Larry the Purple Turtle


Neptune 7028 AD

Chapter One: The Introduction

Larry was a purple turtle who has super powers. He could turn invisible, had laser eyes and frost breath, but he couldn’t fly. He lived in a treehouse — the tree was in the ocean but the house was above the water. He had an arch nemesis, a green dolphin who had a horn like a unicorn that made people into jellyfish. The dolphin was called Steve. When Larry was three, Steve turned Larry’s dad into a jellyfish. Larry kept getting armies, but Steve kept turning them into jellyfish. They all work for him except for Larry’s dad, because Steve was keeping him prisoner.

Larry had three friends. One of them was a red starfish called Bob. One of them was a pink giraffe called BiIly, and one of them was a yellow seahorse called Max. Bob had a superpower of flight and hypnotizing people to do whatever he wants. Max had a superpower of fire fart.

Steve had henchmen that were hippopotamuses. They could breathe underwater, and they had poison spit. One of them was called Bobo, and one of them was called Moopu.

Steve lived in a sand castle under the sea. Jellyfish surrounded the castle, and there were more inside, protecting Steve on his throne. His throne was made out of crabs. He had a gun that shot out poisonous octopus suction cups that made people into jellyfish. Steve also had a rainbow unicorn horn that turned people into jellyfish.

Chapter Two: The Meeting

One night, in the treehouse, it was very silent except for Billy the jokester giraffe. Billy was doing magic tricks for the others. They were supposed to be having a meeting to decide what to do with Steve.

Larry said, “Let’s get to serious business.”

Then Bob the starfish said, “Why don’t we have an army of turtles to eat the jellyfish?”

Then Max suggested putting big billboards in the ocean away from Steve’s sandcastle. The billboards would say: COME TO STEVE’S ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT BUFFET FOR JELLYFISH. The billboards were invisible because the turtles could see invisible things.

Chapter Three: The Attack

At four in the morning, the turtles went out to Steve’s All-You-Can-Eat Buffet to get their jellyfish. There were about three thousand of them. But there were Bobo and Moopu standing in front of the doors, and the turtles couldn’t eat them. Only four hundred of the turtles had laser eyes, but Moopu and Bobo had poison spit. So everything went terribly wrong, and only two thousand of the turtles were left. Moopu and Bobo were very badly injured.

The turtles kept trying to eat the jellyfish, but they only ate three thousand of them, so there were two thousand left. The turtles retreated and went back to the treehouse.

Larry, Max, Bob, and Billy were very sad. They had no chance to beat the evil Steve.

7328 AD

Chapter Four: The Bunnies

Three hundred years later (because they were immortal), about three thousand bunnies came to the treehouse (because they could swim). They all had big muscles, even the lady bunnies. At night, Larry and his friends had a plan to finally win against Steve. They would all attack the jellyfish because there were only 2,000 of the jellyfish left.

Early in the morning, they set out to Steve’s All-You-Can-Eat Buffet! They attacked most of the jellyfish, but most of the jellyfish attacked the bunnies. Some bunnies were very badly injured and there were only 1,000 bunnies left and the four friends. They finally got past all the jellyfish and were at Steve’s throne made out of crabs. But he was not there! He had security cameras in the “kitchen” so he could see when they were coming or if somebody was there. The hippos Bobo and Moopu were there, waiting for the four friends and the bunnies. They had attacked Bobo and Moopu and they finally won against them. Now they only had Steve left.

Chapter Five: Feelings

Steve left a trail of rainbow bubbles behind him so it was easy for the friends to find him. After a long chase, the bubbles stopped and they went back to the treehouse. They were wondering why the bubbles had stopped. Max said, “Maybe someone or something ate him.”

Billy said, “Maybe a clown came and tricked him into doing clownness.”

Then Bob said, “Maybe we should just leave you here.”

Then Billy started crying and getting really sad.

Then Larry said, “Maybe we should leave you here.”

And then Billy started going to the mainland.

A few hours later, Larry and his friends started swimming to the mainland to find Billy.

Max said, “Maybe he’s in the zoo, because I saw a sign that said ‘Looking for Rare Animals for the Zoo.’”

Then Larry said, “So maybe he’s in the zoo.”

Chapter Six: Dave’s Story

Back at the mainland, Billy was walking down the street to hitchhike. Then Billy saw something that looked like Steve further down the street. Billy walked up to what he thought was Steve and said, “Why are you in the street, Steve?”

The dolphin said, “I’m not Steve. Steve is my son. My name is Dave. I’m his father. I’m a good guy. He’s turned evil because when he was a kid we never gave him what he wanted and so one day he jumped out the window and broke all his bones. At the hospital he said he’d leave the house when he was better and was going to become evil. One day he went to an elephant witch’s hut and said, ‘Give me a horn like a unicorn that can make people into jellyfish.’ So then he built a sandcastle in the water and he called it Steve’s All-You-Can-Eat Buffet to trick people into coming there so he could make them into jellyfish.”

Then Billy said, “So he would’ve been a good guy if you gave him what he wanted?”

