Love War

Once upon a time there was a animal and that animal’s name was Rosy Loopyflower. She was a nice little fox and she loved to do things for her friends. She was always there for her friends. She always wanted to have  good impressions. She wanted them to like her and they did. And so one day she met these mean wolves at the park and she did not like them. They wore big metal rings and had metal clothing. Their teeth were big and yellow. And then she saw one out of the corner of her eye pickpocketing someone. And then she saw all of them group together and then spread apart. Then they all walked onto streets and they were stopping traffic, making all of the cars smash together. Then she heard a wolf talking about this really powerful machine that was so powerful that it could wipe out like five armies at the same exact time. And then she heard him talking about what was sort of a big like tank, a big like gun type tank that was super duper big, and then she got really scared. So she ran off to go fetch her friends and tell them all about the new machine. And she thought they were going to attack her with the machine. So she went to get get her friends to tell them all about this big machine to see if they knew anything about this big machine and anything about if they were going to attack the foxes. So then she said, “Do you guys know anything about this machine?”

And they said, “I have no idea Rosy.” So later that day it was nighttime and she was getting ready for bed. She heard the doorbell ring, so she went to the door and opened it.

She said, “Oh good, it’s the newspaper!” And then the said, “Ok then. Well, I guess I could read this newspaper even though it’s a little late.” So she read the newspaper and she came over something that was rather odd. There was a column that said There is a machine that is really big and it’s a gun type tank and it was just invested by our great scientist Dr. Russiansnot. Then two minutes later she got dressed and she went out the door to tell them about this amazing machine and how she thought that they were going to attack her but she was wrong. The foxes would be the attackers. Five minutes later she got to her friends’ house. It was very dark so it was hard to tell that it was their house. But she knew the house anywhere. Then she realized that her friend might be asleep. But she didn’t care, she was going to tell her friend that she was right about that tank – right and wrong about that tank. Because she was right about there’s a big tank, but she was wrong about that they were going to attack the foxes when the foxes were really going to attack. So she knocked on the door. And the door opened.

It was her friend, and Amy said, “So nice to see you Rosy! Why are you here?”

“Oh, well, I was going to tell you about the big, big, big tank!”

She said, “Oh, I already heard about that.”

And she said, “How?!”

And then Amy said, “Oh, I saw it in the news.”

And then Rosy said, “Well then, hehe, okay, could you tell our other friends about that. Y’know, the tank thing? I’m going to go back to my house now. Have a good night and see you in the morning.”

Amy said that she would tell them. Ok, so that night, when she got in bed, Amy had problems sleeping. She couldn’t fall asleep, and Rosy couldn’t either. Rosy thought what if those mean wolves attacked right now? Or while I’m sleeping? Amy thought I don’t think I can handle this, this is so much pressure, they could attack anytime, we would be defenseless, we don’t have enough tanks to take them down!

So then in the morning, Rosy and Amy met in the park to talk about how the wolves and the foxes were going to attack each other. Rosy and Amy saw each other. They ran towards each other – they both had so many questions they had to ask each other. Then Rosy said, “Let’s go and ask one of those wolves over there if they’re really going to attack us, but first we have to dress up as wolves so they don’t think we’re foxes. So they went into the local theater to go into the dressing room, and they found lots and lots of wolf costumes.

So they put on the costumes and they walked up to the wolf and said, “So is the rumor true? Are we actually going to attack the foxes?”

And they said, “Yes, we are going to attack the foxes.”


Chapter 2


And then Rosy and Amy ran back to the theater to change back into their normal clothes.That night the newspaper said that the wolves were going to attack tomorrow morning. The newspaper found out about this by stalking them. Everyone was panicking, running, growling, screaming, and doing crazy stuff. In the morning, everyone was getting into the tanks and ready to attack the wolves. Two hours later, they were already on the prairie, zooming around in their tanks ready to attack!


Over the horizon, they saw the wolves turning towards them. They were running towards them. They were fast runners. Then everyone started screaming “Attack!” All the tanks started zooming towards the other side and some tanks even started shooting at them. The wolves looked really scared, but they kept running towards them shooting with their guns.


The next day, everyone was waking up. They thought back and how good they fought, or how badly they were defeated. The wolves kept shooting them, the foxes kept on going down one by one. They were lying on the ground. Little Rosy stood up and looked down on them lying on the ground. She thought at least fifty-five of them were dead. She felt so sad. She got hit in the arm and it had really hurt for the last day of fighting. And she thought ‘Well, at least I have hope.’

Then Amy started getting to her knees. She saw Rosy. Rosy was running towards her towards the wolves. The wolves were coming out of their tents and Rosy was running towards them. Amy thought she might be seeing hallucinations.

Then Rosy saw that there was this boy wolf sitting at the campfire of the wolves. And he looked sad and depressed and he didn’t really know what to think. Rosy ran up to him. She said “What’s wrong?”

The boy said, “My parents died in the war.”

And she said, “Well, I never met my parents. I bet they were nice and caring parents.”

