Lucy the Hedgehog

Lucy, the Hedgehog, was in her hole under the dirt. She really wanted to live in a castle so she decided to visit the princess. She was so excited, she packed really quickly and set out for the journey to the castle where the princess lived… but when she went outside, she saw a river with alligators swimming around and she thought, “I can go across the river!”

Lucy waited till the alligators fell asleep at night and she swam around them. She finally went across the river. 

Lucy found herself in a village but there were a lot of cars and she was so small. Lucy decided to jump on a taxi car and get a ride through the road. When she got across the road, she saw a villain. He said,

“Why are you over here?” Luckily Lucy found a paper bag and she put it over his head and ran away. Just about when Lucy thought everything was okay, she heard thunder. “A thunderstorm is coming,” she thought. So she quickly ran to the nearest cave but she saw that there were two baby bears inside. So she found another cave and she saw a cute little rabbit inside. 

So, Lucy thought she could go inside and help the rabbit. When she went inside, the rabbit woke up and Lucy said, “Where are your parents?” 

The rabbit said, “I don’t have any parents.” 

“Are you scared?” said Lucy. 

The rabbit said, “No I am not scared.” When the thunderstorm ended, the hedgehog saw that the rainbow was really close. She was really excited! But when she saw that there was a very big tiger who was right next to her, she was so scared she wanted to run away. But she was lucky because she had a brilliant idea. She was going to hide until the tiger fell asleep and then she would run away and that’s what she did after he fell asleep. 

Now she was very excited to see the castle. But she saw that there was a big hill blocking her. Just then an idea popped into her head. She saw beavers in the lake and thought, maybe the beaver can be my friend.