Izzy Momo

Once there was a boy named Izzy Momo. He lived in a cave and he had no one to play with. And he wanted a piece of dirt because no one ever had one. Except for people on Planet Dirt. So he had to go back in time because that was when Planet Dirt didn’t explode. So he had to get a lot of diamonds to make the time machine. Except he did not know how to make the time machine with the diamonds and diamonds are super rare on this planet. He had no one to go with so he was afraid he was going to be lost. So he got some diamonds because he was in a cave. It was pretty easy. He tried to make the time machine but he kept on failing. He will have to look at a magazine. But how could he find a magazine? So he thought and he thought but he never found out how. So he tried to get out of the cave but it was no use. So he tried to put a sack of diamonds and then climb up them, except all the diamonds fell and broke. So he tried to stack some iron like he did with the diamonds. Except he forgot that the ground was made out of the strongest thing in the world so the iron broke. So he tried to carry some of the strongest thing in the world. He decided he wanted a rock because the dirt people were way too rude. He wanted the rock because he hated people and no one else had a rock. He hated people because they were always mean to him. Another person was a bully and hurt him and then he hated everyone because they joined with him to stack it. And it finally worked.

He needed to go to Neptune because that’s the only way to get a magazine. But how can he get to Neptune? It was no use trying to make a ship because he had none of the ingredients. He needed some diamonds but he took all of the diamonds and they all broke. He used to use the strongest thing in the world and he used all of it. So he took one piece and made the spaceship and got the magazine.

But he doesn’t have the diamonds so he had to go to a different cave. So he went to the different cave except he only found one diamond and he needed three. He has to go to another time and that time he found diamonds. So he grabbed them and made the portal. He had to put three diamonds on the floor, then he had to put three pieces of sand around it, and then he had to throw a diamond in there.

A portal spawned right in his face. So he jumped in the portal and saw no dirt. Except he saw dirt people. And he tried to kill them. So he popped their heads off so they can get dirt and got two and banged their head together. Then the dirt people came back alive. They fell over and their mouths got stuck in the floor and Izzy Momo smacked their butts and they flipped over. Then they were mad, smacked Izzy Momo in the butt and then they killed him.

So he woke up from the dead right away and kicked the dirt people. He looked tiny, idiotic, and he acted like a dork. Since he died, he changed his personality. Except if he changed his personality, he started doing dorky things. He fell on the floor, put his head in the floor, and since he was dumb, he found some dirt and put it in his nose. He sneezed and some of the dirt fell into his mouth because his tongue was out and then he swallowed it, he died again, and he turned into a ghost. Then he finds more dirt people but now he was smart so he went under their legs then tripped them. They punched him in the face except they can’t punch him in the face because he’s a ghost.

So he hopped in the portal and it took him to the Diamond Dimension. It was all pure diamonds. He was rich for days. Except he didn’t care because he was already rich so he fell on the floor and went out of the Diamond Dimension and went to the Gold Dimension. Then it kept on happening with gold, with iron, and then he finally realized he had a question: How would he pick the rock up if he’s a ghost?

He had to get out of the portal so he can get out without them hurting him. He used rock because it could protect him. He had to carry it to Stone Dimension! Except there was only one stone and it was surrounded with a portal and he didn’t realize it. And then he fell in the portal and then he went to the Coal Dimension. It was raining coal and then coal fell on his head and it falls through him and it cracked the ground open.

He falls into it and he goes back in time until he was a baby. He sees what he looked like when he was a baby. He tries to punch the baby but he hurts himself because he’s really punching himself. Then he keeps on punching the baby but he’s basically punching himself and the baby had magical powers that turned people back into humans if they were a ghost. He turned back into a human. Then his Dad saw him and then he thought that he was evil and trying to kill the baby because he was punching the baby. Then they got into a fight. He won the fight and he didn’t feel bad at all.

He can’t get out of the past so there are two of him. He knew that he was going to have to live with the baby forever and he hated babies. He had to live with the baby because if the baby dies, he dies.

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