The boy says, “Let’s talk about something good, like jam. I really like jam. I also like bread. Bread and jam are my favorite. I like lots of sweets. My mom liked sweets, too. She used to cook a lot in our kitchen. We used to cook together. I also like to take pictures and go back on things and making them rhyme. My dad and I used to write poems together.”

And she said, “MY dad used to write poems with me, too! And I like jam, too. Sometimes I like it on bagels and french toast. And sometimes bread. It’s just sometimes, though. I’ve always liked cooking but I only like cooking pastries. One thing I like is making clothes for other people because they try it on and I see them wearing this beautiful thing and I see them smiling.”

Days and days went on of fighting, and more and more animals were dead. Each night, Rosy came back to the little boy. He was always sitting by the campfire waiting for her. Soon they fell in love.

Then one day, he took her up this hill. It was in the middle of the day, so Rosy was scared that someone would see them. So she kept on going up the hill, but the boy was leading her so she wasn’t scared. She looked down the hill. It was actually kind of a cliff! She saw everyone fighting and everyone was fighting, but she thought, These wolves can be nice and kind. We just have to know them better and they might be nice to us. If we can just be nice to them, maybe they will be nice to us.

Every day, she kept on coming back and one day, Amy followed her. She saw them together and realized that this was a time of war and she was with a wolf!

Amy ran back to the foxes’ campsite and she told her older brother. Her older brother accepted that she was with a wolf, but he was a little shocked at first. Amy’s brother told Amy that he would always be there with her and never die.

Rosy said to the boy, “I never knew your name. What is your name?”

The boy said, “My name is Thompson Riddle.”

Rosy said, “That’s a wonderful name.”

Chapter 3

Later that day, they were walking in the forest together. An egg dropped from the trees. It had flame marks on it and the egg was burning hot and it was also red with white flame marks on it.

The boy and Rosy took care of the egg for many days and then one day, the egg started to crack. Inside, it looked like a lizard, but then Rosy noticed that it had wings and Thom said, “Oh my god, it’s a dragon.”

Rosy said, “We need to name this dragon! It’s a new species.”

They said, “Let’s have a vote on it. We’ll never decide on it.”

And then Rosy said, “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”

And Thompson said, “I think so.”

And then they both shouted at the same time, “This dragon’s name is Flame!!”

So Rosy took it back to her campsite and showed all the remaining foxes. She put it in a little cage and decorated the cage by painting it red. She fed the dragon next by giving it some water and a little fire.

Every night, she would take the dragon over to the hill to show Thompson. And every day it grew bigger and bigger. One day, it grew so big that it had instincts and started to fly and they thought it was a phoenix dragon. But they knew it was a flame phoenix dragon, not just a phoenix dragon. Flame was a nice little dragon, but now he was a big nice dragon.

Every day, the battle was super duper intense. Everyone was getting hurt, even if they were in the tanks the entire battle. One battle was very intense. It turns out the wolves got new bazookas, and they started attacking more intensely than with the guns because they thought they had a chance. So one day, Flame broke out of his cage in the middle of a really intense battle with the bazookas against the tanks. And then flame burst out and jumped in front of the tanks and sprayed all the bazookas and some of the wolves into ash with his fiery breath.

Rosy leaped into action. She was looking for someone and that someone was Thompson. She called, “Thompson! Thompson! Where are you?”

And out of the smoke and the steam, she saw Thompson walking towards her. “Thank god you’re alive.”

But then she noticed that it wasn’t Thompson. It was a big bad wolf. Rosy was scared. She didn’t know what to do.

She called out, “Thompson! Save me! There’s a bad wolf”

She saw Thompson running towards her. He was panting. He was injured. He had a burned arm. She said, “Thompson, are you alright?! Please help me!”

The big bad angry wolf flung his sharp claws at Rosy. Thompson got in the way and saved Rosy by putting his arm out. The big bad angry wolf struck Thompson on the arm that wasn’t burned. Rosy screamed. “How could you sacrifice the other arm that wasn’t injured?! You don’t need two arms that are injured!”

Thompson said, “I will do anything to protect you. You are my love and I will not deny it.” Then Thompson said, “I don’t think we can have that dragon around anymore. He can get into trouble, and plus, he’s hurting everybody.”

Chapter 4

“Some of these wolves are nice. Some of these wolves are my friends. I don’t want to hurt my friends with that dragon!”

Rosy said, “We’ll get rid of the dragon. We’ll put it where it belongs and he’ll be happy but we’ll be safe.”

Rosy said, “We’re on different teams here. We shouldn’t be meeting up like this. I’m sorry, I have to go, okay?”

Thompson said, “Where are you going?! Wait, don’t go! I don’t know where you’re going. Be safe! More wolves will come after you because you’re the reason why the dragon burned everyone. Everyone has to be mad at all of you foxes. They’ll kill you!”

Rosy didn’t hear him. She was already running towards the campsite. She was crying. She was feeling really sad, but she didn’t know what just happened. She thought that she’d talk to Amy about this. She ran towards Amy’s tank. She knocked on the door of the tank. Amy opened the door and said, “What happened? Are you crying?”

Rosy said, “Yes! I did something that I should not have done.”

