Jason Lesley Mason

Chapter One

There once was a boy named Jason Leslie Mason. He was the class clown at Paul Revere high school. He was 12 years old and he was 7’10. He had blonde hair and blue eyes like the color of the sky. He was in 7th grade. He had no siblings, but two parents, surprisingly! His parents had brown hair and hazel eyes. Their names were Rhonda and Erv. His parents ignored him even though they worked at his school. His clothes were hand me downs from his father. They were all ripped and some of his clothes had holes where his underwear was. 

Nobody was his friend because they were afraid of how tall he was. He was only a class clown so he could make friends. He didn’t tell anybody about this but he was about to lose his one bedroom apartment in two months (unless he struck rich). His parents ignored him and talked about money 24/7. The most expensive thing he owned was a $180 pair of the Kyries 5. His biggest fear was being homeless, not being the only class clown, and going to jail. But one day during school…

Chapter Two

When Jason came back from winter break and went to homeroom, he saw her. There was somebody new and Jason knew instantly she was a class clown. Here is the thing with class clowns. They can tell who is a class clown. Just like a scum can tell who’s a scum.

The girl introduced herself to everybody. Her name was Leah and she moved from Kansas to Los Angeles. She was part Canadian. Her mom was Canadian, but her dad was American. Jason was also part Canadian and part French. Yes! Jason thought he might actually get a friend! Somebody to talk to (unlike his parents)! The bell rang.

 Everybody rushed out of class except for Jason. PE was the next class. Jason hated PE. You had to run a mile everyday. But today was different. Today they had to run four miles, do fifty push-ups, ten pull-ups, and eighty sit ups in ten minutes. Jason, as usual, was up first. The mile run was up first, after that pull ups, then sit ups, and last but not least push ups. The gun shot and Jason took five minutes to run four miles, forty five seconds to do ten pull ups, two minutes to do eighty sit ups, and one minute to do fifty push-ups. It took him eight minutes and forty five seconds total. He felt proud. Though it turned out, he did the worst in the class.

Chapter Three

Jason went to lunch. He noticed everybody around him picking out about ten things out of their lunch box. He looked in his lunch box and saw he only had a cheese stick and a cheese sandwich. He heard his stomach rumbling (and so did everybody else in the room). He tasted the cheese sandwich.

“Ugh,” he said. He put his cheese sandwich away and ate his cheese stick. It was better than nothing, he thought.

To the person sitting next to him, he said,“ Can I have your apple?”

The guy said, “No way, Jose. If you ain’t my friend I ain’t giving ya anything.” Jason was at a loss for words. Everybody started laughing. So Jason thought of something. H would call his Uncle Bob who is in jail (for murder). Jason had enough bullying in his life. He would ask his Uncle Bob how to steal money and kill any witnesses. All he wanted was revenge was that so hard to ask? Luckily he didn’t say this out loud. 

One problemo. He couldn’t sneak out. For some reason his parents put their bed right behind the door. Luckily, for his b-day, he got suction cups (because that was all they could afford). He decided after school he would try them out.

After school, he tried them out. They sucked. No wonder his parents could afford them! They were those fifty cents cup that had glue on the cups to make them “suction cups.”

When his parents came home they said, “We are off to the disco!”

Jason thought, thank god! I can easily escape home tonight and go steal money and maybe murder! He had already called his Uncle Bob. He had a list of every kid that was in his grade. He was going to start with a girl named Felicia. She lived in Bel Air. She was very rude to him.

Wow! I’m going to make a lot of money on the first night! Jason thought. The one problem was how was he going to get there? He lived in downtown L.A. which was like an hour or so with a car, and Jason didn’t have a car or the money for one. But he had a bike. But how could he ride a bike for two hours to Bel Air? Plus how could he even get into the house without a security camera noticing him?

He decided he would make a sling shot because he could shoot the camera so he could break in. He already had the stick carved out and there were mini rocks and a couple big rocks outside. But he would have to buy his own rubber bands at the gas station for twenty five cents.

Jason just bought his rubber bands and created his slingshot. Now all he had to do was get a taxi to take him to Bel Air. He found one! But it cost him twenty five dollars. Luckily, he had thirty dollars. Turns out he had to pay tax, which was an extra five dollars apparently. The guy’s name was Julius. It took them thirty minutes to get there. But they got there. He looked at the house and it was ginormous. He checked to make sure he had everything. 

Knife? Check. Slingshot. Check? Clown mask? Check. And backpack? Check. He was going in but he didn’t see them…

Chapter Four

There were two guard dogs coming his way! They were about three ft tall, three ft wide, and weighed about one hundred pounds. They had white fur and brown dots. He jumped back at the last second and bam they slammed into each other.

He raced inside, trying to find a vault, but he heard something, no somebody! Jason knew the drill Uncle Bob taught him it. Stick that knife through their head, stomach, or heart. The person was coming fast! Jason took his knife out and stuck it right through the person’s eye. Turns out he killed that girl Felicia.

The last thing Felicia said was, “Hi momma,” and then she fell to the floor (because she was sleepwalking).

He eventually found the vault. To his surprise, there was no lock or code. Also to his surprise, there were only fake IDs. Jason looked under them and saw that there were about one hundred gold bars in there! Luckily, he had a backpack, but only took fifteen gold bars. I’m rich! I’m rich! he thought. Julius honked outside.

Jason ran inside the taxi and said, “Will you keep it down please?”

Julius said, “Why?”

Jason gave him a stern look. “Just go!” he said.

“Whatevs,” Julius said.

When they got home, Julius said, “Where’s the money you owe me?”

Jason gave him the gold bar and said, “Keep the change.” Julius looked shocked, but took it anyway.

When he came inside his room, he saw his parents sleeping. Jason didn’t think they realized he left.

Jason woke them up and they said, “Jason, we have struck it rich.” 

Chapter Five

“You guys struck it rich! How?” Jason said.

His parents said, “Well, while we were at the disco, there was this lottery going around for thirty million dollars. We picked the number 1387 and won!”

Jason said, “Wait so I stole all these gold bars for nothing?”

You did what!!!” his parents said. So Jason explained everything (including the part about killing Felicia). Jason thought he could trust his parents. Turns out he was very wrong.

His parents sent him to court. He tried to lie out of it, but it didn’t work out so well. Jason ended up getting a bigger punishment. Instead of going to Juvie, he was going to jail for life.

When the guards took him the last thing he said was, “I will get revenge on everybody here, including you guys, Mom and Dad!”

The end!!!

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