The Happy Dragon

There was a big, green, happy dragon from California who wanted a spiky banana split. They tasted like love. There was another dragon, and he was right in front of the happy dragon, and he bought the last spiky banana split, but then it had mold on it! So, he threw it out, but it was not actually mold. It was purple sprinkles.

The mad dragon went to the back of the line, and his arms were crossed. The happy dragon started to laugh because he knew it was sprinkles the whole time. The happy dragon was now a sad dragon.

He started to turn around when he saw this new ice cream store, and he walked in, and he saw no line and one last spiky banana split, so he ran in line, but he didn’t make it. Someone got in front of him, and they were thinking of getting the spiky banana split.

The dragon started shivering, but that person didn’t get it because he actually wanted the rainbow smoothie, and then the dragon could get it, and he went home and ate it. He was really happy, and he ate it, and it was super good, and then he went back to the store to get the recipe.

They didn’t have a printer, so they had to go somewhere to get it printed, and they decided to go to the printer’s office next door.

The happy dragon said, “Hi, can I print the recipe for the spiky banana split?”

The printer said, “Yes.”

“Yay!” the happy dragon said, and he started flossing.

He ran back home to go bake it.

When he got home, his little sister ran to get the door. She was small and purple. All younger dragons were purple, and all older ones were green.

She said, “Hi!”

His mom said, “Why are you home so late?”

“I went to the printer’s office to print something.”

The happy dragon took a shower, ate dinner, made the banana split for dessert, and then went to bed.

In his dream, he saw the ice cream man and the long line, and one person was talking in front of him.

He kind of looked like a banana split, so the happy dragon went up, and he tapped him on the shoulder and said, “What are you doing?”

“I’m getting my babies back,” said the banana split.

The dragons helped cut in front, so they could get the babies. They were a bit hot because it was a hot summer day. Then an alien invaded the banana babies and took them and the parent to their home because they were from outer space.

The dragon woke up and got dressed and ate breakfast and went to the store and yelled, “Those are babies! Not spiky banana splits!”

But the people thought they were just spiky banana splits.

Then, he saw the new flavor, which was the kiwi spiky sundae, but he got it, and it was super good. It tasted like a rainbow.

That night, he dreamed about the kiwi saying, “Don’t eat me! We have lives too.”

It was trying to swim back into the ice cream, and he didn’t eat it.

He wanted to shut down the shops, so he went to the mayor. The mayor lived downtown, and the happy dragon lived uptown, so he had to take the train. He saw people eating fruit, so he was really scared because he thought they were babies, and then he finally got off at the stop, and he saw this big fruit garden. He went into the fruit garden. He picked the fruit and put them in a shed and talked to them. He talked to them in the shed so that no one knew he was talking to them, so no one thought he was really weird.

He said, “Why do you keep appearing in my dreams?”

The bananas answered first and said, “Because you eat us.”

Then the kiwis answered, and they said, “Because you eat us.”

Then the raspberries answered, and everybody answered,  “Because you eat us.” He ate them every day for breakfast on his pancakes.

“I’ll bring you to the mayor, and you can discuss with him,” he said.

At the mayor’s office, the fruit wrote on a piece of paper, Shut down all the shops. The banana wrote on a little stick, We don’t like you mister mayor, and then the tomatoes wrote, We don’t like your cooking, because the mayor never washed his hands.

The mayor had red clothes, green hair, and red cheeks, and he looked like a tomato.

I know that’s weird… but it’s true.

The end

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