Then she told Amy all about Thompson and what she had done and what she had said to him. And Amy said, “I knew about that. I followed you up the hill once.”

Rosy said, “I think it was good that I can’t be with him because he is a boy wolf.”

That night, she had a lot of trouble going to bed. She goes to the wolves’ campsite. She sees Thompson. She says, “I’m sorry, but I really can’t be with you. I’m taking Flame back to the forest now. Do you want to come with me? It will be our last meeting.”

“I’m gonna bring some bread and jam, so you can have that if you want.”

Rosy and Thompson take Flame to their special place on the hill, tears in their eyes. Watching over the battle, they remembered that Flame was their friend, but they knew they had to let him go to be with his kind. He deserved to be happy. Though they think he liked them, he was in a cage, and dragons needed to be free. They don’t know where his kind lived, but they trusted the dragons would find their lost baby flame phoenix.

Flame tries to stay with them, his eyes watering, but decides he wants to try to find his family.

“I guess he didn’t like us,” Rosy said, and she and Thompson watched Flame disappear into the forest.

They sat on the edge of the hill, looking down on the battle, and feel sad that they’re breaking up.

Rosy stood, crying, and ran away with her tail between her legs. Thompson’s pained, sorrowful howl echoed through the forest as the hope of love vanished in the dark.


Rosy looked up from the battlefield and saw Thompson on the hill, staring down at the skirmish. Two days of longing was enough. The pain of her broken heart radiated from her chest to her feet, and before she realized what was happening, she was running up the hill, back to Thompson, and gazed into his piercing hazel-green eyes.

They couldn’t help crying at the sight of each other. They wanted to be together, but the wolves would never allow their love to thrive while the war was on. Unless… maybe Rosy and Thompson could convince them to stop fighting!

They climb down the hill to the battlefield, grab the biggest horn they can find, and shout to their friends and enemies to STOP THE FIGHTING!

Their cry is ignored, and the fighting increases.

Amy and her brother helped Rosy and Thompson scream, but the war was too loud, and the warriors were too stubborn.

“What are we going to do?”

A high-pitched roar broke through the noise of war. Flame raced in with one little water dragon and two large dragons by his side: a little sister, and a mom and dad. Flame had found his family!

While his family looked on in pride, Flame propelled fire from his belly and surrounded the two armies with a circle of fire. The wolves and foxes had nowhere to run. They had to listen.

“FLAME, my boo-bee-boo! You’re back!” Rosy shouted from outside the fire ring.

“He did like us after all!” Thompson cried.

Flame landed on the ground, and they hopped on top of his back. He whisked them to the top of the hill, where Rosy and Thompson hold hands.

“Alright, people, listen up!” Rosy said. “You need to stop fighting. We’re in love, and love is more important than war.”

“But you can’t be together!” a wolf screams from below. “You’re too different.”

“Because it doesn’t matter what kind you are. It only matters that you love each other.”
“We’ll never love each other,” wolves and foxes shouted, snarling.

“Then you have to accept your differences. Besides, never loving each other is something you have in common,” Rosy said.

“Rosy is right. You have to accept your difference for who you are. You have more in common than you think. A lot of you are nice, and a lot of you are mean, but we’re all exceptional in our own ways,” Thompson said. “Even if you can’t, we’re not going to stop loving each other. Ever, ever, ever!”

The armies lowered their weapons. They fell to their knees and said, “Rosy and Thompson are right! We might never get along, but we’re ending this war for the sake of love–which is a war in itself.”

Flame’s little sister extinguishes the fire-circle, and the foxes and wolves mingle, offering apologies and first aid.


All the wolves had moved into the foxes’ city, and they realized it was pretty beaten up and old. They all came together to rebuild the city, make it fresher and more welcoming.


The town was done, and it was new and famous and people were coming from worldwide just to see the beautiful and welcoming town of Jamtown. Every year there is a festival celebrating Rosy and Thompson. And also, there is a new surprise to the town: Rosy and Thompson have a daughter named Fern! She is a hybrid wolf-fox.

The town is more modern, and there are more and more festivals, and more animals come in, and the town gets bigger and bigger. There are kitty-cats, oxen, more wolves, friendly wolves (lots of friendly wolves), there’s deer, and there’s dolphins (who have to stay in the local aquarium, located in Animal Square). Flame is bringing in more and more dragons. His family grew more, and he married a cute blue dragon and had five eggs, but only three of them hatched. He fried the other two in a frying pan and ate them. He lit the fire with his own breath because he knew those two would go to waste if they never hatched, and they didn’t, so he ate them, and they were smelly, really smelly. Dr. Russiansnot has a new lab now, and he’s inventing new stuff every day.

Rosy and Thompson have to sign autographs all the time. Rosy is a clothes designer and Thompson is a famous poetry writer. He writes about his suffering about not being with Rosy during the war, and losing his parents in the war. That’s why his poetry is so depressing, and that’s why he’s so famous. Amy owns a pastry shop, and Amy’s big brother opened a school. Amy makes chocolate pastries with strawberries, and pastries with marshmallows, and pastries of all types.

Then all of a sudden the book ends.




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