Monkey Do and His Family

Monkey Do lived in the rainforest in a tree in Puerto Rico. Monkey Do’s friends hated him. And they always called him names like Monkey Poo. Monkey Do knew that all of his friends were all more athletic than he was and ever could be. But, Monkey Doo tried to be friends with them. Monkey Doo’s nickname was Dumb. That’s another thing that his friends teased him about. But, Dumb was smarter than the rest of his friends and much nicer.

But, Monkey Doo’s habitat was in danger. Every day more animals are getting killed and trees are getting knocked down. Dumb watching from his house in his tree saw it all happening. He wanted to do something, but he couldn’t. But he wanted to try. Later that day Dumb watched the rainforest being killed. Suddenly, Dumb saw men with axes coming towards his tree.

“Oh no!” cried Dumb and called his parents. He said, “our house is going to get destroyed!”

Dumb’s parents said “pack up your bags, we’re going to leave.”

They left and started swinging from trees to trees trying to find a new tree to have a home in. Dumb looked behind him along with his family as they saw their home being chopped down. Dumb’s younger brother started crying, along with his mom. Dumb wished that this whole thing wouldn’t have started. But as he walked through this rainforest his family got split up. His mom and dad stayed together, his older brother and his younger brother stayed together, Dumb was left alone. “Oh no!” said Dumb. And he started calling out his family’s name. “Tom, Do, Mom, Dad, where are you?”

There was no answer. Dumb looked under him and saw a bunch of men pointing guns right where he was. “Oh no!” said Dumb. And he started flying through the trees as fast as he could. He saw gunshots flying through the air near him. He was trying to dodge them. He saw one fly right above his head until one of them hit his leg and he fell to the ground.

A nearby leopard picked him up and carried him as fast as he could to his home. The next thing Dumb knew he was in the home of his one friend who didn’t call him names. This was Dumb’s only friend.

“Hi,” he muttered. “Thanks for saving me. I was really in a disaster”.

“Since your wound is very bad I’m going to call for a few doctors to come and look at your leg,” said the Leopard. “Maybe we can play after”.

“I don’t think that’s going to happen” said Dumb.

Suddenly the door burst open and a mole a chipmunk and a mouse wearing a ginormous doctor cap.

“Take off the silly cap,” said the Leopard. And they did. “Now take a look at my friend’s leg. He was shot by a gun.” They said “play on a bed, it’ll be easier to look at him”. For two days the doctors stood over Dumb and inspected him. Then for two more weeks they decided what they were going to do. Then for a whole month they tried to fix him up. And then in 20 other months he was finally healed.

Dumb said, “Woohoo, I’m healed! Good as new.”

Leopard said “costs a thousand dollars”. Dumb looked inside his bag and found a thousand dollars.

“Now hand it to the doctors”. And he did.

“Off you go!” yelled Leopard. “Thank you,” said Leopard.

“Thank you” said Dumb. And they left. Later that day, Dumb and Leopard played chase outside. You obviously know who won that. And then, the next day, there was on a notice board it said ‘spelling bee coming up’.

Dumb said, “I’ll enter that”.

“You should,” said Leopard, “you’re pretty smart”. So later that day, Dumb made his way over to the spelling bee contest. It was going to last the whole week. On the first day, Dumb did pretty well. He was going to make it to the second round. He made it all the way to the last round when he faced someone from China.

“Ni hao Dumb” said his opponent who happened to be a mole and laughed. And Dumb said, “Hello Smart”.

“Let’s begin,” said the announcer. “Smart, how do you spell picture?” “P-I-C-T-U-R-E”

“Correct” said the announcer. “Now Dumb, how do you spell grandma?”


“Correct! Smart, how do you spell novel?”


“Wronnngggg.]: Now, Dumb if you get this right you win. How do you spell brothers?”


“Cooorrrect!(: Dumb wins!” Smart walked off the platform crying. On the other hand Dumb walked off the stage smiling. Leopard’s whole family, rushed up to him and gave him a big hug.

