Linsay the Dragon’s Adventures in Fairyland, Part 1: The Only Dragon Left in the World

A long time ago, before your great-great-great-great-great-grandparents were born, there were millions and millions of dragons on our planet.

Some liked humans; some did not.

Sadly, a young boy hated dragons, even more than witches did, and everybody in Fairytale Land knows how much witches hate dragons. They would boil dragon bones and use parts of them for their horrid spells. And sadly again, there were many witches. You know, like the one in Hansel and Gretel, the one in Snow White, and the one in Rapunzel?

This young boy’s name was Elliot. He would catch dragons with his special dragon net. He would press a button, a huge net would appear, and he wouldn’t have to worry about anything because the net had a special sensor to sense dragons and throw itself. And he would cut the dragons into pieces and put them in the fireplace. Usually, dragons are immortal, but this young boy used a special potion to make them only have one life. That is why dragons would have rather had their bones boiled than visited this horrid boy.

Elliot hated dragons because his siblings told him that dragons always hated humans. The siblings thought that dragons always breathed fire. That is because the siblings did not know any better than to not capture dragons. They wanted revenge because a dragon killed their mother. They didn’t know that the dragon had had a sore throat, and when he had coughed, he had breathed fire, and this fire had accidentally knocked over a tree, which had hit and killed their mother. The dragon had tried to explain it was a mistake, but the poor dragon had already been put in the fireplace.

So, the sublings vowed to kill every single dragon in Fairytale Land. They got very close to succeeding, but they didn’t know that a mother dragon had just given birth to her first child. She’d named the little dragon Linsay. When she heard about the dragon kidnappers, and when she knew that she was close to her death, she put little Linsay in a basket and sent her down the river, hoping that somebody kind enough to take care of her would find her.


Many years later, when Linsay was about twelve years old, she suddenly realized that there were other dragons than her!

When she was a little baby, the basket had bumped into a tree. It sent little Linsay flying over to a forest. Luckily, a kind squirrel had found her. Her name was Taylor. She had always wanted to have a child, but she never had. Luckily again, she loved to take care of dragons. In fact, she was a nurse for dragons! So she took little Linsay to her tree and made a small shelter for her next to it.

Little Linsay had realized all those years that her friends and people she lived with were squirrels and deer and birds. But she had never seen a single dragon. When she asked Taylor about this, Taylor said, “Have you ever heard of the dragon killers?” Linsay said no. Taylor told her about the story of how Elliot’s mom got killed.

Linsay secretly felt a teeny bit sorry for Elliot’s family, but she didn’t think that every dragon deserved to be killed just because of one dragon.

Linsay asked, “Who’s my mom and dad?”

Taylor said, “I don’t know. I found you alone. It looked like you had just fallen. However, there was a note on you. I think you belonged to Lillian and Lucas. The note said, ‘Please take care of my Linsay. I believe she is the only dragon left on earth. Please make sure that she doesn’t get killed. Best regards, Lucas and Lillian.’”

Linsay had always wanted to meet her real parents. Even though Taylor said she was her mom, Linsay had never believed her about that, because she was green and red, and Taylor was brown and white.

So Taylor finally told her that she adopted her. She told her this when Linsay was five.

But unfortunately, that very same day, when Linsay was twelve, Taylor went to get food. An old, cranky deer heard about the squirrel adopting the last dragon. This deer, whose name was Derek, worked for Elliot. So, as you may have guessed, he went to Elliot immediately and told him that Taylor had adopted the last dragon. And he also shared the detail that Taylor was alone looking for food.

Elliot asked people in the forest where to find Taylor. He found Taylor collecting some leaves and nuts.

He asked Taylor furiously, “Where is the last dragon?”

Taylor knew immediately by the tone of his voice that he was Elliot. So she refused to tell. So Elliot locked her up in a cage, and kept asking the same question over and over. But every time, Taylor refused to tell him where Linsay was. Some forest animals were eavesdropping on this conversation. They wanted to help Taylor. Knowing Elliot’s character about asking people for help, they decided to trick him.

So when Elliot asked where Linsay was, they said, “Oh, she’s across the mountains. Make three lefts, eighteen rights, and the nearest tree on the left. You’ll find her there.” Elliot thanked the animals and went.

