My Dogs Baba, Ibiza, and Poppy

I have a puppy named Poppy, and my puppy has brown eyes. Her fur is kind of white but isn’t that white. She is only ten pounds. I got her in 2016 at a family reunion. We went to the mall, and there was a pet store. I had been asking for a puppy for about a year. So, my mother finally said, “Okay, let’s see.”

In the pet store, there were a bunch of puppies. But Poppy was the only one playing but didn’t look happy while doing it. She was so tiny. She was only ten weeks old! I asked the man if I could play with her in the playpen. I asked my mom if we could get her, and she said we had to ask my dad. He said yes. I have had her for about two or three years now, and I love her so much. On a scale from one to ten of how much I love her, I say a 100!!! Sometimes she runs away. It makes me so sad when she does that, but she always comes back. She goes in the corn field, the woods, and even across the street. My brothers don’t like Poppy. I don’t know why. I think she is the best puppy ever. She plays a lot, and she makes friends all the time, and sometimes my mom, my dad, and I go on walks with Poppy and our other two dogs Baba and Ibiza. Sometimes, I watch my iPad, and I go to the couch with my iPad, and my dogs come over to the couch.

Poppy and I are very similar. Poppy and I are both very crazy. I bite my nails, and she has very long nails, and she’s only two, and she tried to bite them off! Then, when that didn’t work, she tried to scrape her nails off with her other paw. I wanted to tell my mom because it was funny. We’re also both very fast runners. When she escapes, she runs away really fast. Poppy can climb and jump, and so can I. We’re not just crazy. We also do crazy things. Poppy and Baba like me more than my brothers. My brothers don’t like Poppy because she runs all the time on them because she’s only two. Their favorite is Baba, and Baba likes us all pretty much equally. Poppy still loves me the most though. Even my brother, Ibi, jokes that Poppy likes him more than me (I think). Ibiza likes my dad the most, even though he’s kind of named after my brother Ibi.

My dog Baba broke his leg after being run over by a car, but is okay now. But he is afraid of almost everything and has a habit of nipping people when he is afraid, but sometimes he just barks or growls. If he’s in a car with all of us together, and he sees other cars, he’s not afraid.

Ibiza is a Mini Australian Shepherd. She loves attention. She will eat anything and steals Baba’s food sometimes. We got her when I was around six years old or younger than that.

When we go on walks, my mom will take one dog, my dad will take another, and I take the third. If I could take my dogs anywhere in the world, I would take them to sleepaway camp. This is my first summer going to sleepaway camp, and it would be so much fun with my dogs there right beside me.

Poppy would love camp because there would be a lot of kids there, and we would run and play and do everything together. If my dogs could talk, I think they would ask a lot of questions and ask for a lot of belly rubs. Baba’s favorite place to get pet is his armpit, and he’d probably ask for armpit pets all the time.

Ibiza would say, “Pet me now! Don’t look at him! Just me.”

I would say in reply, “Okay, in a minute.” She’s very impatient.

If my dogs had superpowers…

Baba would be able to fly, Ibiza would have telekinesis, and Poppy would be able to teleport.

One day, I brought all three of my dogs on a field trip to a lab. In this lab, they make special dog food, and I wanted my dogs to get a sneak peek at the new flavors. The scientist, William, met us at the front door to give us a tour of the dog food lab.

“Hello, Scientist William. These are my dogs Baba, Ibiza, and Poppy. Can we taste some of your dog food,” I said.

“Yes,” Scientist William said. And he gave us a tour. And gave us the dog food. “Don’t open it until you get home!”

“Okay!” I said. Then, we got home. I gave my dogs the dog food, and they ate it really fast. Then, Baba started lifting off the ground. Then, Ibiza looked at something, and it started to float. Poppy all of a sudden was gone and somehow was on the couch. I realized something was off. My dogs got superpowers!

I ran to my mom and dad.

“Mom! Dad! Come look in the kitchen!” I shouted. We went downstairs. My mom and dad didn’t look too worried.

“Calm down! This is kind of a good thing,” they said. “Now, Baba can fly, Ibiza has telekinesis, and Poppy can teleport. Now, we don’t have to walk Baba — we can fly him! Ibiza can pick things up for us, and we can get Poppy to teleport something.”

“Okay, I guess it’s a good thing,” I said. Then, they digested the food, and Poppy couldn’t teleport anymore, Ibiza didn’t have telekinesis anymore, and Baba couldn’t fly anymore.

“Dang it! We’re going back to bed!” my parents said.

The end


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