Marigold and Luki-luki

Once, a princess named Marigold ran into a forest. This was a B-I-G mistake because Luki-luki the Dragon lived there. The dragon came out of his cave once a week and the day that he came out was the day that Marigold ran into the forest. Marigold was picking flowers right outside the dragon’s cave when he came out. The first thing Luki-luki saw was a small 16-year-old girl with a dress on. A pink dress on. Her glass heels looked like the most uncomfortable thing he had ever seen.

“What’s with those weird shoes?” asked Luki-luki.

“My mom says I should be daintier,” said Marigold without turning around, “because I’m almost seventeen.” Finally, she looked up from her flowers. “What are you?” Marigold screamed after she turned around. The flowers dropped from her hand.

Luki-luki said,“Drag-on I ham.”

“I don’t like dragons,” Marigold said, her voice quavering.

“Shhh,” said Luki-luki.

But Marigold ran away instead of answering. She ran all the way out of the forest and back to her castle, just over a bridge. She told the guards to get their swords ready because there was a dragon chasing her!! The guards did as they were told. When Luki-luki came, they saw him: 13 feet tall, green-scaled, and slimy. They were disgusted.

“Ew!!” one guard said.

“I didn’t come for this,” another said.

“Uhhh, guys?” the last said. “Where’d he go? ” Luki-luki was flying right over there heads.

“Poop alert!!” the last guard said as a round purple-spotted and blue squishy thing fell on their heads.

“Ewww!!!” the guards said… but Luki-luki was already gone.

“We must warn the princess.”

Meanwhile, in the hall…

“I told you, Mom, I dropped them,” Marigold said. “I did pick them!”

“Sweetie,” the queen said, “did Cinderella drop her flowers?”

The queen was C-R-A-Z-Y about flowers. Her dresses were either made out of flowers (which she actually despised) or had flowers on them.

“Cinderella didn’t even pick flowers!!”

“How do you know?”

“Because she’s my best friend!”

“Has she ever been in a garden?”

“No. And besides, I see you drop your flowers all the time!!”

“GO TO YOUR ROOM!!!” the queen yelled. As she did, the castle walls echoed and Marigold’s eyes started watering. Not because of the queen’s words, but because of the loudness. As the princess walked up to her room, she saw her mom walking daintily but sophisticatedly away.

Luki-luki was flying over the castle looking for Marigold. He was so lonely in his cave and he missed his friend, Luna. But Luna had moved far, far away. Luna was another dragon, who happened to hate where she lived.

Luki-luki and Luna had thought they would marry each other. Apparently, they were wrong. Luki-luki shook his head. He needed to focus on his plan.

  1. Get into castle (He really was sorry about the ‘poop’ incident. He just hadn’t done Number Two in a while.) Check.
  2. Find Marigold.
  3. Give back flowers.
  4. Convince.
  5. Have friend.

“Find princess,” Luki-luki whispered to himself.

There were ten floors and ten rooms on each floor. Luki-luki decided to look on the highest room on the highest floor. He found the Marigold sitting on a bed. He decided to go through the window.


Marigold  jumped, surprised, and turned around.

“You’re the dragon I saw earlier, aren’t you?” Marigold said.

“Drag-on I ham. I ‘ave flours,” (I have flowers) Luki-luki said while holding the flowers.

“Sorry I ran away earlier, I-I guess I just got scared.”

“Thank you,” Marigold said, “but I don’t need — ”

Knock, knock.


“That’s my mom!” Marigold hissed. “Quick, hide.”

As you might think, how will a 13 foot dragon hide in a princess’s room? Well, he can’t. Luki-luki was sad to go, for he’d only gotten to step three, but it would have to do. He didn’t want to turn into a dragon burrito, like his parents had. They had written him a letter saying,       

We didn’t want to go, but we had to. Shelia and I, we left Luki-luki to live on his own. During our time, humans were our worst enemies, especially in daylight.

Boka-boka had turned burrito first, right in front of my eyes. The humans were all chanting, “Wrap, wrap, dip em’ in sour cream, 18 feet tall, scared of everything!”

We left you right outside a beautiful cave. Our taste of beautiful is dark, and murky, and buggy – everything a growing dragon needs. Well, almost – we had everything but a friend. We are sorry, Luki-luki. Really sorry.

Meanwhile, back at the castle…

“Honey,” the queen said as she came in, “I’m sorry about earlier.” Then, she saw the flowers. “You got me more flowers?”

“Uhh — yeah?”


“Wait a second,” the queen said. “What’s that? And why’s your window broken?” The queen went over to Marigold’s window. “Is that a dragon?”

“Uh, yeah?”

“I am so —” she gasped, “jealous!!!”  

“Anna eyde?” (Wanna ride?) Luki-luki asked.


Marigold, the queen, and Luki-luki lived happily ever after.

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