“You did it!” yelled Leopard. “Now I can buy with your money the new car I want”. “ “Um, Leopard, going off that cliff with the car isn’t the smartest idea”.

But Leopard couldn’t hear him he was already screaming.

“Help me! Hellllpppp me!” And before that there was a leopard driver. Dumb covered his ears. “Boom!” a big heap of smoke coming up from under the cliff. Leopard climbed out of his car full of dust.

“What did I tell you” said Dumb.

“I guess that wasn’t the smartest idea”. Two days later “I bought another car with me own money”

Dumb says “I don’t think thats a good idea”. The same thing happened again.

“What did I tell you?”

“Okay next time I’ll listen to you”.

“Can I have more money for the car

“No, anyways haven’t you learned that this whole rainforest is getting knocked down? I want to help my family get out of here and I want to help you

“Okay” said Leopard, “what’s your plan?”

“My plan is to have a big bunch of animals behind me all carrying signs yelling “don’t knock down the rainforest. The leopards and the cheetahs meaning you will run around us yelling “that’s right that’s right that’s right. The monkeys like us will start jumping around holding the signs that are going to say “don’t knock down the rainforest” and the rest of the people are just going to hold signs saying “don’t knock down the rainforest. The rainforest belongs to the animals and help you humans breath. Haven’t you learned from your studies?”

For the rest of the week, Leopard’s family along with Dumb made signs and started gathering friends. A bunch of people approved of it, but some didn’t. And the police started coming over to their house and say “you’re going to jail because it has been a new law that you’re not allowed to have new projects without letting the government know”. Leopard’s family along with Dumb went to jail. They spent 20 full years in jail. Finally they got out when it was time. And when they got out of jail they went right to the government and said “can we start this new project.” And the government said “no you may not” coming towards them “no you may not, no you may not!

“You’re going to jail” said the governor. Part of the law that you went to jail with I said that once I say no you may not you would have to leave. And you did not. So you will spend a full fifteen years in jail. And they went to jail. In their time in jail, Leopard’s family was growing old. Leopard’s mom and dad both died in there. After their fifteen years were done Dumb carried Leopard’s mom and dad away and buried them. Leopard’s entire family cried, including Dumb. They were better artists than we were. And who knows who will be the new governor.

Dumb said “You could be the new governor, you’re old enough, plus he only has one year left and it’s coming to an end”

“Okay,” said Leopard. And for the rest of the year, Leopard started making speeches and going public and telling people why he should be governor. A lot of people agreed with him. And leopard thought he was going to win.

“Let’s not get our hopes up” said Dumb one day. “You never know what could go wrong” Right before the year ended the governor made a new law. The governor stays governor for as long as it is until he dies. He had been drinking too much alcohol and smoking too much. Although it was his law not to smoke and his recommendation. The day before the law was made he died. War broke out because no one knew who the next governor was going to be. People wanted to make their own laws now that their was no governor but if there was no governor then you didn’t know who it could be and no one had power to arrange something. And just letting you know, there’s no presidents or mayors or stuff like that. There was a month of war until there was only two people left. Leopard had gone into hiding and one of Leopard’s friends from school who was the strongest also was there. People thought that the strongest one should be the governor until Leopard came out of hiding and explained his story and what he believed in. Finally someone had some common sense whose name was Albert Einstein the dog. We should set up a vote” he said. “People said “that’s right!” so they did. Leopard had 5 thousand votes and Leopard’s opponent had four hundred ninety nine votes. The vote was done that Leopard would be the new governor. He took away all the laws from the governor and put some of his own. Like, it was silly for him to say that you’re not allowed to have dessert every single night. And for him to put in a law that it was a free right. And people to join him in his fight to stop the rain forest from being knocked down. A lot of people agreed with him and soon almost everyone was joining with his fight. A month later they had gotten a decision. Everybody was going to carry signs walking down and there would be 2 floats of people saying” don’t cut down the rainforest” with music screaming “don’t cut down the rainforest” and someone video taping was screaming how loud he could so when they turned it to the highest knoch it was even louder. He decided that that was one of the best ideas. And that they should use that idea. And they were going to decorate the float with trees that whenever someone tried to knock it down they would multiply by ten and in those tens if someone knocked it down it would knock it down by 5 and if they knocked that down it would multiply by 3 and if they knocked that down it would multiply by 100. Just when you think you’re going to knock the whole thing down, it multiplies by 100. A month later the team of fighters walked up to

