Josh’s Samsung Phone and Computer

Josh Ricky, brown hair, five years old, brown eyes. His nose was small.

Josh Ricky woke up from his bed one morning, and it was his birthday. His mom gave him a Samsung phone. She threw it at his face, and he caught it right in time. Josh Ricky was so excited, he burst from his bed, got dressed, brushed his teeth, and all the other things he had to do. He sent some messages on his phone, took pictures, and listened to music. He was crying the whole time.

In the afternoon, in the middle of cleaning his car, his dad gave Josh a computer from the Samsung company. He tossed it in the air, and Josh got it by sliding under and catching it.

Josh was so excited that he almost fainted. Everybody else gave him other stuff from Samsung company. Then his cake came. It was a chocolate cake frosted with vanilla frosting and S’s for the Samsung company made out of cookies on top.

In his bedroom, he had the computer and phone from the Samsung Company. One day, he was using his phone and his computer. His desk was very close to the window. He rolled a big marble on his desk towards his computer and phone. The marble was gigantic, as big as your garbage can at home, and it rolled onto the computer and phone. They dropped outside from the 40th floor (which was the highest floor) and crashed onto the hard, hard floor. He saw tiny little pieces of metal and glass. He made a terrible face. He was crying because his mom and dad gave him that computer and phone, and now they were gone and broken. He tried to tell his mom and dad to force them to get a new one. He tried to tell his mom and dad, but he was too scared. But Josh’s computer and phone were broken, and he talked to them.

His mom and dad were mad at him. Very mad. They kicked him out of their family for one whole night. He snuck through the house and grabbed the sleeping bag from his room. He slept in the sleeping bag in the backyard. He felt scared. He was scared of darkness by himself. He just put his covers on and just fell asleep.

In the morning, he went back in his house. His mom and dad were crying. They felt bad to leave their little Josh alone all night. In the morning, Josh’s mom bought a Samsung phone! And his dad got Josh a Samsung computer!

Then his grandmother forgot to give Josh a present, so she gave him a Samsung TV. She was a strong grandma. She was fat, and she exercised a lot. She tossed the TV in the air. Josh caught it with his right foot by balancing on his left foot with his hands out in front.

Then he decided to watch the TV. He got the remote. Then, some TV show came on. He did not like it. He switched the channel to 888. He did not like it. He switched the channel to 718. He did not like it. He switched the channel to 248. He did not like it. He switched the channel to 249. He loved it. It was Tom and Jerry. It was about a cat and mouse. The cat did not like the mouse. The mouse did not like the cat.

He watched TV for ten hours. His mom came in and got the remote and shut it off. She screamed with anger. Her little Josh watched over ten hours. He was sick. His eyes were red. She had to take him to the doctor. The doctor told him he would need surgery on his eyes, and an x-ray, and two teaspoons of medicine every day. After the doctor, he was kicked out of the family for one night again.

Josh felt worse. He was in trouble so many times. He thought it was his fault. He was scared in the dark, alone again. He just forgot about the night and put his covers on and went to sleep.

The next morning, he and his camping mat went into the house, and Josh put his mat away in his room and got some cereal for breakfast. His mom and dad got up from bed. His parents felt okay about kicking Josh out of the family.

His uncle also forgot to give him a present, so he got a couch. It said Samsung on it because it was a Samsung couch. His uncle was very weak, so he slid it over really slowly, and Josh sat on it.

His mom took Josh to get his ears pierced at Claire’s. Josh’s earrings had a Cinderella princess on them. He went back home, he told his dad, and his dad loved them. Josh loved them too. He was happy to hear that his dad loved his earrings. His mom was happy too. She loved her son’s earrings.


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