Knights At Sunset

Chapter One

There was a person named Jack. He lived in a big house, and there was a lot to do where he lived, like biking, a lot of sports, mountain climbing, video games, and more. His mom always told him to put sunscreen when he went outside. As usual, he never did it. He lived in a place called Piermont. It was in New York state. It was fun. His dad was always working and did nothing else and worked from six to eight. Mackie, his cousin, came once a week. They got along very well. They did a lot of naughty plans, like going outside of the house at 12 o’clock. He was 10 years old.

Jack exclaimed to his mom, “I want to go to Mackie’s house one time.’’

Jack and Mackie were very adventurous. They did many adventures, but there was one thing they were crazy about, going in a castle! They thought about going in a castle in their house for about five minutes every day.

The problem was that they didn’t like to go to school because they wanted to go on adventures a lot, but they still wanted to get educated. They went to the same school. On weekends, they woke up at about 9:30. They wanted to play outdoors a lot. It rained often in Piermont.

He liked the winter because he could play in the snow; they liked to have snowball fights in winter. Jack liked pizza. Jack and Mackie started to go out of the house and did not tell their parents. They went on the street and walked to 72nd Street. They started to wander off, and they got lost.

Mackie said, “Where are we?”

Jack responded, “I don’t know.”

They kept walking around.

They asked somebody, “Where is 89th and Columbus?”

But he thought they knew where Jack and Mackie were going. The man said, “Look for yourself.”

They were still walking and bought some cupcakes.

Jack said, “I found something! It looks like it’s far. It looks like a really big building. I think it’s two miles away.”

And Mackie said, “Wow, let’s go to it!”

They walked to the place. Mackie and Jack said, “I’m tired, and we have to walk about three more miles.”

Mackie said, “Let’s just take a break as we go.”

Jack said, “Good idea!”

They got eight more bars from Bob’s Cafe. They were very excited about the really big building. They thought, Why is there a forest around it?

Jack said, “Going by myself somewhere is not that bad.”

“I know,” responded Mackie.

Jack was feeling determined to go to the castle. Suddenly, they didn’t know where they were.

Jack said, “Where are we?”

Mackie said, “We’re in a forest!”

Jack exclaimed, “That’s fun. Let’s explore.”

“Look at this tree,” exclaimed Mackie.

The trees tilted.

Jack told Mackie, “Let’s get back to going to the castle.”

Mackie said, “Let’s explore for like five more minutes.”

Jack said, “Okay, but we’re going to leave right after that.”

Mackie said, “Okay.”

Jack said, “Woah, look at the plant.”

Mackie came over and said, “I think it’s a tobacco plant. There’s a bunny next to the tree.”

“Let’s feed them some carrots,” said Jack.

“Okay,” said Mackie.

They fed the bunny carrots.

Jack said, “We have got to go to the castle now.”

They kept walking to the castle.

Jack said, “Actually, it looks very distinguished from a castle.”

“Oh yeah,” said Mackie. “It looks like a very, very tall building with stone and bats all around it.”

Jack said, “We’re still pretty far away from the building.”

Mackie said, “We have to keep going.’’

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