the human president’s office. One of the people ran up to one of the trees and cut one of the trees down. It multiplied by 10. And they cut it down again and it multiplied by 5 and he knocked it down and it multiplied it by 3 and then he knocked it down and it multiplied by 100. Oh no” he said “this is some real magic!” Suddenly the president came out from the white house along with a lot of people. The animals were scared out of their bejesus of how weird they were looking. The president said (who happened to be Theodore Roosevelt) “what do you want!” Dumb and Leopard said, “we want for you not to knock down the rainforest!” Theodore Roosevelt said “I’ll think about it. Now go back to where you came from. Two years later Theodore Roosevelt hadn’t told them anything yet. Dumb said to Leopard “I think we should send him a letter to remind him”. And they sent him a letter that said,

Dear Theodore Roosevelt,

Two years ago we protested up to where you live and told you that our rainforest is being cut down and can you fix it. You said i’ll be working on it. I don’t know if you forgot or something but you haven’t responded to us quite yet. Is that a mistake or are you getting to it soon?

Your friends from the rainforest,

Leopard and Dumb

And they sent it. At the white house Theodore Roosevelt took the letter and ripped it to pieces as soon as he saw the bottom of it. Then he taped it back together again “Oh i love my puzzles” and then he did it again. “Oh i really like puzzles. Ok now I will read the letter from my friends. And he did.

“Dear Theodore Roosevelt,

Two  years ago we protested up to where you live and told you that our rainforest is being cut down and can you fix it. You said i’ll be working on it. I don’t know if you forgot or something but you haven’t responded to us quite yet. Is that a mistake or are you getting to it soon?

Your friends from the rainforest,

Leopard and Dumb”

And he smiled. Oh I forgot about that one. With the screaming music. No one could really forget it. And he sent a letter to them, that said

Dear animals of the rainforest,

I have now given permission for all rainforests in Puerto Rico for no trees to be cut down and no animals to be killed.

The President of the United States,

Theodore Roosevelt

The animals of the rainforest were so happy to see the return address to see Theodore Roosevelt but they didn’t know if it was a good sign or a bad sign. They called for a huge celebration when they opened the letter. They arranged it that when everyone was there and people with beer bottles ready to pour it on the letter when it was opened, he opened the letter.

“Dear animals of the rainforest,

I have now given permission for all rainforests in Puerto Rico no trees to be cut down and no animals to be killed.

The President of the United States,

Theodore Roosevelt”

And before he could say anything else, four bottles of beer poured on the letter and one of them even poured on top of Leopard. Dumb gave Leopard a big hug. But now that Dumb had made sure that Puerto Rico was safe he still hadn’t found his parents. And this is what what happened when Dumb lost his mom and dad.

Dumb’s dad name was D and moms Elizabeth. As soon as Dumb lost his mom and dad they started swinging from trees to find the safest place. They found a tree towards the middle of the rainforest that was empty and no one was there. They decided it was a good place.

“Oh I miss our family,” said D. “I hope we get together soon. Maybe we’ll have to find them or they’ll have to find us.”

And for the next few weeks Elizabeth and D lived in that tree and they made their tree a living. They made a bed of leaves, they made clothing out of leaves and bark, and branch berries to the tree to eat. And if they were thirsty they would go to the stream nearby and drink. But  their water was  dirty because fish always swam around in there and lilypads were always floating around. Suddenly they heard rustling in the bushes nearby. D picked up a carving knife he had made and held it up to where the leaves were. The leaves broke apart to reveal a snake coming towards them.

