Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time there was a king who was very sick and needed to drink a potion called the water of life. The king said that the first one to get the water of life would get the whole kingdom. The king first sent out his big son to ride to the castle that had the water. On the way there he met a small man named the man. The man asked if he could give him some of his food but the prince said, ”I don’t have much for myself, and go away you beggar!” The man was a god who came down to see who was greedy and would sent them into a canyon and would never come out unless he said so.

A long time went by and the king got worse, so he sent his second son out. On the way he met the man and at last he went to a canyon. The king was almost at his end and the littlest son went out. On the way he met the man, but he gave the man some food and the man gave him a magic stick and a cup and told him to hit the door three times and push the door open. On the floor would be a magic wand. He had to pick it up and get the water before 12 or he would be stuck in the castle and turn into stone. The prince did what the man said and went in.

There was a princess inside and the princess kissed him and said, “if you get the water out before 12 I will be saved.” And the princes gave the prince a sword. The sword was magic, it could kill everyone the prince wanted. And there was a cake, the cake was endless, you could eat as much as you want and each crumb you could make it into a new huge cake by saying the word ”crumb.”

The prince went into each room and found a bed and slept. When he got up, it was 11:55 so the prince found the water and ran out.

When he got out the door shut and  the princess called, ”I will marry you one year later. When you come go on the golden road and I will know it is you.”

On the way back the prince helped three kingdoms from hunger and three kingdoms from the enemy. He got to the man and gave him the stick. When he got home he wished that his brothers were there with him. The magic wand granted his wish. The brothers were right next to the small prince. They switched the water when the small one was not looking but the king saw it and sent the big ones away. When the king drank the water he felt better and the six kingdoms sent a lot of gold, silver and diamonds and raised the little prince as their king.

The little prince told them his brothers about the princess but did not tell them about the golden road. The big one had the fastest horse and got there first. He saw the golden road but thought riding on this road will make the road dirty so he went on the left.

The princess told the guards, “Only let the prince that comes on the golden road in, no one else.” The second one got there second and came on the right. He did not get in.The small prince got there last but went on the golden road and married the princess and lived happily ever after. But his brothers killed themselves.

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