Again, knowing Elliot’s character, they knew that Elliot would soon find out it was a trick. So they went to Linsay’s tree and told Linsay to go somewhere else. The animals explained to Linsay that Elliot had captured Taylor. Linsay was very upset, and she asked, “Is she going to be alright?”

The animals did not want to say this, but they said, “We are not really sure. Elliot can be very harsh sometimes.” Now Linsay started to cry. The animals tried to comfort her.

Meanwhile, Elliot was still bothering Taylor with the same exact question. Every time, again, she refused. Elliot then had an idea. He decided to threaten her.

He said, “If you don’t tell me where she is, I will treat you with the same respect as I do with a dragon.”

Taylor still didn’t want to say anything. Every time she was tempted to tell Elliot, she remembered the note that was on Linsay when she first saw her. She kept remembering the line, “Don’t let her die.” She kept repeating that in her mind. So Elliot decided to throw Taylor in the fireplace.

And, in case if you don’t know, in Fairytale Land, people can communicate with each other by only using their minds. This includes animals, humans, and other fantasy creatures. So Taylor sent a mind message to one of her friends, who was a Blue Jay named Beatrice. First, Taylor asked Beatrice if Linsay was doing fine. Beatrice told her that they had everything under control. Taylor was relieved. And then, she asked if they could send help. She explained the whole conversation to Beatrice and said that she was going to be thrown in the fireplace. So Beatrice promised that they would send deer for help.

Soon, help arrived. They also had foxes with them because they knew that foxes were clever. The foxes helped them with a plan. They said that some deer could distract Elliot, and try to make a lousy attempt to get Taylor back. Then, deer behind Elliot would snatch Taylor and let her free while Elliot was distracted. So, they started this into action.

So the deer went to Elliot and said, “Oh, Taylor! There you are! We’ve been looking for you! Don’t worry, we’ll save you!” As according to plan, Elliot immediately thought that they were going to rescue her right there and then.

So, he put down Taylor’s cage and put both hands up in the air, yelling, “Oh no you don’t! She’s going to be right here with me. See?” But the deer had taken the opportunity to take Taylor, and then, as Elliot turned to look, he realized he had been tricked! Elliot was about to go after them, but they had already gone out of sight.

Elliot was very, very angry. He called for his siblings to bring heavy axes. The siblings agreed. They tried to track the animals down, but the clever foxes, knowing Elliot’s character, dropped a special trail which made it impossible to find them. Elliot was now steaming.

He yelled furiously, “I promise I’ll find you! I promise, I promise, I promise!”

But they were already out of earshot. Elliot was so angry that he threw everything he picked up, including his axe. His siblings had to duck in order to not have their heads chopped off. And, unluckily for the animals, he had picked up some and thrown them high in the air (and sadly, they were not birds). So some of the animals ended up getting sprained ankles and broken bones.

Meanwhile, Linsay was hiding in a den that belonged to a mole.

Linsay the dragon’s adventure in Fairytale Land Part 2:

The ONLY Dragon Left in the WORLD

In the mole’s den, Linsay asked her friends to help her think of a plan. They said, “How about you go on a quest to find them?”

Linsay thought that was a good idea. She asked a few deer, a couple of birds, and some of Taylor’s friends to come with her. The moles warned her to be careful of magical creatures and mischievous ones, too. They told her about the path of evil. They said that once she found it, and if she missed Elliot’s house, then she would never be able to find it again. They told her that the trail was bright, sparkling red.

Linsay started off on her journey. She took a map from the mole’s den to find her way through the fairytale forest. First, to get to Elliot’s house, they had to make five lefts, ten rights, fifteen straights, and pass the tenth tree on the left. After that, they finally encountered a strange creature. It spoke very weirdly.


Linsay asked, “Why do you speak like that?”

“I-I-It’s how I talk sometimes.”

Linsay asked again, “Why do you speak like that? Do you have some speaking problems or something?” Linsay did not mean to be rude. She was just curious. This time, the strange creature didn’t answer.

He had a head that looked like Pacman’s face, his body was like a lion on two legs, and he had paws like a lion’s on his feet, and his hands were like a human’s, but he actually seemed very cute. He had an outfit that was pink and frilly, and on his hind paws, there were torn ballet slippers, and his paws were showing.