“Protect me!” yelled Elizabeth.

I have a knife said D, “and I’m not afraid to use it.”

“Then use it!” said Elizabeth.

But while they were talking, the snake was already crawling towards them. “Use it!” cried Elizabeth. And he did, striking the snake with the carving knife. The snake died before it could scream.

“Woohoo!” said Elizabeth, “You killed it! And now we have more food to eat.”

“I don’t think we should celebrate,” said D. “We still have to find our family. And it’s gonna take a long time.”

“I think I’ve got some information about Dumb. I heard he won the Spelling Bee in a part of the rainforest 400 miles from here.”

“Then we better start moving,” said Elizabeth.

“Not right now,” said D, “We still have to have more information. We don’t want to chase dumb in circles.”

And they started going on the internet looking for information about Dumb. “Ooo he met with Theodore Roosevelt, the president of the United States! And he led a protest! Then we know what part of the rainforest he’s in, let’s go!”

“Not now Elizabeth,” said D. “We still have to find out where he is.”
So after a month of research, they finally went to look for him. As soon as they went onto the road, they saw a hungry alligator waiting by the road.

“I’ll make a deal with you,” said the alligator. “If I can bite off your tail, I’ll give you the exact information of who you’re looking for, and only one of your tails will be cut off. I will also give you the bandages to heal the other person.” D and Elizabeth were no fools, “The bandages are poison bandages. If we use the bandages to cover up the wound, the wounded one will die because the bandages would be poisoned.”

“Well,” said the alligator, “if you don’t wanna take my deal, then don`t, and then you will never find your son Dumb.” Elizabeth and D started to cry. “Take it or leave it,” said the alligator. “I’ll leave.”

“We’re not taking it,” said D. “Bye.” And they both departed in different ways.

“Let’s wait in the leaves to make sure he leaves, and then we can go on our way.” So they waited and waited and waited, but he was still there, watching where they were.

“If I were you,” said Elizabeth, “I would get out that carving knife right now.” And that was smart because as soon as she said that, the alligator jumped from where he was and started running towards them. “Run!” yelled Elizabeth.

“Go faster,” said D. And they started running. “Jump onto that tree,” said D. “Alligators can’t swing from trees.”

“But they can wait underneath it and bite into the tree trunks!”

“Just jump onto it and worry about that later.” And as they predicted as soon as they got on the tree, the alligator started chomping down the tree trying to make the monkeys lose their balance.

“Keep going!” said D. “You gotta go quickly, he’s starting to catch up.”

“Oh no!” cried Elizabeth, “there’s a whole family of them!”

And as she said that, twenty alligators started running out from the trees, joining the chase. “MWAHAHAHAHAHA,” said one of the alligators, “We will get them.”

“Go the right” said Elizabeth.

“Nice tactics, but I don’t think that’s gonna fool them.” It didn’t fool them, they started running in the direction they were going. They saw a Cheetah running around. Elizabeth said, “Hey cheetah can you help us?”

He said, “Yes, just jump onto my back and I’ll help you escape from these alligators.”

So they jumped off the tree where they were, landed on the cheetah’s back and they screamed, “Goooo!” As they went the alligators started chasing them.

Before they knew it they couldn’t see alligators behind them, the only thing they saw was a swirling wind.

“You can stop,” said D.

“Okay,” said the cheetah.

“Thank you,” said Elizabeth, “How much does it cost?”

“$50,” said the cheetah. “A little cheap for saving your life.” And the cheetah ran off into the distance. This is the story of Dumb’s older brother Tom, and Dumb’s younger brother Do. Tom grabbed Do’s hand as the shooting continued. “You’ll forgive me for this some day,” said Tom.

“Maybe I will,” said Do in a little voice.

“What did you say?” said Tom “You’re gonna have to speak up.”

