Mitten’s Story

Hello, my name is Mittens. I once was a cat who lived in the streets, but somehow I got to live in a house with fancy and delicious cat food. It was just such a miracle for me.

There is one problem — the problem is the big Golden Retriever dog named Billy. My owner’s name is Erica – she likes Billy a lot and plays with him a lot. But why would you even want to do that? Sitting down lazily is fun enough to spend the whole day with me.

I just can’t understand Billy’s perspective of everything. Once, Billy tried to play with me, but I was so annoyed, that I puffed my claws out of my hands and feet within one second and scared Billy away. I continued to do that almost every day. Can’t that dog learn?

One day, I was lying on the couch peacefully. There were no sounds coming out from Erica’s room. It was very unusual, because mostly every day, she turns on her favorite songs very loudly. Even Billy was very quiet. I guessed he was in Erica’s room, playing with her. I was so happy and peaceful until Billy ran down and barked at me like a million times. I just tried to shoo Billy away by scowling at him, but that didn’t work. Billy barked more loudly.

I just wish Billy could speak Cat, or I could speak Dog, so I could tell him to please be quiet and go away. He is such a nightmare! He almost never sleeps! Why, oh why, did I get chosen?! Why not some other cat?   

The next day, it was much, much, much more horrible. Thanks a lot to Billy the dog. Billy made a big mess with Erica’s favorite ingredients for baking chocolate chip cookies. When Erica came down and saw that mess, she blamed me! I do not know why, but Erica and all other  humans think that the dogs are more mature than cats. First of all, who even created dogs in the first place?  

But blaming me was much more than just blaming. She kicked me out of the door into the streets. This was just so mean. Well, it was better than being stuck with Billy the whole day. At least that’s what I thought. It might not have been that friendly in the streets because of my old cat friends who still lived on the streets, and those cats envied me since I had a home with delicious cat food. I had bragged that I was just taken by Erica when I was walking on the streets. That was awkward and not what I thought it was going to be like.

I did meet them in the streets, and I tried to say hi.

They said, “Get lost.” That was mean.

Most of all, I was heartbroken. Now, I had more than one problem that I had to deal with. First, I had to find a way to get back home (Well, I can stay out here, but my wild hunting skills and ways have gone out of my head since I didn’t have to use them for a long time. I think I have lived in Erica’s house about one year… And I just got food for free for a year.) And I had to deal with the street cats. One of which I once was.

I tried to find a place to sleep. The burning sun was now slowly sinking down into the city. I found a bush that looked like something that would make a good bed for me. And it did.

I woke up the next day, surprisingly surrounded by almost all the street cats that I know of. They looked very angry. I tried to tell the leader, Shumurgleburg, that I was kicked out of my home, and I was so sorry that I bragged before. They didn’t care what I thought, though. They only tried to take revenge by scowling and coming closer, step by step.

“Now he’s saying sorry? I don’t even want to believe him now,” one of the cats whispered. “He bragged to us, and now, he doesn’t want to get attacked. Such a betrayer.”
And then, Shumurgleburg said, “Quiet down, cats. We should decide what to do with him after we talk to him and discuss what he did. We will give him the chance to be one of us again.”

After those confusing talks and whispers, they gave me food. Food!!! But after that, I fell asleep.

I didn’t know how long I was asleep, but I surely knew that it was morning. I was in cage-like trees. They were encircling me, and I couldn’t get out. I tried to scratch my way out, but that totally didn’t work. I tried to peek out to see if there were any other cats that were guarding the trees, but I couldn’t.

But I heard one of the guards saying,”It’s until he says sorry. Right?”

And I was NOT okay with that. Unless they gave me food. But I wanted to go back home and sit on the cozy and comfy couch, even though Billy was annoying.

I tried to climb up and jump my way out. I tried a few times, and about the tenth time, I managed to climb to the top, but the problem was the next step. I had to make a plan to avoid the other cats that were guarding me.

Hmm, I thought. I might jump and run as fast as I can, but I don’t think that would work. I only have one chance, so I gotta think.

I had a perfect plan. Since I was already here and met all of the cats, I knew that only one of the cats guarding had good eyesight, but all of them could hear well. So I thought of jumping off to the side where the cat with good eyesight was.

Though I tried, the cat with good eyesight warned, “Catch him! He’s escaping!”

After I heard that, I had to run for my life because, as I knew, they all had sharp and strong claws. If I didn’t run for my life, I would be dead. I ran as fast as I could. I was crying.

They caught up with me real quick. I was scared.

But right then, Shumurgleburg saw me and said to the guards, “Stop chasing him.”

And I was so surprised that he saved my life. After that, he led me to his castle that had a lot of comfy-looking bushes. He asked me to sit down, so I did.

He asked me loudly, “Can you please tell me the truth of why you came to Street Town? Please?”

“Okay. The dog that belongs to my owner made a mess of my owner’s favorite things, but my owner blamed me, and she kicked me out of her house. So that’s why I’m here.”

And so, Shumurgleburg said, “Okay, thank you for telling me. Are you hungry?”

I said, “Oh yes.”

“Okay, I will get you some food. Please wait here.”

After I ate that delicious meal, I couldn’t believe that I fell asleep again. I was in the same place as before: the tree jail. I managed to get up to the top (again.) But this time, I climbed down, even though my claws REALLY hurt. In the last part, I quietly jumped off. I puffed my claws into my hands and feet. It hurt so much. I tried to run, but I couldn’t. So I walked quietly.

I just couldn’t believe it! I walked all the way home. Now, I was in front of my home!!! I went into the new dog door.

While I was going in, Erica grabbed me and said,”Thank goodness, Mittens! I am so sorry. I missed you so much! Are you hungry? Oh my, Mittens! Your paws! Their bloody! Ohhhh, I am so sorry!” She was being dramatic.

I’m okay, I thought.

“I will take you to the vet, sooner or later. Okay?”

She hugged me. It was the best thing that happened to me. I was happy.

After that, I sat on the couch and comforted myself. Billy was quiet, and Erica stroked my head.

I fell asleep.



To the people who are curious about the Street Town and the street cats: I sent a letter to Mr. Shumurgleburg saying sorry about everything I’d done to them, and they sent a letter back that said, “We forgive you.”


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