set my alarm for 6:30 am. I am a bit nervous for my date. I am not sure if I should bail on him or go on the date.

I pick out a sweater with ripped shorts and a tank top with my favorite pair of Vans. I switch the sweater and don’t like it, so I pick out another sweater, and I hate it so much that I just go with the even worse sweater that I put on.

When I arrive at school, Chase runs to me and gives a hug.

“Hey bae — I mean Evelyn,” Chase says.

“Hi?” I say weirdly. It is weird how Chase called me “bae” because I thought Chase liked Erika, not me. Maybe he likes me, maybe he doesn’t. I don’t know.

“‘Kay. I’m leaving. Bye.” I walk away to English class, but before I leave…

Chapter Four

“Wait!” Chase says. He runs to me and kisses me. His soft lips pressing against mine feels like heaven.

“O-M-G!!! Was that a dream?” I say. I feel really good, but I am worried that someone saw the kiss.

“No. It wasn’t. It was real. I’m in love with you,” Chase says. I can’t believe that he’s in love with me!

“Ummm… I have to go to class right now. Love you — I mean see you later,” I say nervously.

“See you later, Ev,” Chase says.

During English class, there is an announcement.

“Hello, students, can Evelyn and Chase come to the principal’s office? Evelyn and Chase to the principal’s office.”

“You know what that means, go to the office,” the English teacher says.

I am confused. I don’t know why I have to go to the principal’s office, but I just go along with it. I am also confused why Chase has to go as well.

“Hello, Chase and Evelyn. You have come to the office because there has been a rat infestation in your locker Chase.”

“What?” Chase freaks out so badly that his face turns red, like the color of blood.

“And Evelyn, you have an empty locker next to yours, so we have decided that Chase is going to be next to you.”

“Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… ”

Chapter Five

“Excuse me, Ms. Campbell. Please bring Chase to his new locker,” the principal says.

“Okay,” I say. I show him to the locker next to mine.

“See you later,” I say.

“See you,” Chase says. I walk to my class blushing. I was going to kiss him, but don’t want to make a scene and also I don’t want to be late for class. I’m kind of starting to have feelings for him, but I know that he doesn’t have feelings for me.

Wait!!!” Chase yells. “Here is a letter for you.”

I open up the envelope and start reading:

Dear Evelyn,

I have to confess this to you. I love you. I’ve loved you since middle school, and I’ve been nervous to tell you this, so I put it in a letter. You are the most prettiest person I’ve ever met, not Erika. I love you, and I hope you feel the same way.

– Love, Chase

O-M-G!! He loves me! Ya! But why say it now when we already went out on a date, or just a hang out.

A few minutes later, I’m in math class.

Ring! Ring! Ring! The principal makes an announcement that someone broke into the school.

“Everyone! There is a robber in the school! Everyone form a line, and evacuate the school ASAP!!!” the principal says.

We are now standing in a line, being very silent because I’m scared. Now I’m with Chase to evacuate the school. I can see a man with a gun!

He’s aiming his gun at Chase. I have to save him. I have to be brave. I jump in front of Chase to save him.

Oh no! Evelyn!!” Chase cries…

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  1. Wow! What a beautiful story Riley! Although, I know it’s fictional but I tried so hard to hold my tears back. Because as sad as it may sound it’s our future generations reality.

    Keep reaching for your stars Riley.

    I Love Ri, Auntie Gigi.

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