Masters of the Universe (Excerpt)


Book 1: The Monsters Army

Chapter 1

A group of three kids named, John, George, and Steve seemed like normal average middle schoolers, but even though they didn’t know it, they would soon become great heroes. One day, they were having a math test that would be fifty percent of their grade. Normally, people would be really freaked out about stuff like that, but these kids were calm; they didn’t really care about tests. After the test was over, they talked in the hall while going over to Reading.

After that, Mr. Goodman, the math teacher, walked over to them, mumbling, “…have to escort them to town, but the army of Cyclop Giants is coming to the school…”

Once the math teacher left, George said, “Well, that was weird.”

Steve and John agreed. They looked out the window, and all three of them jumped back in shock.

“Is it just me, or is there a giant army of Cyclop Giants charging towards the school?” Steve exclaimed.

“No, it’s not just you. This is pretty freaky now. I guess what Mr. Goodman mumbled was right,” George said.

“Does that mean we have to be escorted to some kind of town?” John asked,  startled.

“Yes, it does,” Mr. Goodman said loudly. He suddenly picked up the boys, flew out the window, and into the sky. Of course, the three kids were screaming. Mr. Goodman flew them to a giant city with massive skyscrapers, but it didn’t look like any city the boys had seen before, and since they traveled a lot, they’d seen every single city in the U.S. They highly doubted they had gone out of the U.S. in the last thirty seconds.

When they landed, they were greeted by a bunch of other high schoolers that seemed about fourteen years old. All of them seemed pretty weird. Some had big wings and sick jetpacks, as well as big machine guns and  awesome bazookas.

George was really into those weapons because he was really good with technology. He made a working jetpack when he was five!

John, on the other hand, did very strange things when he was little. He weirdly talked to a wolf when he was seven, and he saw a Giant jump off a building.

Steve seemed to like the fighting aspect of things, considering he was always getting into fights. If it weren’t for John and George, he would’ve broken at least five people’s arms by now.

The trio was pretty freaked out about what just happened and how they just flew to a giant city. Everyone was talking about cabins and who would be in which cabin, when John’s head suddenly started to flicker between a wolf and a human. When it finally stopped, a group of people ran over to him and guided him to a small house that looked like a wolf.

Everyone claimed John was the son of a guy named Hoxarth, the master of wolves and bravery. Right after that, George’s hands were flickering back and forth from sword to normal hands. Just like John, after his flickering finished, another group of people came over to him to bring him to a small place that looked that a workshop. Everyone said he was the son of Foldis, master of Technology and explosives. Finally, armor started flickering around Steve, and a group of people brought him to a house that looked like a battlefield. He was apparently the son of Battlemark, the master of war and strategy.

They were all freaked out, but they agreed that this was pretty epic. Steve’s cabin was filled with armor and weapons just like an armory. George’s cabin was like a workshop with everybody building crazy axes and epic battle ships. John’s cabin was a lot less active than George’s and Steve’s, but it was also interesting because some random people were turning to wolves, and some people were talking about going on adventures.

Adventure sounded great to John since he loved action and traveling. After the trio got a tour of the city and their cabins, they went to a group meeting at 8 p.m.

Godigon, the leader, asked John, George, and Steve to approach the front of the room since they were the newcomers. He also mentioned that the Cyclop Giant’s army was attacking nearby and mentioned if anyone was willing to stand up to an adventure that may cause death. The mission was to scout their base and maybe even stop the army from reaching the city. He also said if they succeeded, they would be rewarded greatly.

John, George, and Steve had the urge to stand up for the city they’d only known about for four hours and help the almost four hundred people, even if they had to risk their lives. This left everyone else whispering about how they were the first newcomers to go on a quest in a century.

Godigon stood up tall and said “It’s settled. These three newcomers will be the ones to go to California, scout the Cyclop Giant’s base, and stop the army from attacking the city by February 1st, six days from now. All I can say is good luck, great heroes.”

The discussion was over. Everyone had dinner and went to sleep. John, George, and Steve were going to have a long day ahead of them when they left for California. All three had very strange dreams. John dreamt about the army of Cyclop Giants sitting by lots of fires in a large military site, which could possibly be their base. George’s dream was less about the quest and more about Happy Party where the show went on fire. And Steve dreamed of the same, but with Wheel of Bad Luck. They were all going to have exciting days tomorrow.

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