Mr. Macaroonvoh and the Dog

Once upon a time there lived Mr. MacaroonVoh. He used to walk in lots of snow.

One Year Later…

Mr. MacaroonVoh was back with his family, and he always used to see his family talking about a dog. He and his cousin, Virey Moon, and his friend, Lighty Light, wondered why they were talking about a dog. One day, he and his cousin and friend listened so carefully, and guess what they heard? That they were getting a dog! One week later, Mr. MacaroonVoh’s family went to the ASPCA and adopted a dog. The dog was a seven-month-old French Mastiff who they named Simba. He was so adorable! He was a brown dog with a cutie, cutie face. His legs were very chubby. Mr. MacaroonVoh, Lighty Light, Virey Moon, and Mr. MaracroonVoh’s mom and dad went to Trader Joe’s to buy Simba food and treats.

The next day, Simba bit Mr. MacaroonVoh. He was so angry that he didn’t talk to Simba all day. The next morning, he woke up, and Simba was kissing him and jumping on him. Mr. MacaroonVoh was so happy that he said sorry to Simba. Simba trusted him. That night, Mr. MacaroonVoh slept with Simba, but Lighty Light was getting very itchy because all of the dog hair was on her. Virey Moon was sneezing all night because Simba was sneezing on her! The next morning, Mr. MacaroonVoh fed Simba and walked him. Simba was being a good boy. Whenever Mr. MacaroonVoh said stop jumping, Simba would stop and never do it again.

But one day, when Mr. MacaroonVoh was walking Simba, the leash got untied, and Simba ran away. When he reached the crossing light, Mr. MacaroonVoh threw treats up in the air, and Simba came back.

One day, the entire family wanted to take Simba out for a walk at dinner time. After, they let him drink a lot of water, but then they put him back in his crate. He peed in the crate. Then, the family realized they weren’t supposed to give him water after dinner time.

Simba was a very good puppy. When the family got him, he was trained, and he is still trained. One day, his family put on music, and Simba started dancing and doing gymnastics. Simba’s parents forgot what food to give him. They accidently gave him cat food. Simba liked the cat food. Then, Mr. MacaroonVoh realized that wasn’t Simba’s food. Then, Mr. MacaroonVoh gave Simba fruits because he was allowed to have those.  Simba started talking because he had a different type of food.

Mr. MacaroonVoh started to talking to Lighty Light and told her, “Hey, do you know something? How is Simba talking?”

Lighty Light said, “It’s because we gave him the wrong food!”

Simba became a good dancer and a gymnast. Simba started going to competitions and won a lot of trophies, beating other good gymnasts. In the first competition, he got second place, but he got first place in another competition.

One day, Mr. MacaroonVoh got a phone call from the Olympics.

Mr. MacaroonVoh asked, “What is your name?”

“My name is Lilly. What is yours?”

“My name is Mr. MacaroonVoh.”

Lilly asked, “Can Simba be in the Olympics?”

Mr. MacaroonVoh said, “Say that full sentence again?”

“Can Simba be in the Olympics?”

“Where is this Olympics taking place?” asked Mr. MacaroonVoh.

“It is in Mondon.”

“What event would Simba do?”

“Simba would do gymnastics.”

“Yes! I would let Simba be in the Olympics.”

Mr. MacaroonVoh hung up.


Mr. MacaroonVoh was surprised and curious to see if Simba could beat Simone Biles and many others from the United States. Simba was going to be with the Zwimbadolians from Zwimbadola. Mr. MacaroonVoh made a station where Simba could practice gymnastics. Simba went there five times a day. Mr. MacaroonVoh realized he needed to get Olympics dog’s clothes. He would wear a headband saying “Olympics.” He would have wristbands saying “Go dog!” He would wear a shirt saying “Go zwimbadola” and shorts that say “Proud Zwimbadolians.” Simba was going to be the first dog in the Olympics!

Mr. MacaroonVoh asked his friends if they could come to the competition. Tulip, Romina, Charlit, Rarity, Lina, Charlie, Rosie, Rasly, Laurie, and Jordan, LightyLight, and Virey Moon said, “Yes!”

Simba used to practice day and night, and in no time, the day came! All of Mr. MacaroonVoh’s friend’s were there. Simba was very excited. His clothes were a little itchy for him. His turn came up. He did the best he could, and at the end, the judges said who did the best.

First place — Simba!

Second place — Simone Biles.

Third — Aly Raisman.

Mr. Macaroon Voh was so happy! Simba was so proud! Simba got so many presents. He got so many treats, balls, and toys!



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