Jackson 5

Chapter 1

The Buying Day


Michael, Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, and Marlon Jackson wanted to get Nerf water Super Soakers and frisbees so they can take a break from singing but all the Nerf water guns were sold out/expensive. The frisbees were so big that they only had a big size. And it’s too expensive.

Michael, Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, and Marlon Jackson were looking for another thing. They were looking at some nerf super soakers. They wanted to buy them so they could have a water gun fight. One was little, one medium, and one was big. You could take off the bottom and the back of the big one. The bottom was where you put the water and the back just made it look bigger or smaller. The small one looked like you could do it with the trigger but you couldn’t. You just pump it and water comes out. You put water in at the very top and back. The medium one had a very long aimer. It also shot with the pump. They all did. It had effects that made it look long.

Michael, Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, and Marlon Jackson wanted to buy the guns but they ran out of money. They spent all their money on the Xbox 360. It was $249.99. That’s like nine hundred dollars!


Chapter 2

Aladdin’s Cave


The Jackson 5 left the store. Their voices hurt. That was good because they wanted to buy water guns because it hurt to talk. They were going to a cave that was rich so they could find Aladdin. If they found Aladdin, he could get them money so they could buy all the toys in the mall. They went to a cave near the store and found a magic mirror that said, “To Aladdin’s Cave”. Michael, Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, and Marlon jumped through the magic mirror and it came with them. Michael picked it up. When he pushed it against his hand it shrunk.

“It could do that?” said Michael.

Michael picked it up and put it in his pocket.

He was looking for Aladdin in the cave with the Jackson 5. It was full of treasure and they were looking all over the cave. It was 300 miles wide and deep. Then they walked 300 miles deep and 150 miles, because of a magic mirror. They saw a magic lamp. Michael picked up the lamp and poured it out like a magic teacup and Aladdin came out. He said,” You can only get three wishes,” in French.

They found a speaker to translate English into French. The speaker was in an emerald and Michael got a pickaxe so he could pickaxe the emerald. He got it.

They all made their wishes. Everyone wanted at least $300. So they wished for all that money. The second wish was a ginormous frisbee. Their third wish was a big castle.

They became king, king, king, king, and king and knight, knight, knight, knight, and knight, and bishop, bishop, bishop, bishop, and bishop, and prince, prince, prince, prince, and prince.



Michael, Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, and Marlon played with the frisbee. They played fetch. They all took turns throwing and fetching.

When they had finished playing with the frisbee, they went to the mall and bought every single super soaker.They brought all the toys from the mall to the castle. Yo it’s big, it’s rad, it’s brown and it’s made out of everything. It’s a thousand feet in every way, high to the side, wide… The castle can teleport. They went inside and played frisbee.  They were hot from playing frisbee, so they used their nerf super soakers to have a water gun fight. Everyone lost and everyone won.

They were having so much fun they didn’t even miss singing.


Chapter 3

The Breaking Toys


The Jackson 5 were playing with their toys. They had a cloning machine they bought with all the money they had and then when they were playing with their toys, something very, very, very, weird happened. The toys came alive! They all went in the cloning machine, even the Jackson 5. Then all the clones were doing the same thing as the people who cloned them were. They had a big fight. One person got hurt. It was Marlon, because he broke his bone. The frisbees were throwing themselves like a blade in the sky! The water guns were shooting like a bullet!

They were glad they cloned themselves. They wanted to get out because they missed singing. They wanted to go back to Aladdin. The toys were trying to block them so they couldn’t get out the door!


Chapter 4

The Happy Ending


They couldn’t get past the door. They went up to the tippy top of the castle and they found a secret ladder. They tried the lamp up at the tippy top of the castle and the only words said, “too high up. You can only do it in Aladdin’s cave.” They tried to go down the ladder and it was Aladdin’s cave! The same as they always went in. But Aladdin moved the cave under the castle. They used the lamp and it worked. They wished that all their toys would not be alive anymore. And for a thousand parachutes so they could freefall. And their last wish was all their voices back!

Once they got their voices back they went on a concert stage and sang.

“ABC! Easy as 123! Simple as do-re-mi, ABC, 1-2-3, baby you and me, girl!”


The End!!



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