Mia’s Diary

This Book Belongs To Mia.



May 9, Monday

Dear Diary,

Today was the best day ever. First off, in Science class, my teacher assigned my two best friends, Bella and Siena, to be partners with me on a project. Then, after school, we got to hang out together. Second of all, my worst enemy, Olivia, didn’t bother me at all today.


May 10, Tuesday

Dear Diary,

Today was the exact opposite of yesterday. Olivia bothered me all day. First, she somehow managed to move lockers to the one right next to mine. Then, she invited 30 or so people over to see her new locker, which totally invaded my personal space. So, today was a disaster.


May 11, Wednesday

Dear Diary,

Today was an even bigger disaster. At school, Olivia spread the word that I am invading her personal space. That girl has nerve.

I swear, if I hear another, “Oh, you’re so awesome Olivia,” or “I wish I could be more like you, Olivia,” I am going to scream.


May 12, Thursday

Dear Diary,

I bet there is no place I could go where it is totally silent. At school, it is loud because of my classmates. At home, it is loud because of my brother and sisters.


May 13, Friday

Dear Diary,

Today, my school day was not at all better. Olivia makes me so mad, I want to punch her in the face. At least I get to sleep over at Bella’s house on Sunday night. I can’t wait for Sunday!!


May 14, Saturday

Dear Diary,

Today I got to go to the mall with Bella and Sienna. I bought a new dress and a couple of new shorts. It was the best trip I’ve had in the mall for a really long time. When I got home, I showed my mom all these things, and she approved. I went up to my room with my best friends, and we tried on our new stuff. So today was a pretty good day.


May 15, Sunday

Dear Diary,

I know this is probably going to be the longest diary entry ever, but a lot happened today.

Today was the most exciting day ever. In the morning, my mom helped me pack my bag for the sleepover. She told me that Bella, Siena, and I were going to carpool to Bella’s house, and tomorrow, we were going to carpool to school together. When I got to softball practice, I headed straight for Bella and Siena to talk about what we were going to do at the sleepover. At different parts of the day, I kept looking over at the clock to see when practice was over. At lunchtime, Bella, Siena, and I continued talking about what we’re going to do at the sleepover. Finally, practice ended.

Bella said, “Go get your stuff and meet me back at my locker. When we get to my house, we can change out of our softball uniforms because my mom’s coming in five minutes. So hurry up!”

I said, “Okay! See you in a minute!”

When I went back to my locker, guess who was there? Olivia. And she was bullying everybody!

I went over to Olivia and said, “Some people just like being left alone, so can you stop teasing everyone?”

She said, “What’s your business to tell me what to do?”

I just ignored her, got my stuff out of my locker, and went back to find Bella. Then we got into Bella’s car and made it to her house. When we went to her house, we went down to her den to set up our sleeping bags!

Then Bella’s mom called us up for dinner.

We went up and said, “Dinner? It’s too early for dinner! It’s only six o’clock!”

Her mom said, “Oh, okay. I guess you can play for a little bit longer.”

“I think that we should prank your little brother, Bella!” I said.

Siena said, “Yeah! And then after that, we can watch a movie!”

Bella said,  “Maybe we can prank my brother by stuffing his favorite stuffed animal with jelly beans instead of stuffing so it’s all crunchy. Then, he’d open it up and eat the jelly beans!!”

I said, “Yeah! That’s cool! Let’s do that to all of his stuffed animals! And each one gets a different candy inside!”

Siena said, “Yeah, that’s cool! But wait, we don’t have that many candies…”

So we made a list of candies that we needed to get. After that, we went to go ask Bella’s mom if we could go out to the store and get some things.

Her mom asked, “What kind of things are you getting?”

“We’re getting all different kinds of candies to make a… a gingerbread house out of!” I said quickly.

“Yeah,” said Siena, “So can we go?”

“Yeah sure, kids! I’m gonna get you money!”

“Nice job lying. Now we have to buy extra candy and make a gingerbread house,” Bella mumbled.

“Sorry, but at least your mom doesn’t suspect anything.”

“Here you go girls,” Bella’s mom said. “Is $50 enough?”

“Yeah that’s fine, Mom. What time should we come back?”

“Around 7:30. That’s an hour and a half. You guys should go now because the store closes soon. Make sure you don’t buy too much.”

“We won’t,” all of us said as we went out the door.

Walking down the street to the store, Sienna said, “Fifty dollars… that’s a lot! Are we going to get that much candy?”