Noticing that Linsay and her friends were staring at the strange creature, the strange creature said, “Why are you all looking at me like that? In case you’re wondering, my granny made me put this pink, frilly dress on. She thinks I’m destined for ballet! So she sent me out here to practice.”

Linsay began to giggle a little.

“Don’t you giggle at me! Didn’t your mother ever tell you not to giggle at strangers?” The strange creature’s voice was very high-pitched, as if it were an animal chirping its highest notes.

He said, “My name is Jiggleton the 58th. Yes that’s right, all my family members before me were named Jiggleton. Now, don’t laugh at me!”

Linsay said, “I’m sorry, sir. I didn’t mean to bother you.”

But secretly, Linsay thought he was very funny, odd-looking, hilarious, and everything else that would make you see him like a clown. Linsay bit her lips and cheeks to stop her from laughing again. She did not need any more trouble. Linsay thought that maybe the strange creature would help her.

So she asked him, “Have you ever heard of the trail of evil? We are looking for it right now.”

Jiggleton said, “Why do you want to look for such an evil path? My granny has told me about it, but remember, you always have to be aware of your surroundings. At least, that’s what Granny says.”

Linsay, again, had to stop herself from laughing.

“Okay, come on. If you promise to help me take off these itchy, frilly, pink ballerina clothes, and these tight slippers, I’ll help you.”

So Linsay and her friends took off the ballerina outfit, and the birds, using their beaks, cut the ribbon that was attached to the slipper to make it stay on Jiggleton’s foot.

Jiggleton said, “Come on now, do you ever hurry?”

Linsay replied, “If we hurry, we might not see the trail and we might not ever see it again! Once you find it, you will never find it again!!!”

“Oh! Granny never told me about that! How terrible!” So all of them went looking for the trail.


Meanwhile, at Elliot’s house, he and his siblings were catching more dragons. ”Ha ha ha!” they cackled.

The eldest was Tim, who was evil and actually the person who suggested capturing the dragon in the first place. He was very tall and skinny. He had many warts and bruises, and he was bald. His teeth were very crooked, and he had a single gold tooth.

The second, William, was very short and was the kindest of all the siblings. Sometimes, he even spared a few dragons, only to be caught by siblings again. He was fat and had a funny smile. He always grinned when he heard something funny.

The third one, Raymie, was actually very pretty. But she was very cruel and evil. She had encouraged Elliot to help them capture dragons.

The fourth was Elliot. In case you don’t know, Elliot’s face was shaped like a hexagon. He also had many warts, just like Tim.

The fifth was Carrie. She also had crooked teeth, and her face was as round as a circle. She loved to play tricks on her older brothers, especially Elliot.

The last one was tiny, little Tina. She couldn’t do too much (except throw rocks at Elliot’s face).

Back to Linsay and Jiggleton: they were looking for the path of evil. As they were looking, animals that passed by were muttering, “Who’s that strange creature?” Jiggleton was so happy to be out of that tutu.

He was prancing and skipping, and he urged them, “Come on, come on! Let’s not waste any time!” Poor Linsay and her friends had to run so fast to keep up with even Jiggleton walking.

Linsay asked, huffing and puffing, “How many more steps until we reach the path?”

“Oh, here we are. Oh no, no, that’s not it. That’s purple. Silly me,” Jiggleton said to Linsay. Linsay groaned.

“When are we going to be there?”

“Be patient… um… um… what are you?”

“Have you ever heard of a dragon?” said Linsay.

“No, actually I haven’t. I’ve seen so many squirrels and crocodiles and deer and birds, but I’ve never seen a dragon.” Linsay thought to herself, Oh right, I’m the only dragon left. So she told the story of Elliot and his siblings to Jiggleton.

Jiggleton replied, “Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear! That sounds horrid. We must put an end to this horrid beast, once and for all! And his siblings.” Linsay was very unsure about this.

“If I tried to stop him, he’d turn me into dragon toast! I don’t want to have butter on me. Nor do I want to have an evil boy kill me!” Linsay said.

To which Jiggleton replied, “Oh, my. Don’t you know the interest in trying?” Now Linsay was getting kind of angry.

“Then, why don’t you try ballet? Why don’t you try to do what Granny says to?” Jiggleton did not respond. He looked down for a minute, and then he said nothing.