“Yes,” said Dave. “Well anywhoo, I need your help to save society from Steve turning people into jellyfish. My superpowers are out and I cannot do anything to help you, but I could find you some very helpful dolphins that were Steve’s friends once.”

7352 AD

Chapter Seven: The Friends

Larry and his friends were already on the mainland looking for Billy and Steve. Larry and his friends went to the zoo to find Billy. They asked the zoo guards if they had gotten any new animals. They said, “No, we haven’t.”

So the friends went out in the city to find Billy and Steve. They went to the mall because they knew there was a circus there and Billy is part of the circus in the mall — that’s his part-time day job.

Meanwhile, at the circus, Billy and Dave were at the circus, and it was Billy’s  act. His act was shooting from a cannon into a ball pit.

Next were Steve’s friends, but Billy did not know that.

Larry and his friends were finally at the circus, and were looking at Steve’s friends’ act. They asked the guards if they could go see Billy. The guard said sure, and they went to go see Billy and Dave.

Larry said, “What are you doing with Steve? Are you becoming a bad guy?”

“No, this is not Steve. This is Dave, his father,” Billy said.

Dave said, “Hey guys!”

The friends went to go sit and watch Steve’s friends. Then, at the end of their acts, the friends went back to the tent to ask for help from Steve’s friends.

The friends introduced themselves to Steve’s friends. One of them was called Doody. He is a brown dolphin that has sonic scream. One of them was Steve’s ex-girlfriend called Mary and she was a gray porpoise that had hypnotizing powers. One of them was an orange whale that could split in half so it can go faster but it still weighs the same. His name was Heeho. Then there was a yellow crab called Yopo. He could shoot out baby crabs from his pinchers.

They said that would be the best thing that ever happened to them, if they could get revenge on Steve. Then Larry says, “Okay, so let’s meet at my treehouse in the middle of the ocean at twelve thirty-eight in the morning.”

Chapter Eight: The Plan (Part Two)

At twelve thirty-eight in the morning, they all met in their treehouse. Larry said that he was gonna need some really good engineering, and Max, Bob, and Heeho were the engineers. He was going to build vehicles. So for the rest of the night, while the rest of the friends were talking about the plan, Doody, Mary, Larry, and Yopo were talking about building a weird lazer gun that shoots out Yopo and then Yopo would shoot out the baby crabs from his pinchers.

They tried to build the gun, but they thought of a better idea. They put Yopo in Heeho’s mouth, and then Yopo would come out from his blowhole and shoot out the baby crabs from his pinchers. But what they hadn’t thought about was the fence. They never knew if Steve was going to get a new army and attack them! So they all started building a fort made out of fish and whales and sharks and junk and seaweed and that’s it.

Chapter Nine: Blah Blah and Blah Blah the Goblin Sharks

Blah Blah met Blah Blah and Blah Blah and Blah Blah were twins. Larry and his friends saw what Blah Blah and Blah Blah were sharks that were very weird. They were goblin sharks. Larry and the friends were astonished when they saw what Blah Blah and Blah Blah could do. Blah Blah and Blah Blah could be the distractions.

Larry and the friends decided to call them Blah Blah One and Blah Blah Two. They would know who Blah Blah One was because he had a white spot on his chest, and Blah Blah Two had scars on his nose. Blah Blah Two said that they did not want to be the distractions and they had some super-powers, just like the rest of the friends. Their super-powers were that they could shoot magic out of their noses, and the magic would make people unconscious. So they decided that Blah Blah and Blah Blah could be people that attack.

Chapter Ten: True Love

The seven friends (not including Billy) were setting out to go find Steve. Doody was able to find Steve because dolphins had sonar. Steve saw the group of friends and said that he did not want to be evil anymore. Steve and Mary gazed at each other with sparkles in their eyes. And then Steve said, “I think that I want to be good again.”

Then Dave came and said, “I’m sorry that me and your mom didn’t give you what you wanted. You can have a very big mansion-house-thing in the trees.”

Chapter Eleven: The Ending

One night Dave went out to the grocery store but he felt a tingling pain in his back. He saw a boat and men pulling him up from the ocean. He thought they were whalers and he was right — they were. And then the police come with helicopters surrounding them and big boats and jets all around the whalers. The police said, “You have the right to remain still! You are under arrest. Give us the dolphin and we will try to help it as much as we can.”

So Dave went to the animal hospital with all the friends but they could not help him. Dave was about to say goodbye when Steve’s mom’s ghost came and kissed him goodbye. Dave’s soul came up like in the movies and now he said that he would follow Steve around everywhere he went.

The next day, Steve and Mary got married in the ruins of Steve’s old sandcastle. Then Dave and Ann’s ghosts were there at the wedding spectating.

The next day Steve and Mary went the Caribbean on their honeymoon, and they lived happily ever after.

Larry and the friends were finished crime fighting and had retired. They were going to his treehouse when they saw a weird fairy and the fairy said, “Why are you guys here? You should be in the ocean.”

But then Yopo just shot the fairy because the fairy didn’t make any sense. Yopo and Heeho remembered about their weird gun thing and Heeho and Yopo went to the gun range and the rest of the friends went bowling and go-carting and they all lived happily ever after.



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