“Maybe I will,” said Do. “Now let’s start moving.” Everywhere they went they could still hear the sound of shooting.

“You realize?” said Do, “That we’re going in circles. That’s why we can still hear it.”

“Then let’s move.” And they started going straight.

“I think I saw our parents go that way.”

“No,” said Tom, “They went the other way.”

“Oh drop it,” said Do.

“Hey hey hey, don’t speak to me like that,” said Tom, “I saved your life.”

“But I’m younger,” said Do, “I’m more intelligent, which means you should follow my instincts.”

“You said you’re more intelligent? I don’t know what happened to your brain, but nothing good because two days ago you dropped four dishes on the floor.”

“That was four days ago that was a long time ago!”

“A long time ago?” said Tom.

“Well you’ve done something more recent. You picked me up and said you were giving me a hug and then dropped me out the window. Is that intelligent?”

“Well “not,” said Tom. “But you have done more stuff than me!”

“But none of them were as bad as dropping your baby brother out the window on purpose.”

“Fine,” said Tom, “You win. We’ll go your direction.” So they started heading south. “We’re going north,” said Do.

“Know your cardinal directions, we’re going south Do.”

“Oh whatever, we’ve already covered that I’m more intelligent.”

“Just remember I saved your life.”

“You said that almost a hundred times,” said Do.

“I’ve only said that twice!” said Tom. “Plus we haven’t gotten anywhere near where mom and dad are. We would’ve seen them already.”

“I see an open tree,” said Do. “Let’s look inside.” And sure enough when they looked inside they saw a painting of their mom and dad.

“Which means they already left this place,” said Do. “Let’s stay in here, so once our parents find Dumb, they’ll come back to this tree and they’ll see us!”

“Good idea,” said Tom. “We just don’t have any weapons to save us, if anything comes near us.”

“Why are you always talking about weapons?” said Do, “It’s not like a creature with six heads, eight arms, and sixteen legs is gonna come out of nowhere and attack us, but you always think.”

“I don’t think that. Fine I do, but I don’t do it for real life I do it for fun.”

“No, you said, oh no oh no save me!”

“Whatever,” said Tom. “Let’s make a living out of here.”  So for the next few months they started making a living, and then suddenly from the bushes six snakes came out all wrapped up.

“Hey hey hey look at this,” said Tom, “Six heads!”

“I don’t think they’re playing around,” said Do. “I think they want some food.”

“Well in that case,” said Tom. He lifted a knife that he’d been carving and sliced them in half. “Die potato!”

“Nice,” said Do, “It just didn’t have 16 legs etc.”

“But it was pretty dangerous,” said Tom.

“Well let’s just rest here for the rest of the day and work on some other stuff tomorrow. And luckily for us that there was that weird little monkey and a leopard who decided that they didn’t want any shooting in the rainforest. So they decided to go to the white house and tell Theodore Roosevelt that they didn’t have to.” They didn’t know that that was their brother Dumb. As soon as Elizabeth and D saw a little monkey flying through the trees going the other way, they said, “Go!” and they started swinging through the trees, but that wasn’t a nice monkey now was that. It was a snake dressed up as a monkey, looking like their son Dumb.

“Yay Dumb you’re here!”

“Huh?” said the figure. And before they knew it they were hugging some arms that didn’t have bones inside of them. And the next thing they knew they were being squeezed by something slimy.

“Help us!” yelled Elizabeth, “We’re being strangled by a snake.”

A few robins who were nearby said, “I don’t think I want to help them, they smashed our nest a few days ago and haven’t apologized yet.”

“Well maybe if we help them, they’ll apologize.”

“Just help us,” yelled D.

“Fine,” they said. They started ripping at the rope-ish snake.

The monkeys left, “We saved your life.”

“Oh thank you, and sorry for smashing your nest open.”

“I do not accept,” said the first robin.

“Well I will,” said the second robin. “Just because they said sorry.”