“Well, we do have to stuff my little brother’s stuffed animals with candy and make a gingerbread house.”

“Oh, right,” Sienna said. “Thanks, Mia.”

“Sorry I said that. I was just trying to make sure your mom does not suspect that we were doing something bad.”

Finally, we got to the store after three blocks of us talking about how I was making us buy more candy. When we went to the store, we went straight to the candy section. We got Twizzlers, Tic Tacs, Lemonheads, Skittles, gummy bears, Taffies, candy hearts, and rainbow-colored jelly beans. Now we had to go to the baking section to get gingerbread cookie batter.

“I’m sorry I’ve said that, for the third time,” I said.

We went to the checkout counter, and it all cost exactly $50.

“Wow, that’s some expensive candy,” said Sienna.

We each took one bag of candy and went back to Bella’s house.

Bella’s mom said, “Oh, you got back early!”

“Uh, yeah, Mom, we were just getting a few things.”

“That’s okay, honey. Go down to the den, and I’ll call you up for dinner in a few minutes. It’s fried chicken and mashed potatoes. Your favorite!”

“Okay, Mom! But if we don’t finish it before dinner, can we continue after dinner?”

“Sure, honey. Just make sure to wash your hands before you touch the candy.”

“Okay, Mom! Let’s go to the den, guys.”

I suggested, “Let’s go stuff — I mean, let’s go make a gingerbread house!” Sienna agreed as we ran down the stairs.

“You almost let it slip!” Bella said.

“Sorry,” said Sienna.

“Okay, let’s stop arguing and work on it now! Your mom might not let us do in it in the morning, and we might not have another sleepover soon.”

“Okay,” I said as we lay all the candy on the ground. “We all have to slowly and silently go get your brother’s stuffed animals. Hopefully he’s not in his room. If he is, we can try it later and make the gingerbread house for now.”

“No, my brother’s not in his room. He’s at basketball practice, but he’s going to be back at 7:45, which is in 15 minutes. so we have to hurry,” said Bella confidently.

“Okay. I’ll go first. Mia, you can go second. And Sienna, you can go third… actually let’s all go at the same time, just to make sure that your mom doesn’t see us. We can grab more that way.”

“Okay,” Sienna said.

So we all went to her brother’s room, grabbed five or so stuffed animals, and ran back. Bella dropped one, and we all ran. Bella dropped all her stuffed animals and ran back to get the one she dropped.

We said, “No, Bella, just leave it! Otherwise, your mom will see us. Wait till the next round!”

“Okay,” she grabbed the rest of her stuffed animals, and we ran to the den.

We all ran back to get the other stuffed animals, but her mom saw us. We all hid the stuffed animals behind our backs and acted like nothing happened.

Her mom said, “Girls, what are you doing up here? I thought you were making a gingerbread house.”

“We are. We just forgot something,” Sienna said, very scared.

We all ran back to the den, and Bella said, “Ooh that was a close one.”

“Yeah,” I said. “Let’s start making our gingerbread house. Otherwise your mom will get suspicious if she comes down and doesn’t see a gingerbread house.”

“Okay,” said Sienna. “You can get the pan out, Bella.”

When we got all the stuff ready, we started putting the gingerbread blocks in the right places. Soon we started to decorate the gingerbread house. Then, we started working on the stuffed animals. Sienna cut them open, and Bella and I stuffed them with candy. They looked exactly the same as when we started, but they’re filled with candy now. We put all the stuffed animals back in her brother’s room, just as when her brother came back from basketball practice. We showed Bella’s mom the gingerbread house, and she loved it. After that, we went down and we talked about school, how Olivia is so annoying, and how she should just leave us and everybody alone. Then, Bella’s mom called us up for dinner.

When we went up for dinner, I said, “This smells delicious, Bella’s mom!”

“Thank you, Mia! This is Bella’s favorite thing to eat! So I’ve memorized the recipe!”

When we all sat down for dinner, we all started eating. When we finished eating, we all brought up our plates to the kitchen counter, and went back to the table for dessert.

“Dessert was delicious!” said Sienna.

“Thank you! This is also Bella’s favorite dessert. You girls can go down if you’re not finished with setting up your sleeping bags. But when you’re done, come up and play a game with us.”

We went downstairs and set up our pillows and blankets. When we went back upstairs, we saw them putting out a game. Monopoly.


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  1. I am really curious to read what happens next.
    …and wonder if we will find out why filling stuffed animals with candy was a “bad” thing?

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