Last Stand

Chapter 1: End of The World

Agent 37 patrolled the streets of New Nerf City. Agent 1 defended the city’s banks. Agent 99 scouted for Agent 37 and Agent 10 was the head of a Nerf army!!!

“Move it troopers, move it troopers,” said Agent 10.


Chapter 2: Reinforcements

“No!!” said Agent 1. “A grenade landed in a bank! Agent 1 was mortally wounded because he was next to the explosion.”


Chapter 3: Streak

Clash cing xing stab slash boom kick bam ka bam hi yah!

“Ouch, that hurt,” said Agent 45.

Agent 12 defeated Agent 67, Agent 75, Agent 56 and Agent 45 with fists guns and swords!


Chapter 4: Snipers

Pew pew pew pew! Ah! Unh! Nooo! Oof! Ahhhh.

Snipers picked off a lot of the insurrectionists.


Chapter 5: Recruits

A hobo finally found a cheap apartment room and was shown into his first personal room for years. The room was very nice. There was already a bed there, a lamp, and there was a table with a TV. The bed had pillows already, and some covers already. He also had a washing machine in there. So when his clothes were dirty he could just wash them right away while sitting in his pajamas reading a book. The first few days, he could sleep by himself. He was very happy because he could get a job, and he could stop panhandling. But there was a problem. Soon he couldn’t sleep by himself. He saw a Chinese movie that scared him so much that he couldn’t fall asleep. So he slept in the living room. Everybody else teased him, because he couldn’t sleep by himself. For example, like, “Oooh, this guy can’t sleep by himself!” or “Nerd!” or “Stop getting scared!” He went back to his apartment feeling humiliated, sleepy, and finally, upset. People called him names so much, he decided to lock his door and stay in there forever, and called it home.

The hobo was reading the news when he saw an advertisement for a new agent replacing Agent 1. He didn’t want to at first, but he thought Agent 1, if he retires, he could get a lot of money. Then he decided to join the agents. He walked right towards the headquarters. The headquarters is so high-tech, one button could already shoot ten thousands lasers out of it. It looks platinum and can transform into anything. There’s a secret hatch underground, and the hobo went through it. The secret hatch is for when you can’t enter the main entrance because people are attacking. The hobo asked about three million questions at headquarters, so he knew where the hatch was. The main entrance is only for high level clearance.

He found himself in the toilet. They had changed the pipes so he would end up in the toilet instead of the command center. He was so wet, he couldn’t go into the command center, because they restricted any wet people. But he found a small agent training center three hundred miles away right next to his house. He went there and signed himself in, and now he’s Agent Infinity.

Then he went through hard training courses. He had to lift three million pounds, run a twenty-five-mile lap, swim three hundred miles, and finally, jump rope right into some water and swim back up, but you can’t get your jump rope wet. He failed everything except for the twenty-five-mile-lap and a jump rope, and the swimming. He failed to lift three million pounds; he got crushed. He got promoted to Agent 2.

He thought that the people who called him nerd would pay, because now he would be in the news and they would read the news. And he was in the news. The article was, “Fat Hobo

Promoted to Agent 2 After Completing Three of the Training Courses.”


Chapter 6: Badge

When the hobo got sent to fight Zelltrax, he got defeated and the monster took his badge. Hobo passed out and he woke up in an emergency center. He got wounded so much that they had to amputate his arm. Hobo was asleep and didn’t feel the pain at all.


Chapter 7: Lose Your Rank

Hobo got demoted to Agent 27, which is pretty bad.


Chapter 8: Losing

1234567890-0987654321234567890p987654321234567890p9876543 was the password to blow up the world.The insurrectionists blew up the world.

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