Lenwood Causes Trouble

Lenwood was arriving at Spank Union and he was greeted by a strange man named Sergeant Ramsbutt. “I will be your sergeant for the next 2 years.”

Lenwood made fun of the sergeant by calling him butt so the sergeant made him do 90 push ups.

Lenwood actually snuck in his ipad and and started play games so all of his fellow cadets later snuck in their electronics over spring break and winter break. Later the Spank Union was in electronic chaos!

The head of Spank Union was very mad at Lenwood and 9999 other cadets. The head said to Lenwood’s parents “We can not help Lenwood he causes to much chaos.” So Spank  Union sent Lenwood back to his home and he was still a troublemaker.



For real this time! No more sequels!

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