Max’s Story

Messi, the best soccer player, was shining in the light. The game was Barcelona VS Real Madrid. Ronaldo said hi to Messi. Messi said hi to Ronaldo. They were feeling good. But then Messi got hurt by trying to pass Ronaldo. But when he was doing that, he, by accident, tripped on his own foot. Before Messi got injured, Messi scored 99 goals. Ronaldo was impressed but felt sorry for him. Then, the GIANT RACCOON came in and killed everyone. He was a scientific experiment. What the GIANT RACCOON was trying to do was make all the raccoons in the world giant so he and his friends could take over the world, make all of humanity be his slave, and take over the entire galaxy.

“Muahahahaha,” said the GIANT RACCOON.

But one person said, “A raccoon is gonna make me a slave for the rest of my life? Just because he’s big and strong with a lazer gun? Okay that is pretty scary, but back to the story.”

“Blah blah blah, I won the World Cup,” said one of the slaves. The GIANT RACCOON was angry like an angry bird, and his face was as red as the red Angry Bird because from up there it sounded like “blah blah blah.” It was funny to the other racoons, but then the GIANT RACCOON got angry at them for laughing. But in that time, the GIANT RACCOON forgot all about the “blah blah blah” so he didn’t mind. Then the GIANT RACCOON hit one of the little racoons in the face.

“Haha,” said the GIANT RACCOON. “I hit you.”

Then it was a big argument, but in the meanwhile, the people were running for their lives. Once the argument finished, all the people were hiding far far away.

Now the racoons were arguing about that.

“It was your fault that they ran away.”

“No it was your fault that they ran away.”

In the meantime, all the people told the scientist with white lightning hair pointing up, a white scientist jacket, black shoes, and white pants to match with his shirt, to make some thing to destroy the raccoons for ever. So the scientist started to work in the lab, on his computer, and made pieces for the weapon that will destroy the raccoons. Meanwhile, the other people were getting their pitchforks and torches to kill the GIANT RACOON. Now the people want to test if forces can destroy the GIANT RACCOON, so they tried to hurt the GIANT RACCOON, but it didn’t work.

The GIANT RACCOON said, “Hahaha that tickles so much!” So the people went back to the lab to see if the scientist finished.

Once the people came the scientist said, “Done.”

Everybody cheered, “Hooray!” So then the scientist carried the gun to show the raccoon.

The raccoon said, “Haha, you think you will defeat me with that? How about you get the taste of your own medicine?”  Then he shot the gun and it hit the raccoon in the belly.

BOOOOOOOM!  The GIANT RACCOON was destroyed. Everyone cheered. The little raccoons even cheered. They didn’t like the GIANT RACCOON. So they shrunk themselves to be smaller again, and they all lived happily ever after.

“But wait!” cried L. Messi and C. Ronaldo. “We are still here and same as Neymar and James Rodriguez and Suarez.”

“But what about the soccer game?” cried someone.

”Yeah!” said someone else.

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