Back at Elliot’s place, they were preparing a scheme in case, for some reason, Linsay appeared. He made his siblings stand guarding the area, and they made sure that no dragons got out of their cage. They wanted to have a lure for Linsay, which is why they didn’t kill from the past week’s hunt.

Meanwhile, a young bird (a robin, it was) was eavesdropping on this conversation. As you know, animals can communicate with their minds in this world. This robin knew that one of her friends was with Linsay, so she mind talked to her, saying what Elliot had said. The robin’s friend told Linsay everything. They valued this information. And they were mind talking for this. In case if you don’t know, in animal world, they can also read minds. Linsay was trying to get a signal from Jiggleton’s mind, but couldn’t get too much.

Back at Elliot’s house, his siblings were preparing a trap for Linsay and her friends. They decided to make a deep pit and put a cover over it.

Tim said, “When she comes, she will immediately try to find the dragons we captured. So if we let the dragons come right on top of the pit, she will immediately go to them.”

“How do you know that she even wants to rescue the dragons?” Elliot asked, who had caught the most dragons and knew their character.

“Because I do!” Tim snarled. ”Do you think that Linsay would want to go swooping up and grabbing the dragons and being the heroic hero she is? I think that that would be right, eh?”

Elliot was so scared by Tim’s snarling that he decided to keep quiet and agree with him.


Meanwhile, Jiggleton seemed to have forgotten all about their little argument and was happy and skipping again.

“Lalalalala,” Jiggleton sang.

“Jiggleton,” hissed Linsay. “Don’t sing so loud. You might wake the other animals up.”

“Huh?” Jiggleton yelled so loud that everyone had to cover their ears.

Some animals fell from trees, woke up, and started chasing them.

“See? I told you so!” said Linsay, “I’ve been living in the forest my whole life!”

“Oopsie daisy,” said Jiggleton, as he dodged a swooping peregrine falcon who had just woken up from its afternoon nap.

Linsay groaned. This person needed to get used to the forest, and learn better than to wake up baby chicks. Finally, as they ran, they found the rainbow trail. By that time, the animals had given up chasing them, so they were alone. In case you don’t know, the rainbow trail has all the color trails. For example, there’s an orange trail, and a green trail, and a blue fairy trail. So there had to be the evil trail. They kept their eyes wide open for a sparkling, big, red trail.

At last, Jiggleton whispered, “I found it.”

Linsay was delighted. She was about to squeal, but she remembered that there were other animals sleeping.

So instead, she whispered, “That’s awesome! Let’s go! What are we waiting for?”

So they sprinted towards the path.

The path was very wide. Extremely wide. As long as about three football fields. It wasn’t even a path! It was more like a big area, sort of. Indeed, there was a beautiful, red, glittery, sparkling path in the big area. It was more glittery than the rest. Linsay had learned from the moles that everybody in the wicked world had a different letter for their name, and it would spell that letter on its path to lead them to that person. There was an “S” and there was a “T” and there was a “W” and a “V” and there was an “A” and finally they found an “E,” for Elliot. So they took that path. The mole had told them that they could never find the same letter path. If they went down the “E” path, they would never find it again and someone else would, but they might find the “W” path, and then they would never see the “W” path again.

So they went toward the “E” path, being brave, being able to not see it again. If you were behind Linsay watching over, you would have seen them sprint with Jiggleton on their heels. DUN DUN DUUUN…

Linsay the dragon’s adventure in Fairytale Land Part 3:

The ONLY Dragon Left in the WORLD

So, as you know, the others had just sprinted to the path. They noticed that there were compasses everywhere, and maps, and spy cameras. And there were machines that were saying things like, “Three feet away,” and, “Eighty-five feet away.” As they got closer and closer and closer, the number decreased.

Finally, it said, “You are here, you are here, you are here,” in a robotic voice. And they indeed found Elliot’s house. All that time, when Linsay and her friends were trying to find the path, Elliot had a teeny surprise waiting for them.

“Well, well, well. If it isn’t my dear old friend, the last dragon.”

“Um, excuse me, the name is Linsay,” Linsay said.

“Ah, yes, yes, yes. The little Linsay is finally here. We have a little present for you, my dear.”

