Coco Finds a Friend

Chapter 1: Coco the Cat

Hi. I am Coco. I am a cat. I just got to a new place with humans in it! They are nice, but on my first day I was super scared of them. I’ll tell you about it…

I was in a bag. That’s right, a bag. It was so uncomfortable, but that’s always what happens when I’m going to the vet so you can’t blame me when I say I thought I was going to the vet that day. But then I noticed me and my owners, Dan and Cathy, had been in this moving thingy for a long time. 

So I said, “Dan, where are we going?” 

But since I was a cat and he was a human, he didn’t know what I was saying. 

“Cathy, the cat is meowing a lot, I think we should stop for a snack,” he told his girlfriend. 

I agreed with him since I was hungry.

We were at McDonald’s and they didn’t have cat treats! I was so mad and I begged Dan to give me cat treats. He understood me this time and gave me cat treats! That made me sleepy so when we were back in the moving thingy, I took a nap.

I did not expect to arrive in a noisy city when I woke up, but Dan just had to carry me out of the thingy! I was definitely not at the vet today. We went into one of the tall buildings. I was scared! 

But then Dan said, “Are you ready to meet my sister, Cathy?”

Chapter 2: The New House

At that moment, Dan knocked on the door of a place. It soon opened and a pretty lady was there. This was the start of my new life. I tried to get used to it and now I have been here for about a week. I love playing with these humans! They are so fun and have the best toys! I have to say though, when I first came into the house, I hid under their couch. But this weird bearded man sat cross legged on the floor waiting for me to come out. I was not gonna come out when that guy was there. Then, this girl lay down on the floor staring at me. I thought she was weird too.

But now, I’ve been thinking about my old family. And I don’t mean Dan and Cathy because they already left. I mean my mom and siblings. I’ve already had two litters and I missed them too. What I really needed was a friend. I tried to be friends with the humans but the only human who really was a good friend to me was Dan and he was gone now.

Chapter 3: To Find a Friend

I don’t know why the people put the scratchy thing on the wall, but at that moment I was trying to climb up it. I kept failing! Soon I gave up and went to a human that everyone called a boy, but who had long hair. I was confused. He put out his hand for me to sniff and I did. He was eating cheese! Now my mission was to get the cheese! But that meant I had to go up on the counter and the lady didn’t like when I did that. But if it was for cheese, I’d do it.

When I got to the kitchen however, I saw the lady talking to someone. It was another lady! Oh, how I wish I had a friend like that. Also, I felt so sad that I just left without thinking about my cheese when it was right on the counter!

That night, after the humans went to bed, I searched the whole house! Even the long haired boy’s room! But there was no new friend to be seen. Well, except for my little avocado toy that had an incredibly cute face! But he was not real. He was catnip. So I just went to sleep on the couch. 

Chapter 4: Avocado Man

I woke up in the morning when Long Hair Boy sat on the couch to watch TV. 

“Come on, Long Hair Boy. I was sleeping! Why did you do that?” I shouted at him. But of course, he did not hear me. I was still a little mad from last night so I was cranky at him. I still wanted a friend. All of the sudden, right then, I got an awesome idea! What if the avocado toy was real? What if it was not avocado toy, it was Avocado Man! I was so happy that I ran away and scared Long Hair Boy.

I looked for it and found it right where it was last night. I tried to get it to play with me (or should I say him) but he didn’t want to. I figured that he needed some time to get really awake from last night. So I went to the litter box. 

Some time later, the lady came out of her room and said hi to me. I was soon bored with her so I tried Avocado Man. I think she saw me and came over. Then the most amazing thing happened! She started to move Avocado Man! It was so cool! He was real after all! He could even talk!

Chapter 5: A New Friend

I was really happy! I could kiss the lady! But not really because my lips can’t do that. So I jumped up and down instead.

Well, now I have a friend! My big problem is solved! Thank you for being here with me and listening to my story!