Killer X

Killer X knows dark magic from when he was exposed to dark magic by scientists. After a while, he figured out different patterns, and then after that, he figured out how to use it. For example, when he moves his hand around in a certain way, a laser would come shooting down from the sky. Now, he can use it on anyone who gets in his way. He can fly. He has a magic staff which looks like a gold sword. It can shoot lightning out.

Killer X lives in a volcano with his dad and brother in Hawaii. The volcano is a mountain with purple lava. He was possessed. His other scientist “friends” would test magic on him. This one experiment went wrong, and he turned into the Killer X. Before the experiment, he was a normal shop worker. His name was Kevin.

Killer X wants to take over the business that possessed him. In order to do that, he would have to get some help from some people that also know dark magic, so he went online to look for the most known people that know dark magic. He found one that was a criminal living in a beach cave on the island of Hawaii. He sent his contact information over to that guy.

A couple days later, the guy wrote back saying, “Okay, where do you live? I can meet you at your house. Why do you want to see me?”

“I need to see you because I was possessed. My science partners tested this chemical potion called chemical X on me. I want to get revenge on them, and I might need your help because security to get into the lab is really high.”

The other magician with dark magic agreed to break in with him. He added on, “I am only doing it if you pay me.”

Killer X said, “How much money do you want?”

“$1,000, but only if you help me break in,” said the other magician.

The two magicians get to the lab, and once they’ve gotten to the lab, they need to find a way to get in. It looks like a bunker but with less military guns. It’s gray.

The other magician asks, “How do we get inside?”

Killer X says, “Maybe I can use my X-ray vision to see the safest entrance.” He does it, and none of the entrances are safe. It looks like it will be a problem.

When he’s leading the team to break in, he feels powerful because everyone has to listen to him, and he gets to be in charge. They break in, and they are trying to get to the lab where he was tested. Once they find the lab, he’s looking for the potion that turned him into the guy he is now. Once he finds it in the vault in the floor, he punches it open. (That is one of the abilities he has… super strength.) It is black. He puts it into a bottle, and once he puts it in the bottle, he finds an invisibility potion. He drinks it, and then when the people who tested the other potion on him arrive, he has two bottles of the potion they threw at him. He has two bottles of those, and he throws them at the two people. Once he throws it at them, they start turning into evil witches and stuff. Once that happens, they decide to rule the world together.

“I guess I’ll join you because it’s the only thing we have left to do.”



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