Maddy the Gymnast

Once upon a time there was a girl named Maddy, and she was really into gymnastics. She started gymnastics when she was only one year old. One day, she asked her mom to ask her teacher if she could move up to the team. Her teacher said, “You can move up to the team after you know how to do a backhand walkover and a back handspring.”

Maddy said, “Okay, I’ll try my hardest.”

She went to her house because her mom was a girls coach for gymnastics. She said, “Can you teach me how do a backhand walkover and a back handspring?”

Her mom said, “Sure.”

They were in the gym, and she was trying to do a back handspring, and she sprained her arm. She went to the hospital for one day. She was quite emotional. She had a boyfriend. He got her ice cream. She got rainbow ice cream. Then, they kissed on the lips. She jumped around and smiled and watched lots of TV. Then, she got an ice pop. It was her favorite flavor.

The next day, Maddy felt better. She went back to gymnastics. This time, her mom taught her a back handspring and a backhand walkover, but she was really scared to do it. She tried one more time, and she got it. Her mom taught her how to get better at her posture and moves.

Later, there was a tryout for the team. Maddy did the moves that the teacher asked her to do and all the ones she was good at. It all went really well. The teacher saw how good Maddy was and said, “You’re on the team!” Maddy made the team, and everybody was happy, so they threw her a surprise party. There was a girl named Grace that Maddy was friends with who didn’t make the team, and Maddy forgot to invite her to the party. Grace told everybody that Maddy forgot to invite her to the party, and everybody gasped! But Maddy’s besties were on her team, and Grace’s besties were on her team.

Then, there was a competition to go to the Olympics. Grace told the judge to give Maddy a zero for the beam, but the judge gave her 100. Grace got mad at the judge for not listening, but the judge ignored her because she was cheating. Maddy also did her new moves, the back handspring and the backhand walkover, and she got a 100. She got into the Olympics.

Maddy threw another party, and this time she invited Grace. But Grace wanted revenge because she was still mad. Grace wanted to prank Maddy at a meet. One day at a meet, Grace put glue in Maddy’s water bottle, and then Maddy drank the water bottle, but then she felt glue, so she spit it out. She was angry. She was going to get another water bottle, but Grace poured it on her pants, and everyone was laughing. Maddy took the leotard and started changing, even though she knew it was Grace’s prank.

She wore her leotard, and she went to gymnastics. She pretended like nothing had happened. Even though everyone knew what happened, they still acted like nothing happened. Grace pushed Maddy down the beam and said, “I hate you.” She also laughed when Maddy fell. She also teased Maddy.

Then, the teacher saw what happened. The teacher said, “If you keep this up, you will get kicked off the team.” Maddy smiled. Grace kept being mean after the teacher gave her a warning, and she got kicked off the team.

Five days after Grace got kicked off the team, there was a competition. Maddy felt nervous that she would get last place and the teacher would be really mad. Maddy and her teammates all stretched together. They talked about how they were scared for the competition. Maddy’s first station was beam. She did a triple twist, then a roundoff, then a back tuck. Her score was 100. Next, she did bars and got 100. After that, she did trampoline and got 100. The last station was floor. She did a triple twist into a backbend. She got 500. Afterwards, Maddy thought, I know I’ll get first place. Then, the judges revealed that she got first! She was smiling so hard, and they had a party.

The end.

P.S. This time she invited Grace.


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