“Actually, I’m a dragon,” Linsay said. “You said so yourself.”

“I didn’t mean that ‘deer,’” Elliot snapped, “Now, come on. I’ll show you your present.”

Elliot led her to a big, big, humongous room. Linsay was shocked (well, actually, not too shocked) to see dragons hanging from humongous nets, as if they were cocoons, from the ceiling. The dragons were all caught up and tangled in each other’s tails and bodies. Linsay did not know this, but her parents were there in those nets.

A deer who was accompanying Linsay said, “Linsay, are you sure this is a good idea?”

“Linsay?” said one dragon, surprised. “Your name’s not Linsay, is it?”

“Actually, yes ma’am, it is,” Linsay replied.

Lillian turned to Lucas, which was a bit tricky since they were cramped together. Linsay had stopped to listen to this curious conversation.

Lucas said, “I think this might be her.”

Lillian said, “Who do you belong to? Is it Taylor? It can’t possibly be Taylor, is it?”

“If you’re talking about Taylor the squirrel, yes ma’am,” replied Linsay in a very positive and proud tone.

Lillian’s mouth was wide open ever since she had heard the name of her child.

“Wait a minute,” Linsay said curiously and mysteriously. “What are your names again? I didn’t quite hear that.”

Lillian squeaked in a very soft voice, “Lillian and Lucas.”

“Are you my mom and dad?” said Linsay, cocking her head like a cuckoo bird, as if she were trying to remember if she had ever seen those faces before.

They did look like her, but again, didn’t every dragon look like her? But there was something special about their scales. Everyone in fairytale land knows that dragons have different colored scales down their backs. Lillian’s and Lucas’ were red just like Linsay’s, while others were green, and orange, and all those others. Every dragon was green, though.

Lillian answered Linsay’s question, saying, “I believe so. We do have red scales down our backs.”

Linsay was very happy, and she flew up, trying to hug her parents, but it was a bit tricky since they were in that net.

“Don’t worry,” Linsay whispered. “I’ll get you out. I promise.”

Lillian and Lucas’ eyes were wide with concern. They didn’t want to lose Linsay again, but they wanted her to be careful. Finally, Linsay gently stepped into the trap and fell.

“Hahahaha,” Tim cackled. “I knew you would fall for it.”

But Linsay grinned happily. “Oh, but you forgot I have wings.”

Elliot gently kicked his brother in the shin.

“I told you we should have added something!” he exclaimed. “I thought that just a simple pit wasn’t enough. I knew she was going to bring friends. I knew it, I knew it, I knew it!”

“Ughhh,” Tim groaned. His face was big and fiery and purple as he watched Linsay hovering mid-air in front of his face.

“Oh, and you also forgot that I have fire,” she sing-songed.

“Mmmmmmmm…” Every sibling’s face was probably the angriest color it could get as they glared at Tim.

“Hehehehe,” said Tim, trying to calm them down. “Hey, we can always try again… hehehe?” But they were too angry to respond.

The other animals took this opportunity to use their beaks and hooves to cut off the nets and set the dragons free. First, a bird cut a net that was holding Lillian and Lucas. They flew free and hugged Linsay as hard as they could. If you were cramped in the middle of that hug, you would have had a heart attack, but luckily, dragons have a much stronger body than humans do, so the hug didn’t bother them one bit. Finally, Linsay breathed a big, big, big, big fireball with some other dragons helping her, and it was heading straight toward Elliot and his siblings. Unfortunately, all of them were burnt to a crisp.

Linsay yelled, “That’s a taste of your own medicine! Enjoy!”

Before they were burned, everyone was still glaring at Tim, and Tim looked really helpless, actually, but they had no time to examine because they were already burnt.

“I wish your mama had taught you to not burn innocent dragons, and you’re gonna learn your lesson, and I guess you did. I’m looking at your records right now, and you have killed 8,555 dragons, which is basically three quarters of the entire population. Luckily, one quarter of the population is right here. And since they have babies, it’s about half. So haha to you,” Linsay hollered again.

So everyone went back to their dragon homes, and, as you may have guessed, they all lived happily ever after.


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  1. This story is really interesting!! I really like the topic of your story, Dragons! Very nice that everyone became happy at last. I hope I could see some spin-offs of this story.

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