“But still we always help the animals of the rain forest. Well in that case I wish god never put us on this Earth.” And God who was passing by killed them.

“Be careful what you wish for,” said the second robin. “Well now that he’s dead I might as well eat him.”

God who was still watching them said, “You should bury him. He was still part of your family.”

“But I didn’t like him.”

“Have you ever heard of it?” said God. “Those who do not obey God shall die.”

“Oh please please please don’t kill me.”

But God didn’t really listen to him, and he killed him right away. People not hearing God who was talking to him said, “Why did he just fall down right away? Maybe they killed each other.

Elizabeth and D were still looking for Dumb. And Dumb was still looking for Elizabeth and D and they started going in circles, just as Elizabeth and D wished would not happen. Finally one of them stopped for a short second to see someone going the opposite direction.a

“Let’s just wait here. And ask him a question before hugging him. Ask him how old he is because he’s 23 years old, then ask him where he lives,” said D.

So when they came back they asked him, “How old are you?”


“Where do you live?”

“My house was knocked down and I fled to different places and I had a friend who was the governor.”

“Okay,” said D. “That’s very impressive. Who’s your mom and dad?”

“D and Elizabeth. And who’s your son?”

“Dumb.” And the three hugged each other.

“Have you found a new home yet?” said Dumb.

“Yes we have, but we don’t know the way back to it.”

“Well that’s useful,” said Dumb. “Let’s find a new house.”

“Let’s not,” said Elizabeth. “A centaur who happened to be on our path said your brothers Tom and Do had found the way to where we lived.”

“How do you know that’s where you lived?”

“Because there’s a painting of us that we painted. I accidentally put one more piece of hair on my head. And I accidentally forgot to put the exact height of how far down it goes on my head, and I was one millimeter off.”

“Well I got enough of this painting talk, let’s get back to our family,” said Dumb.

So they started walking around and trying to find where they were. Suddenly a whole bunch of alligators who were in the bushes came out.

They screamed, “Cheetah!” but there was no cheetah. “Leopard help us!” there was no leopard. “Something help us!” but there was no something until suddenly a big knife came down from a tree.

“Do you think this is going to help us? Then send down two more it will help us better,” said D and two more came down, but before they could say anything else the alligators were upon them. They were fighting like mad not to kill the alligators but to defend themselves. With the alligators sharp talons and hard backs, the knife didn’t even hit the flesh, it just hit the metal-ish back and the sharp teeth which was hanging onto the gum. No one was dying which was a problem because 1, they were starting to get thirsty and hungry 2, the alligators could go in shifts to get water. Suddenly the biggest alligator of all, which happened to be 10 feet tall and 16 feet long started coming toward the monkeys.

The monkeys said “Forget the others, go towards him!” And they started going towards him, “And drive him back!” They started driving him back.

“They’re too strong!” said the alligators and they all jumped into the water.

“Well that was easy,” said the monkeys. “Now let’s go to that house of ours.” Suddenly two leopards and two cheetahs started bouncing towards them.

“You called for us?” said the leopards and the cheetahs.

“Well you’re too late,” said the monkeys.

“Awww” said the cheetahs and the leopards, “We were looking for some payment!”

“Fine,” said D, “If you want the payment I’ll give you the payment, but just remember we’re giving you the payment for no reason.”

“My mom said,” said the cheetahs, “we’re not supposed to get money unless we do something.”

“Oh you can do something,” said the monkeys. “All you have to do is just show us where Tree A is.”

“Oh we know where that is! We had the conversation with the people living in it.”

“We’ll give you fifty dollars,” said Elizabeth.

“Okee dokee,” said the leopards and the cheetahs, and before they knew it they were standing in front of their new home.

Dumb, seeing a new house, said, “Whoa I can’t wait to see what’s in here!”

And as soon as they came in they saw all of their brothers.

And they said, “Hey, you guys, give Dumb a tour. We’ll go pay the leopards and the cheetahs.”

After that they all sat by the fire and told the stories of each one they had.



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