Forever in My Heart

Jack was a boy living a life all alone on an island. It was so very sad. He was a boy whose parents had been abducted and killed. He had white eyes, red hair, but also chocolatey-black skin. He was tall, but he still needed help getting up from bed every morning. He had his animal friends. One was named Sky. She was a dog who lived with him and kept him company. Kervin, his other friend, was a gorilla who helped Jack reach tall stuff and let Jack ride him sometimes so they could all see the island.   

He lived with Sky in his hut. It was a very poor hut made out of mud and straw. He used to be very rich and also good. He had a perfect life every boy wanted, but now he was mysteriously mysterious. His parents got abducted by aliens, so he was poor now. He didn’t know that his parents were alive. Yet…

The next day, he found a letter in the jungle. Kervin helped him get it, and Jack realized it hadn’t been there before in this place. He knew he had to read it. It said,


If you are reading this, we are alive and together. But not as us. We are aliens. Don’t ask why, my child. But we are alive. There isn’t much time. Find us please!


Mom & Dad


The Trials of a Boy
He cried, cried, and never stopped. At the end, he had cried tears, tears of blood, just blood…
He stopped. He knew what he had to do. He had to save his parents, and he had to do it now.


The Story You Never Knew
The aliens are a lie
A lie
The lie
They are a lie
They wrote the letter

The Trials of a Boy 2.0
As days went by, he had to do stuff he had never done before. He jumped in water. He was an idiot. A big one! He forgot he couldn’t swim, and he couldn’t go back. He then drowned in the great blue sea.


Forgot It All
He drowned. He could not swim, and he was at the bottom of the sea. It was harsh and cold, and it smelled like chicken wings, and he felt nothing, he heard nothing, he couldn’t see, he wanted to forget it all. He couldn’t. What was happening was, he couldn’t stop it, he was confused and scared. He didn’t know why or how. How could he forget? He never forgot anything. It was now. He couldn’t stop time, or could he?

He then remembered he could stop time, space, and earth. He had to use it, even if his parents warned him about using it. He had to, to find his parents. He had powers, but it was from the aliens, and he didn’t know. He used them, and he found some seaweed and climbed on it.

While this happened, Sky and Kervin were worried and tried to find him. They got very scared.

Meanwhile, Jack was in the ocean and climbed all the seaweed. It was hard, but he still tried, and he went up it, and it was fine. When Sky saw him, she licked his face. Then, Jack unstopped time in the sea, and Sky ran to Kervin. Kervin had been so worried that he immediately hugged Jack and cried a bit because he had thought Jack died or left them.

They went to the hut. They had gotten some more materials so they could build a better hut. They had to because they were getting cold, so they upgraded the materials. They turned the wall into stone and the roof to wood logs. They were proud of themselves.
They went to sleep. While Sky and Kervin slept, Jack heard something very loud. He wondered what it was, so he went out to explore it. He thought it was a bad idea, but it was something that would change his life…


The Final Call
While he went to the jungle, he heard louder and louder sounds. He followed these sounds, and he found it said something secret.

He was scared, yet so very confused. He ran and ran till his heart had no energy. He was scared. He wondered why the voice or something knew his name. He was scared, but he wondered if he could find his parents because that voice might have been them. He had two parents, and there were two voices. He heard the a voice say, “The two of us should leave.”


Ending to No Beginning
Nothing but black
Nothing but white
Blankness, nothing
The light and the dark
The two, all, the three            

Playing the Game

The real truth is that the people are not real people. We should never trust anyone because they might be people or aliens. Now, I can’t trust myself. I don’t know. Please tell me why. Nothing matters anymore. I feel like nothing, like trash. That cannot be a true life — I can’t understand what to do — Am I the lie? Do I play the game — making all the silly rules — Nothing means nothing — or do I mean something — a new life, a beginning with no end.


The Final Showdown
This was the final point. Now that he knew the truth and the lie, it was difficult. But then, he started to sleep. The next day, he was abducted. He felt proud because he could finally meet his parents. He now knew everything of his past and was a bit sad because he left everything, even his memories. When he moved to somewhere else, it felt like he left everything he loved behind to go on to something else. He was  brought back to his parents.

He was one of them, an alien, and he was okay even though he couldn’t go back to play with Kervin and Sky. He tried, but they didn’t allow him because Earthly things were not allowed on the moon, which is where all the aliens lived.

Please tell me where my friends are? Please tell me how to get there? Please tell me who I am?  

Final Thoughts
The final thing he wanted to do was to see his friends, Sky and Kervin, but he could not. He wondered if he could see his friends, and he couldn’t, so he made a choice.

Stay here, never seeing his friends
Try to find his friends

He wanted to see his friends, even if he might go and get in trouble, even if it meant getting ultimate punishment from the aliens and his parents. So at night, he went to the landing stations, and then, he went on a UFO. He didn’t realize that it said: Warning! May Explode!
He didn’t care, and he just went on. It then turned invisible, and he could see in the inside while he was inside. He pressed a button, and then it left.


Then, he landed safely on Earth.

At the mother laaaaaand…

Then, he heard ticking, and he looked behind him and saw that the UFO was going to explode in at least fifteen seconds. He had to get Sky and Kervin and himself out of Earth because it was going to explode! The bomb was only linked to destroy Earth, but he would miss Earth very much because he loved Earth so much. Earth was where he met all his friends and had his own home and did some crazy things.
Sky and Kervin hopped on. They went onto the moon because that was where they lived, and then he could hear that the bomb was ticking. It was already at one second. They flew to the moon to be safe. And then, BOOM!

He didn’t know what he just saw. He just saw his beloved home get destroyed. He cried. Then, his parents showed up and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“A bomb was on the Earth and destroyed it,” he sulked.

He just walked to his hut that they made, and then after another a day had passed, he remained calm about even losing Earth. He froze like ice.

Jack was on the moon with his parents, Sky, and Kervin. He was inside a small hut made of moon dust and moon rocks. Beside him was a black door that led to the outside, where the beds were. Aliens on the moon slept outside. The hut smelled like bacon. Sky and Kervin were sitting beside him.  

Sky said, “Let’s go out and have some fun.”

“No,” said Kervin.

“Why?” asked Sky.                       

“No,” replied Kervin.

“You’re no fun,” said Sky.

Suddenly, a flying hotdog appeared. It looked like a teacher. It had little glasses and a little bun.

Jack felt shocked, but very hungry now. Jack felt sad after all of his adventure because he loved Earth a lot, but had to leave. He could never go back, now that the UFO destroyed Earth. He didn’t feel like he fit in with his parents on the moon because he didn’t know how to behave like the other aliens on the moon.

He was the only person who loved Earth there.

He then went outside. He saw a big present tied with a green bow and blue wrapping paper. The green and blue reminded him of the colors of Earth. Kervin helped him open it while Sky licked it.  After they tore away the wrapping paper, Jack saw a fabulous playground, just like the kind earth used to have. He felt so happy and shocked that he cried tears of joy. His tears flew away into the moon air.

His parents popped out of a little box and yelled, “Surprise!”

“Even though we destroyed Earth, we wanted to give you this. We grabbed this before Earth got destroyed because we knew you would like the souvenir. Now you can remember Earth forever,” said his mom.

Jack hugged his parents. “Oh my God, thank you,” he said.

While Kervin played on the monkey bars, Sky played on the swings. Jack realized that even though Earth was destroyed, he could remember and cherish a piece of it in his heart.


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