Lili’s Poems



Watermelon, sweet and juicy,

but I get pushy when I ask for some.

That is why I will ask

for none.


I need some watermelon,

I can’t take it any more,

so I run down the stairs

into the store.

I pick up some watermelon

and run out the door.


As soon as I walk out the door

I smile as if I had a watermelon in my mouth.

I would have even traveled to the south

to get my hands on watermelon.

I once even got banned from a fruit stand

cause I bought all the watermelon.

Her name was Helen and she was really mad

and that is the end of my watermelon tale lads!




I love apples, but I do not like snapple.

Apples grow on the farm where sometimes                             

it’s for the horses dinner.

But I always dive in to save the apples from harm.

So I go to the hen den and get some eggs

from a chicken named Meg. Then I cook the eggs.

Then I go to my reading nook to get a cookbook.

But my eggs were stolen from a pirate with no leg replaced by a peg.


So instead of eggs I get strawberries.

Then I mash the strawberries with my boots

And while I’m doing that I hear the owl hoot.

Once I cover the apple with strawberry jam,

I wrap it with some ham.

Sah for strawberries, apples, and ham. Then I run to the shed with my Sah, put up a sign that says something like this, “Sah for sale, Sah for sale, made freshly today!” Never say goodbye to Sah once you have a tasty bite. P.S it’s better than snapple because it’s made out of apples



Lift my heart at the beach.

Don’t know why I would leave,

as the scorching sun burns my hands,

as I walk in the crystal clear waves,

splashing in my face as the blue sky watches me.


As the sea salt breeze blows in my hair                                                        

I fall down

and I land in the white warm sand,

getting tanned as

I stare at the waves,

like it’s a maze

that’s telling me through the wind

to come and swim


I get back up on my feet

and walk back towards the beach.

The waves are going up to my waist.

I push through the waves.

I wait until I see that amazing, beautiful big wave.

Once it’s a foot away from me

I jump towards the sand

and let the waves push me.


When I get back up

I spin like a whirlpool

then I stop,

fall backwards,

but I don’t hit my head

because the waves caught my back.

Then I saw the most amazing thing!

Right next to the huge palm tree

was a shiny starfish.

I get up,


then I know what I want to do

and I throw the starfish in.

I go to the swing,

I leap on top,

and I do what I never would have done before.

I flip!

Left my heart at the beach,

don’t know why I did leave

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