The Three Portals Book No. 1 The Wizard


Chapter One: The First Portal

One night, I heard a whoosh! I quickly opened my eyes to see what was there. Before my eyes, I saw a huge portal.

I looked at my watch. Exactly 3:00 am. I heard a faint voice say to me, “Jump in!” So, I did. A wizard threw me a parachute. We started to fall faster and faster through different colors. I screamed. In a few minutes, the colors were changing so fast that I got lightheaded and passed out.

The wizard yelled, “Quick! Press your parachute button on the top right of your shoulder!” I woke, and I did as he said.

The parachute jerked my shoulders up in a weird position. A seat magically appeared on the parachute, and I got teleported to the seat.

The wizard and I floated to a stone floor. Beside us was a white and black portal. We both stepped into it. After we stepped through the portal, everything was white and black. We were both in a city.

A twig hit my eye. In the distance was a big tornado. The wizard tried to tell me, “Jump in!” But it did not work. After a few more tries to talk, he slowly started to realize sound only came out when he thought something. So we talked to each other through our ached and dizzy heads.

A pig started snorting at us through his head. The wizard said in his head, “We have to take down the tornado!” Every time he thought something, a beam of white light would shoot through the air and powerfully strike the other person right in the skull. If you were that person that got struck in the head, it didn’t hurt that much. It felt like a strong basketball pass that hit you in the head. But since our heads already ached, it hurt a lot by the end.

We ran toward the tornado, and it suddenly vanished. The wizard said, “Reality isn’t really in existence.” For the last time, a beam struck me again.

I said, “I don’t get it. If nothing really exists, then how are you here?”

“You are already dead. Time in the real world has already stopped.” A beam struck me in the head one more time, and then I collapsed to the ground.

Then, I woke in a pitch black world. I couldn’t move. Then, I felt like nothing. I woke in the real world with time frozen. I saw everything. Falling. A few things were floating. Some people too. I gasped. Then, everything around me vanished. Or maybe I did. Since I already did not exist. Some yelling woke me up. I was inside the tornado. I flew out of the tornado and smashed into a brick wall. The tornado pulled me in one more time, and we fell through a blue portal.


Chapter Two: The Second Portal

I started to fall really fast. I yelled and kicked and screamed. Thud. I fell on the ground. A fake ground. Then, I fell right through the hologram and fell for a few more minutes. Then, I saw a huge reflection mirror, and I hit it. I rolled off and fell in some snow. In front of me were two giant ice sculptures about the size of the freedom tower.

I said, “Hi! Can you help me?”

Then, one of the two sculptures said, “The wizard is not lying. He has the power to make dead people think big things. You can only save the real world by getting past the red portal and putting the rainbow stone into the empty hole.” Then, the wizard fell through the snow with a thud.

I fell in too. Then, we fell into a red portal.


Chapter Three: The Fire Dragon

I almost fell into the lava under us. I balanced on the unsteady planks. Then, we saw a dragon covered in fire. It roared a booming roar. I saw the rainbow stone behind it. A metal sword floated to my hand. I didn’t think I was ready for this. I tried to slice him in half. My sword went right through him. He breathed a fireball. I blocked it with my sword. The wizard flipped a hidden stone switch. The lava disappeared. The fire dragon turned into a dragon with no fire. The dragon couldn’t breathe fire. It had no powers. I sliced it in half and shoved the stone in to the empty hole. Then, the world started to spin, and I fell back into bed. I looked at my watch. Exactly 3:00 am. My mom and dad came rushing into my room.

They said, “What happened? Where were you? Where was I?”


The End


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