About The Character

My name is Jeff Stanley, and I am 28 years old.



During the year of 1858, I went to a restaurant called Fallout. I really needed to go use the bathroom and couldn’t hold it anymore! My face turned red as I tried to hold it in. There were at least 20 people on the line as I waited. I decided to wait at my table and eat first. But after I ate my food, there were even more people on the line! When it couldn’t get any worse, hope started to shine. I could use the disgusting porta potties outside, I thought.


When I got there, there were five people on the line who probably had the same idea as me. But they took a long time. I wondered why they took so long. I found another porta potty that had two people on the line, which took about a minute until I went inside. It felt so good that I didn’t need to hold it anymore, but it was disgusting! I finally finished, and I felt like a caged bird being freed by its owner. If this happens again…


The Angry Man

One hour later…

It did. I had to go to the bathroom at a casino, but they had no bathroom. I finished up the game of poker and won $10 at the casino! I kept it in my pocket and waited to go use the bathroom. Since this was just as long as the line in the restaurant, I went to the porta potties outside. There was no line, so I went in. But inside, there was an angry man.

He was chasing me down the block! I was scared, so I ran and ran. Soon, I went back to the porta potty and locked it shut. I used the bathroom while the man was banging on the door. The porta potties saved my life, twice. When I washed my hands, the door broke, and the angry man chased me into my house, and I turned on my security. He must have got hurt badly from my tasers because he screamed in pain. He tried to break my door, but it was made of metal, so it broke his fingers instead. He ran to the hospital, and I was safe. I then turned my security off. Then, the police came and brought me to the court for breaking the man’s fingers.


The Court

Judge Quinn asked a few questions like, “How did you break this man’s fingers?” and “Did you use any weapons?” The big question was the last one though.

“Gerald, [the man’s name] why did you make this such a big deal?”

Gerald said, “I need my privacy.”

Quinn said, “Okay! The case is closed everyone. You will get the results next week.”

At bed, I wondered what will happen if I get fined or the press starts to talk to me. I stayed home because I wondered what will happen. I then decided to make a time machine and uses it to go to the future to next week.


Creating a Time Machine

I built the time machine by putting an engine to control time with electricity. After, I got a round platform which can fit up to one person. Later, I put two be with a dog’s heart together to have the fuel and the speed. Then, I put a few live wires and a clocuttons for the past and the future. Finally, I connected everything together with more live wire. Now since I finished the time machine, I could go to the past or the future. I stepped on the platform and pressed the future button and went to the future.


The Future

When I got to the future, the results said that I didn’t need to pay a fine. I was relieved, but the press was banging at the door for the news. I then went to the year of 2067 and found a shop for machines. I bought an invisibility cloak and a jetpack because I needed one to get away from the press, but I made another timeline for the present and created an evil person called Geoff.


Battle of the Gods

Geoff destroyed the whole city with one attack. The sun was getting blocked by the clouds. I told him to stop this mess, but he ignored me, so I activated my special green suit which allowed me to power my strength and speed by three times and fly. I tried to attack him, but he was so fast that he went behind me before I attacked him. I was just getting warmed up and punched him, but it had no effect on him. He was just too strong. I didn’t know what to do. I thought it was over, but then a power surged through me like never before. A gift from God helped me as I punched him and kicked him. I did severe damage to him as I punched him in the face for the finishing blow. The sun came out again.

People were cheering, “Jeff! Jeff! Jeff!”

I was a hero, and my heroic deeds scared all the criminals out in the world. I became a man for justice and got police equipment from the future for all the policeman out there.


Epilogue: 20 Years Later

Jeff is now 48 and has a wife named Stella who is 44. They have twins named Emma and Liam Stanley. They are both 19 years old and fight crime with special red and blue suits. The red one gives five times more speed and three times more strength to the user. The blue one gives three times more speed and five times more strength to the user. Both suits can go to the past or future and grants the user the power to fly. Emma wears the red one, and Liam wears the blue one. They have their names on the suit, and crime happens very rarely in the world now. But maybe one day, there will be someone who will take down the whole Stanley family…


Find out more in The Stanley Trio Book Two: The Sequel


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