King of the World

“Wake up, George. It’s your first day of school!” screamed George’s mom.

“But I don’t want to go to school. I’m too tired,” George moaned. “Wake me up later.”

“But you have to go to school, George! You can’t be late for your first day!” George’s mom yelled, “Now come down here and get ready!”

“Awww…” moaned George. “I don’t want to go to school.”

“You better come down here this instant!” yelled George’s mom. “Or else I’m going to come up there!”

“Do I have to?” George asked.

“Yes, you have to!” said George’s mom. “If you don’t get to school today, then you’re grounded, and you’ll have to do homework all day!”

So George stomped down the stairs and sat down for breakfast. By the time George was ready for school, it was almost nine.

“Come on!” said George’s mom. “You’re really late today! School started at eight. What are you doing?”

When George got to school, he saw something that he had never seen before. It was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen. It was a girl. The most beautiful girl he’d ever seen. She had blonde, wavy hair and eyes that twinkled like the stars. She just walked past him.

“I’ve gotta get that girl!” George grunted.

Then, he had an idea. He snuck into the costume room and put on a cape and crown. When he was done, he stomped out of the room and walked to class.

“George!” yelled his teacher. “You’re one hour late! Get in your seat. And what are you wearing? Where’d you get that costume?”

“I don’t know,” said George.

“You missed five lessons, and it’s the first day of school. I thought you’d come earlier.”

George sat down and started doing his work, thinking about what he would do. When the school bell rang, he walked out of class. He was very tired of all of the planning of what he was going to do.

When he got home, his mom asked, “How was school?”

“Great,” moaned George.

“It doesn’t sound like it was very good,” said his mom. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” George moaned.

“Okay,” said George’s mom.

So, George walked up to his room and slammed the door and thought about what he would do.

“It’s time for dinner!” yelled George’s mom.

“Just a minute,” yelled George back.

“Okay,” said his mom.

When George got downstairs, dinner was ready.

His dad said, “How’s school, George?”

George moaned, “Awesome.”

“It doesn’t sound like it was good,” said George’s dad.

“That’s just what happened to me,” said George’s mom.

“What’s wrong?” asked George’s dad.

“Nothing,” whined George.

So, George stomped upstairs.

“George Matthew Parker,” yelled George’s mom. “Come down here this instant and finish your dinner!” 

“I don’t feel like eating,” said George.

“If you don’t eat dinner, then you don’t get dessert.”

“I don’t want dessert,” said George.

“But if you don’t eat dinner, then you don’t get to go to the movies tomorrow.”

“I don’t care,” said George.

“Okay,” said George’s mom.

The next morning, George got ready for school. It was much easier. When George got to school, the same thing happened, but this time, George thought maybe he could talk to this girl.

So, he walked up to the girl and said, “Hello, young lady. I’m king of the world.”

“What?” she said.

George repeated, “I said I’m the king of the world!”

“The king of the world isn’t real,” she said.

“The king of the world is real because I’m the king of the world!” repeated George.

“I already said that the king of the world isn’t real.”

“He is,” said George. “Because the king of the world is me.”

“There’s no king of the world,” said the girl.

Then George said, “Well, would you like to go, like, y’know, watch a movie on Friday with me, the king of the world?”

“Stop saying king of the world. And no, I’m not going to watch a movie with you,” yelled the girl.

And she walked away.

“Oh man,” said George, “I’ll never get that girl.”

As he walked to class, he thought of how happy he would be if he and the girl were together. So then he had an idea.

The next day, he dressed even more like a king. He even had a suit. And he had an even bigger crown. When he got to school he walked up to the girl and said, “Hello! I’m the king of the world!”

“Um, are you the same guy? Because the king of the world isn’t real. I already told you like ten times.”

“No, the king of the world is real,” said George.

“No, he’s not, and a kid can’t be the king of the world, and there’s also no queen of the world. I already told you there’s no king of the world! You’re so annoying!”

“Uh, yeah, there’s a king of the wooooorld,” said George.

“Oh yeah, I remember there’s a king of the world,” said the girl very sarcastically.

“Oh, I know that’s sarcasm,” said George. “But there is a king of the world. ‘Cause it’s me! Cause I’m king of the world. Cause whoever says, I’m the king of the world is the king of the world. Like this: I’m the king of the world!”

“Seriously, get away from me, and don’t talk to me again. You’re annoying me with that king of the world thing. Stop it. I’m never going to like you.”

That girl is never going to be mine, even though I’m the king of the woooorld! Maybe if I don’t tell her I’m the king of the world, I can tell my friends. So he told his friends, and they agreed that he could be the king of the world, so he was happy for about two months. On the third month, he walked up to the girl and said, “Hey, wanna hang out with me?”

And she said, “Hey, what’s your name?”

So, George had to think of another name.

He said, “Uhhhhhhhhhh, Jake. You can call me Jack if you want to.”

“Okay,” said the girl. “I’ll meet you there at eight.”

“Okay,” said George.

So the girl left.

“Yesss,” said George.

And he walked home happily, and he thought about how fun it was going to be. The next morning, George woke up, got dressed, ate breakfast, and went to school.

“George, you seem very happy today,” said George’s mom.

“I am,” said George, “I’m gonna have the best day of my life.”

“That’s great,” said George’s mom.

So George walked to school, and when he got to school, he saw the girl and said, “Oh, hey, are you ready for the movie tonight?”

“Uuuhh,” said the girl. “I don’t think I can make it to the movies because Greg asked me if I could go out with him tonight. I’m sorry.”

When George got to class, he looked at Greg in a very mean way. When he got home from school, he was very upset, and he went straight to bed.

“George, honey, come down and eat.” George’s mom said.

“No, I’m not that hungry.” George grumbled.

“Come on, you haven’t eaten in four months.” George’s mom said.

The next morning, George asked,  “Can I have some food? I just feel a little hungry because I haven’t eaten in awhile.”

“Suuuure!” said his mom.

Then, George walked to school, and asked the girl, “Do you want to go out with me?”

“Sure,” said the girl. “But I’ll ask Greg if he’s okay with it.”

So, the girl walked up to Greg and said, “Sorry I can’t go out tonight. George asked me out tonight, and I said yes.”

“No! I asked first. You have to go on a date with me!”

Greg was furious because the girl couldn’t go out with him, so he decided to go with them and make it the worst day of their lives. When they got to the movies, Greg was still behind them.

“Greg, I really think you should leave, so we can have our date.” said the girl.

“No no no. Your date will be so much better with me in it.” Greg said.

“No, I really think you should leave.” said George.

“Ohhhh, really? George, I know your secret, though. You’re the guy that screamed ‘I’m king of the world!!’” Greg snapped.

“Really?” said the girl. “You’re the guy who said I’m King of the World? You’re George. You lied to me.”

And then the girl walked away.

“Wait!” said George. “I’m sorry! I just wanted you to like me.”

“Too bad,” said the girl.

“Ha ha,” said Greg.

The next day, George walked up to the girl and said, “Sorry about last night.”

“It’s fine,” said the girl. “Greg was just an idiot last night. He did ruin our night. So wanna go out for a movie tonight?”

“Sure!” said George.

Greg was furious when he found out that the girl was on a date with him.

The girl said, “My name is Alice, just so you know.”

“Oh okay,” said George. “That’s a pretty name.”

And then they walked home happily.




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